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  1. Launch Clamps should be a special part that forces the ship to be X meters off the ground at launch. Perhaps it could snap to whatever X is (5 meters, 1 meter, whatever) and then allow the player to type in a number if they want for some specific purpose.

    Also, Launch Clamps should auto-recover after launch. Now, if you don't recover them manually they fill up all launch pads and the game ends up launching from the boat dock - which is confusing the first time you encounter it for sure.

  2. This:

    2 hours ago, Falki said:

    Good thing is that you don't have to be in control of the vessel while scanning. You can go back to the KSC or Tracking station, then increase warp to x10000 and see Gilly scanned a lot faster.

    seems to be the solution for this:

    2 hours ago, Falki said:

    Why not make the ideal altitude lower for Small bodies? Because limited warp factors are unfortunatelly also a thing in KSP (why IG, why?! :)). If you take a look at the table here https://github.com/Falki-git/OrbitalSurvey/wiki/Celestial-Body-stats you'll see that Small bodies have warp factor x10000 unlocked somewhere between 160 km and 214 km. Since I wanted all bodies to be scannable at factor x10000 (except Gilly of course), Ideal altitude is set to 220 km.

    If you are going to the tracking station to warp anyway why require minimum height to be over 220km?

  3. Your saves are stored in your user directory:

    \users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\

    One folder per save.

    Within there, "Workspaces" are your ships.

    If your saves are not saving it may be a permissions issue, where you for some reason don't have permission to write to the drive. That's just a guess, I'd need more information to know what the actual problem is.

  4. 2 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

    It's well known that Sherlock Holmes "was" a loaded drunkard challenged by drugs and alcohol (or rather by their absence).


    The problem was that, as Holmes had never met women except his clients and Mrs. Hudson, their relations were limited with investigation of another crimnal case, after which the Holmes' limit of ideas got empty, so even imaginary woman had left his mind.

    You take long showers :D

    But no, that's an interesting idea and it would probably make for a fantastic (and ridiculously tragic) Trainspotting-esque adaptation.

  5. 6 hours ago, Scarecrow71 said:

    Any reason why?

    You can't land. :D Also, I really never even thought of it.

    But anyway, no not really any particular reason other than that there's no real Apollo-ness to it, seeing as you can't land. Granted, there's no real Apollo-ness to the first mission (Kerpollo) either but you gotta start somewhere and Munpollo is challenging enough WITH some upgrades, it'd be even worse having to do it with the bare bones starting tech.


  6. After several tests with Drespollo - which experienced enough docking port bugs that I think I know what causes them :D - I've added a guideline/rule:

    • Due to docking port bugginess, if the ONLY reason you can't dock, undock, or re-dock at any point is due to a bug (i.e., the docking ports are connected but won't undock, or they're bumping into each other but won't dock), that in and of itself will not invalidate the mission. However, you'll still have to find a way around any problems this causes. You can use mods or reasonable hacks to do this, just describe what you do. If you're unsure if what you're doing is fine, feel free to ask.

    (and no, I don't have Drespollo completed but I'm pretty sure I have a craft that can complete it, and it might not even experience any docking port bugs)

  7. On the left of the navball, it likely says "orbit" and some velocity.

    Click that part of the screen, and it will say "surface" and some velocity.

    If you then aim retrograde and slow down, you'll descend far closer to how you expect. If you slow down to 0, you'll be hovering over the ground (and then start to fall straight down).

    1 hour ago, Apotheosis69 said:

    Seems the game still thinks you are in orbit and changing navball doesnt work either.

    Could you post a set of screen shots where you are in SURFACE mode with almost 0 velocity, yet the screen shots are showing you obviously moving across the surface at a significant velocity?

    If so, that may be enough for a bug report, especially if you can quicksave and quickload, and still be in that situation.

  8. Doing a fairly restricted version of Kerpollo, I've found just how little Science there is in Kerbin's SOI, especially when you do no missions and restrict yourself to a single region on both Mun and Minmus.

    I was able to unlock all of Tier 1 in the tech tree, but in Tier 2 (after that first entry node) I could only unlock 1 of the first 4 nodes. It wasn't a hard choice, luckily. Fuel Lines are more important than everything else in that tier, even accounting for the fact that the node costs more and only has them in it.

    But it's funny that I can't unlock a 2nd science instrument with the points I got from my first 3 missions (LKO, Mun, Minmus) so must avoid Duna on my first interplanetary launch (because with an atmosphere, I want to be able to do the atmospheric science before I go).

  9. Minpollo! On this mission I encounter several bugs, both in the game and my process for recording videos. Sorry, I'm out of practice and am making some rookie mistakes, both in the game and my process for recording videos. :)




  10. 2 hours ago, Meecrob said:

    I think that the cartoonish part of KSP can be  incorporated into the experience...I'm not trying to say they aren't cute kinda thing. My point is that after you hook people in to playing the game, if they do like it, they will probably want challenging things to do. But not as big a jump as is currently.


    I though think that the developers already intend to do this by 1.0 and what we see now is but a tiny shadow of what the mission system will eventually be.

  11. Bug:

    With Community Fixes installed, if you create a ship with a root part that is not a command pod, and stage away the command pod, you cannot then revert the flight.


    1. VAB, create a ship "backwards" as so:
      1. Fuel tank
      2. Decoupler on top
      3. Capsule on top
    2. Launch.
    3. ESC, note that "revert" is an option.
    4. Stage.
    5. ESC, note that "revert" is no longer an option, just "recover"

    This does not happen with Community Fixes uninstalled.

  12. I personally like the tone of the game, and I absolutely love that all the Kerbals look different than each other while still looking like Kerbals, even if they are cartoonish. Or perhaps especially because they're cartoonish.

    I can't speak on the tutorials because - well - I don't need them and the one I tried I got bored being told how to do something I can do with my eyes closed, so I quit doing it.

    However I think the tone in the missions is perfectly fine.

    Maybe they could have a localization filter for non-comedic speech, for those who prefer that. No reason you can't "localize" to gameplay preferences, other than time and effort involved.

  13. 21 minutes ago, Kimera Industries said:

    There will end up being a cost for stuff, I think the nuclear engines will need uranium.

    Not if you bring them up from Kerbin and attach them in space :D You could build everything but the expensive stuff, and then custom order the expensive stuff from Kerbin where it's free.

    Though we don't (and won't?) have EVA construction like we had in KSP1, where you can just take any old part and slap it on your ship. So you'd have to I guess pre-build the plate with the engines on it, and then launch that from Kerbin to dock to the engineless ship at your orbital shipyard.


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