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  1. As a child of the 70s and 80s I can with 100% certainty tell you that all you need to do is get under your desk.
  2. I do both of the first two, yes, while not having done the third. If you read back though you'll see I have no opinions of KSP2. Just of how to treat other human beings.
  3. Now that's funny. I assume you find those kinds of modules everywhere and it was just easier to to have one model for planets with and without air. Still funny.
  4. I've found no bugs. But in KSP1 I reported quite a few. A few suggestions as well and some were even incorporated into the game. When I play KSP2 though I'll be reporting bugs, yes.
  5. I would love repetitive useful communication that results in repetitive solid results and repetitive updates with repetitive milestones being checked off the roadmap. The problem was never the repetition. It's that the repetition is continually of useless stuff.
  6. Or how about we do neither, and instead report bugs and make suggestions and then see how things go? I know that'd be pretty freaky but I'd love to see it tried.
  7. Because Fast X is the first part of a 2-parter, they could name the next movie Fast XII
  8. The reason this uber space nerd is okay with that is that Star Wars is not Science Fiction. It's Space Fantasy. I'm bothered by Star Wars not making physical sense exactly as much as I'm bothered by Lord of the Rings not making physical sense. EDIT: Now that I think about it. I think it bothers me LESS.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can just Export from Unity and Import into Unreal. Make sure you check all the "high quality" checkboxes first, of course.
  10. I'm saying in general. I was not discussing whether or not the people are developing KSP2. Assuming you see them as human beings then yes, they are included with all the other human beings included in "most everybody" (to be clear, let's say someone is charging you with a knife. They are the exception and why I said "most everyone" and not "everyone".)
  11. Yes. You should be polite, courteous, and patient with most everybody.
  12. No it's more like you spent $50 for a month's supply of bottled water that you thought was milk because you misinterpreted the ad picture where the gallon jugs looked like milk jugs, and ignored the person leaving the store as you came in who said "man that's just water, not milk."
  13. I'm curious about the tracking stuff Unity will have to add to know you're installing and uninstalling games on which devices...
  14. Dunno who Todd is but at some point you need to pony up the cash to upgrade your potato no matter how well optimized a game is. Not for long.
  15. All 3 are possible though regarding the first question, it's also possible this was split off of another thread by a mod and you were the one who happened to write the oldest post.
  16. Roughly the height of 4 small dogs. does that help?
  17. Last time I measured (literally years ago, maybe even over a decade) I was 6'1" I've been over 6' tall since 5th grade.
  18. As an inanimate non-object, I doubt it was ever alive.
  19. The engineer in me wants to say, "What's the difference? The final velocity is the same in both cases: 1.32 million units."
  20. I'm sure there are those who praise the game, but I need to point out there is a difference between praising something and calling it playable. If you asked your friend if he liked his car and he said "it's completely driveable" would you think he was praising it?
  21. But it's not the Mohole, unless they moved Moho to about Jool's orbit.
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