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  1. Okay so I was closer to the end than I realized, just took another 5 and a half hours of driving, and I've finished my first Elcano! Completed in 68 hours and 40 minutes. Now to make the timelapse-
  2. Did nearly 13 hours of driving today. I wanted to take a small detour to visit the deepest point on Kerbin and I figured I could get there today if I pushed it, so that's what I did Here stands Padorf, 1390 meters below the surface, in the eye of the great seafloor smiley face. We're in the home stretch, though I'll probably split the rest of the drive up across 2 more days instead of doing another crazy long session.
  3. Aight so I've been doing WAY too much driving in the last few days. I ended up improving the propeller-driven design to be way faster than the old jet engine design (average ~16.4 m/s on the seafloor versus ~7 m/s for the old design). So between the higher top speed and never needing to refuel the thing, I've managed to complete the entire journey up to the old vehicle in just 38 hours, when the old one took 132 hours to get this far. The only downside about this version is that the propellers basically break instantly if you even go to 2x time warp, so I've had to do everything in real time instead of driving at 3x speed, but that's an acceptable sacrifice in my eyes. I've just been recording the trip this time, so I'm gonna piece everything into a timelapse once the circumnavigation is over, which hopefully won't take too much longer. Also uhhh, the seafloor texture is different now? I even did a clean install of the game to make sure no graphics mods were messing with things, and it's still like this, so idk what's going on with that-
  4. So I definitely lost motivation to finish my undersea Elcano attempt from a few months back, partially cause pausing every 2 hours or whatever to fly more fuel out was so tedious But now I'm considering starting a new attempt, this time incorporating some electric propellers so I can coast without worrying about fuel most of the way It unfortunately has a lower top speed than the old design, and still needs the liquid fuel engine to get up to speed and to climb steep slopes, but it'll hopefully be less tedious to drive (though no less monotonous, I'm sure)
  5. No mods! It's what @Nazalassa said; I have that inclined "ramp" of sorts above the hatch to prevent Jeb from rising to the surface. Swimming against the bottom of the incline makes him enter a walking state, where I can then "walk" down the ramp onto the seafloor. And once he's touching the seafloor, he can plant the flag
  6. Been a while since the last post, but I'm still chugging along, though admittedly at a slower pace than before.
  7. Been fairly busy this past week, so I haven't gotten a ton of driving done - but the driving I have completed has been much more exciting than usual, as I finally reached the necessary land crossing! New refueling setup + trip to the land crossing: Lake-hopping adventures, part 1: Lake-hopping adventures, part 2: Lake-hopping adventures, part 3: Also EDIT: Rules question - would it be allowed to drop off a probe or something further along the route to use as a target, just to help get a more direct path? I figure it'd probably be fine, but I'd rather be paranoid and ask than accidentally kill the run 78 hours in.
  8. The seafloor Elcano continues... Also, quick rules clarification, would I be allowed to launch refueling missions from the alternative launch sites? I would assume the answer is 'yes', but the rules only refer to "the launchpad or runway", and not "a launchpad or runway", so I'd just like to confirm before I accidentally invalidate my run in trying to be slightly faster about refueling.
  9. Thank you! Glad to be here Was a little busy over the weekend, but I still got some good driving in.
  10. Ah yeah, that's my bad, just a misunderstanding on my part. Something like an "abnormal stunt" recognition could definitely work - I was just trying to think how this would fit into the current leaderboard setup without making any changes to the rules. In any case, it doesn't matter too much to me how it gets ruled, I'm just curious about the outcome
  11. Did a lot more driving! It's very dark at the bottom of the sea... New refueling setup: A lot of excitement on leg 4, depending on your definition of "excitement": There's a lot less to say about the later checkpoints (and I feel like this will hold true for the vast majority of checkpoints from here on out): I'm curious how this would count with regards to the Master Mariner achievement - if it does count, then that means it's possible to get Master Mariner without ever actually sailing, and if it doesn't count, then that means it's possible to circumnavigate Laythe without qualifying for Master Mariner
  12. Realistically they shouldn't, but they do work underwater! Also there are already some screenshots, in the spoilers.
  13. Having my first go at one of these, starting with Kerbin! Still have a long way to go... Setup: So yeah, I'm gonna be trying to do an ocean-floor Elcano! Which, as it turns out, poses quite a few logistical problems. The most obvious issue is keeping the craft submerged, which I solved by just slapping a bunch of ore tanks all over the rover. The actual big problem is propulsion, because these wheels are absolutely horrible underwater. So I slapped a jet engine on top to provide a boost! This poses additional problems, such as "where are you going to get all of the necessary fuel from?". Well, my first idea was to utilize ISRU for everything - but this turned out to be an enormous pain, for quite a few reasons, and I ended up calling that attempt off after completing the first leg of the journey. In fact, the target I have highlighted in these pics is from that first attempt! My new solution to the fuel problem was to just drop refueling stations to the sea floor whenever I needed them - that's what the docking port on the front of the rover is for. Regardless, more pics from leg 1 of the journey: Everything had gone smoothly up to this point, and the second leg would go quite smoothly as well... Up until the refueling process, anyway.
