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  1. I'd say it's well worth PRing in the rescaled KSRSS configs for now just so we have something, and you're the one who knows how they should be set best for RSS. I mean, I can try, but I don't know 'em as well.
  2. Would you kindly PR these (and also later the forthcoming ones of course) to RSS? Please? It's sitting right here, waiting
  3. The issue is that other systems in KSP (buoyancy, thermo) use drag cubes. So FAR being installed or not is irrelevant here. And as you can see in relevant issue on github leading to drag cube generation patching being disabled, one of the specific symptoms was a vessel (and its orbit) not appearing in map view, nothing to do with aerodynamics.
  4. Oh it's also possible that RemoteTech just doesn't use the correct KSP interfaces when displaying time, i.e. the bug could be there rather than in Kronometer (and yeah that sounds like what I'm thinking of). Good luck! Cheers.
  5. I have a vague recollection that Sigma wrote a generic version of that? Not sure. Think someone did. Worth digging around the forum and CKAN to see if someone's already done what you want. Cheers!
  6. 1.30 is out. DragCubeGeneration : disabled by default since it continues to cause issues with fairings and some other parts. Will be reenabled by default when issues are fixed. New KSP bugfix : FixGetUnivseralTime [KSP 1.8.0 - 1.12.5], fix Planetarium.GetUniversalTime returning bad values in the editor.
  7. Also: If modders aren't using the ModUpgradePipeline...please consider it, since you can write UpgradeScripts based on your own mods' versions with it.
  8. Fixed a bug in the Mod Upgrade Pipeline where it would rerun on every load. 1.29.2 is out.
  9. Released 1.29.1 to fix https://github.com/KSPModdingLibs/KSPCommunityFixes/issues/152 -- it's a general issue with ConfigNodePerf and ConfigNode.CopyTo where stock doesn't recurse with 'overwrite' enabled and I was, leading to nodes that could not have duplicate value names.
  10. Did you maybe forget to tool? That's insanely expensive.
  11. RP-1 v2.0.0 - The Programs and Launch Complexes Update is now available on CKAN! The best option would be to create a completely fresh install of KSP, and then use CKAN to select the RP-1 Express Install. Alternately (but more complicated), would be to use CKAN to uninstall the RP-1 Express Install and then reinstall through CKAN. Make sure to select RP-1 rather than RP-1 (Legacy) when prompted. This is a massive update and is a completely different way to play RP-1 from what many of you are used to, read the changelog here to see everything that is different: Programs is a new way of playing RP-1, where contracts are grouped into overarching Programs. Use the Administration Building to select your starting Program(s) and go from there. You will only have access to the contracts appropriate to your current Program(s), and those contracts will only reward rep (and sometimes Confidence, a new currency). Income comes from your programs' budgets, though you also get a large subsidy (towards salary and other maintenance costs). This subsidy increases year-over-year until the mid-60s, and varies based on your current reputation. The existing VAB/SPH build queues are replaced with Launch Complexes. The player can have any number of launch complexes, and LCs have size, mass and resource limits. The Hangar is a special case of LC. You can now appoint (and fire) certain historic Leaders. These leaders offer bonuses and penalties, and new slots unlock as you advance in your career. For a longer overview, see The PLC Conversion Guide This will be the new version of RP-1 going forward and the previous versions will be "Legacy" (deprecated), and will no longer receive updates. A ton of time and effort has been put into this new version of RP-1 and we are excited for it to be released. Further development will continue and we expect the experience to keep improving over time. Enjoy! The RP-1 Team Please install via the express install Release info on GitHub
  12. Always nice to come to a post and find the problem already solved.
  13. The versioning is listed in the readme, but I edited the post above to show it there too.
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