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  1. First off: You stated in your video that we said the problem was caused by the gravity between the ships. To my knowledge no one said that. What we (or at least I) said is that if your two ships are next to each other and relative velocity is 0, then YOU ARE NOT IN THE SAME ORBIT. You are CLOSE to the same orbit. VERY CLOSE. But you are NOT in the same orbit and in a surprisingly short time your ships WILL start to wander relative to each other. Yes, it's frustrating. Yes, it's counter-intuitive. But it's a real phenomenon and NOT a bug. Now, as to what you showed in your video: In the first half, looking at KER I see your relative velocity between the two ships DID change when you weren't thrusting. You thrust them down to about 14.4mm/s and with no thrust that number instantly started climbing to about 15.2mm/s in the couple seconds you were talking. This is the wandering we're talking about. In your second video, the numbers are far more dramatic and I agree that it's too much. I do not however agree this is a KSP bug as you have at least 4 mods installed and likely more. Have you recreated this in stock KSP with no mods? If I experienced this problem I'd do that, and then if I could recreate the problem I'd submit a bug report. I've personally never experienced this in the stock game. I've had a similar problem with KAS or KIS or one of those but that was well over half a decade ago.
  2. Regarding University getting you ready for "Real Life" and deadlines... The last time a deadline actually meant anything in my life was when I was in school. In the "real world," deadlines blow past all the time. EVERY DAY in my job someone or other misses a deadline. You know what happens? Invariably? Every single time for literally decades? Whomever set the deadline moves it a week or two down the road. Usually, the bulk of people involved are happy about it because they weren't ready, themselves.
  3. I too would appreciate this video. It is possible you are experiencing something different than what we expect, though to be frank we expected that because of how you described it in your original post. A video pointing it out will for sure leave no room for doubt. Make sure your video shows the entire UI for the entire run, though, so it can be as clear as possible.
  4. I'll add 2 things to this already very information-filled slew of responses: Until you're comfortable docking, do it at higher orbits. 100km, 200km, heck go up to 1,000km. The higher you orbit, the slower you orbit AND the less dramatic the minute-to-minute change in your velocity. This is one of the few things that is EASIER in real life compared to KSP. Even at LEO, ships docking with the ISS can dawdle and not see much relative movement because their "Low Earth Orbit" orbit is a pretty "High Kerbin Orbit"
  5. Yes. Vacuum numbers are actually pretty accurate even at 10km up.
  6. take a pic of your entire screen when it happens and hopefully we can see something you missed.
  7. Seems that's listed above as "Fix implemented and verified" so I think you're good once 0.2 comes out.
  8. I pretty much agree. Of course, the number of science points to unlock nodes in one game vs the other is not a comparison you can make, not knowing how many science points you can expect to get from any mission/planet/biome/etc, not even counting anything in one game that is simply not in the other. However, having science less grindy to get AND needing more is exactly what I want because I love "doing progress" but I hate "doing grinding"
  9. They're not adding either mode, actually. it looks like the 2 modes will be called "sandbox" and "exploration" "Exploration" will be the progression mode.
  10. I think that the fact that collecting science isn't the end goal of player progression is enough of a major change. Sure it'd be nice if it was totally different from KSP1, but if it's simply easier than KSP1 to perform (but not achieve of course) and is there just to unlock the new gameplay? Sure let's see what that's all about.
  11. If colonies are at the end of the tech tree, maybe that'll finally disconnect the concept of "complete the tech tree" from the concept of "complete the game" and I'll finally use some of the stuff in the final tech nodes.
  12. If you're not overworked all year, plenty of people have no problem working through Christmas. I for one am taking exactly 0 days off between now and next year. That includes holidays I'll be working.
  13. It's speculative that newly released software might need to be fixed?
  14. (not mine) Everybody is eternally just minutes from death, but we reset the timer each time we breathe in.
  15. Perfectly? Not really. You can get close, but even if the orbit says it's exactly 6 hours it'll always be off by a bit. But if you're okay with that, then yes you can do it: Put your satellite into an orbit that has an Ap at geostationary, and a Pe somewhere under geostationary. At Ap, look at the planet and figure out where the point you want to orbit over is. If it's right under you, great! Raise your Pe with a prograde burn and you're done! If it's not, note where it is and guesstimate how long it will take to get under this Ap. Kerbin rotates in 6 hours so it's pretty easy to get within 15 minutes or so just eyeballing it. Do a burn to change your current orbit's time to that time (or to 1/2 that time, or 1/3 or 1/4 etc). Orbit once (or 2 times, 3 times etc if you had to set your orbit to 1/2 that time or 1/3 or whatever). Burn into geostationary and be close enough to where you need to be for a video game.
  16. Not that an anecdote is the same as data, but as the one user I know of the most I launched KSP2 from Steam *once*. By accident. And then I closed the loader immediately to run the game from the command line. Because the loader is stupid and running it makes me feel dirty. Now whenever I load the game it's from CKAN, and I will never show up on the Steam counts. ...unless they swap the loader for CKAN. Then maybe I'll run it from Steam. All you need to make parts is knowledge of how to use whatever 3d software people use to make parts. I don't remember the name because I tried it once and I don't usually hate things but I actually hated it.
  17. Why not both? Controls->VAB, have everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) listed, and also the "default" button could have a "KSP1 Defaults" and "KSP2 Defaults"
  18. TWR at launch is big. Too low, and you're burning fuel just hovering near the launchpad. Too high, and your rockets will flip out of control or experience excessive wobbliness. I find 1.2-1.6 to be a good range of starting TWR to both reach orbit with 3-4k m/s of dV and also actually reach orbit
  19. Same way you get to Carnegie Hall, kid. Practice. Look at where your ship is in orbit, make it be a bit behind or over KSC. Launch your ship into orbit. Note how far away your mothership is. Revert and relaunch with the mothership further back or forward depending on if you overshot. Repeat. A lot. Note: You're not avoiding going into orbit. you're just going into orbit at the exact right time and place.
  20. I got Desynced on Steam (20% sale on a game I already want? Okay!) and played it a bit. I'm not going to dive into it until I get through the last 2 games I mentioned, but i played it for an hour and as a fan of factory games AND "write little scripts" games I think it's just my thing.
  21. Just come up with a new backronym for CBT that fits the current terrain system with some tweaks and say you did it.
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