  14. Asking this here because it's not really a "technical support" question, and not a "gameplay question" either. If there's a more appropriate place to post this, then feel free to move it (mods can move threads, I think?). While Steam does have version 1.0.5 available (the version I'm after), the download has... issues. Even after removing every mod and reinstalling the game completely fresh, it gets stuck during part of the loading screen. I did ask about this in the Technical Support thread, but it's unresolved as of now (Other people, even on different platforms, seem to have had this exact issue based on some quick Google seraching, so my belief is that it's a problem with the copy stored in Steam, and not an issue with, say, mods, or the hardware). So, my question is: Is there ANY place other than the "BETAS" tab on Steam for Steam users to get old versions of KSP?
  15. No, there are no mods. Removing the mod folders was the very first thing I did, even before first installing 1.0.5. And either way, the game's not crashing, it's just stuck loading forever. In some of the other threads where people have had this problem, it's been suggested that some files are either missing or corrupted in the copy of 1.0.5 that's on Steam, so that might be the issue. I guess the easiest way to solve this is to ask: Is there any other place where old versions are available for Steam users?
  16. After Steam installs 1.0.5, the loading screen gets stuck while loading "Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairingSize1/fairingSize1". The game doesn't crash (the flavor text continues to cycle), It's simply stuck loading forever. I have uninstalled the game and deleted the Kerbal Space Program folder from steamapps\common before installing 1.0.5; the problem still persists every time, even with a completely fresh reinstall of 1.0.5. I have found other threads both on these forums and on the steam forums of other people with this exact issue, but I have never found a solution. Installing the current version or the other betas does not cause this issue. I've also tried installing 1.1.3, copying the "fairings" folder, downgrading to 1.0.5, and then replacing the 1.0.5 fairings folder with the 1.1.3 folder. This works, but it gets stuck loading at a different point (one of the heat shield files). The reason I want 1.0.5, by the way, is because the current fastest route for speedrunning "Career Mode Mun and Back" only works in 1.0.5, and about cuts the length of the run in half compared to the route I previously used. So, eh, please don't suggest updating to the current version. EDIT: Probably should mention I'm running Windows 8.1
  17. As it turns out, it did NOT fix itself. I'm just launching it through the "play" button on Steam. Also, I'm hopeless with technical stuff about computers; If I shouldn't be running OpenGL, how would I go about turning it off? EDIT: I just remembered something from way long ago; There was THIS post over two years ago about how enabling -force-opengl would cause less memory usage, and I enabled it, forgot about it, and never disabled it. However, I just went in and got rid of that, and I think the problem is actually fixed this time. Now I'm just wondering, if that was the root of the issue, why I never had any issues with it until literally right now?
  18. I just booted it up again, and the problem magically seems to have fixed itself. I have no idea what changed, but I'm not complaining. However, it wasn't just a case of "turn it off and back on," as I tried that multiple times without success. But hey, it's fixed! None of that is true, it didn't fix itself. But I think I may have actually found the root of the issue.
  19. Sorry, it's now on Google Drive. I'm using Windows 8.1, have eight GB of RAM, graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M. And, what is "open glad"? I looked it up, and didn't find squat.
  20. This is a completely fresh install (and at this point I've reinstalled it multiple times to try to fix this bug), and this just keeps happening: output.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2LBwtDYaPgkTjJjcFpvbmFfV2c/view?usp=sharing
  21. Sent my first (successful) manned mission to Duna! The rocket was almost certainly way too big, but I like it! Here's inside the fairing and on the launch pad: Skip all the boring stuff, now they're on Duna! (Don't ask me why I used the Angolan flag, 'cause I'm not sure myself...) Looking up at Kerbin through the rusty Dunan clouds... Skip all the boring return, now re-entering at Kerbin with the return stage in the background! Coming down on the parachutes... And landed, after 2 years and 282 days in space (Kerbin time)
  22. I don't know; to me, that looked like it was probably a typo.
  23. I think that what's causing most of the lag is the rendering of the water, in all honesty. That and the clouds combined, since I never experience lag on, say, the Mun or any other waterless/cloudless bodies, only on Kerbin and Eve and the like. I haven't had bad lag on Duna, either, so I think the water is the main problem. But whatever the case, this mod is still absolutely wonderful, even if the fps tanks a bit. Ok, a lot.
  24. While getting a probe into polar orbit, I noticed I had a transit of Moho occurring in the background! Not sure how rare this would be, but it seems special enough to be of mention. Also, the new version of KSP Renaissance breathes wonderful new life into this game.
  25. You should probably mention Kopernicus's necessity at the beginning, as to avoid confusion.
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