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  1. Have Squad mentioned any time frame yet? Looking to kick back with some KSP after dinner but it's feeling a ways off still.
  2. Now off to visit my nan in hospital. Give me something to cheer me up when I get home Squad. Riding this hype train to 300 pages and beyond!
  3. Brb, prepping coffee for teleporting to Squad HQ.
  4. I know we're all dying to get on 1.0 but I just want to say congrats guys. While it isn't the end this a major hurdle on a 4 year road you've all been on, and thanks for allowing us to take this journey with you through early access. It's been one hell of a ride seeing what the game would become and I can't wait to see what's next for ksp, but also what's next for all of you. Thanks again for this awesome game and to everyone here who helped to foster this amazing community. Let's make this a day to remember
  5. They basically confirmed this anyway. In the AMA somebody asked about the bug and the response was along the lines of 'the bug is fixed but will be in the next update since we are code locked'. The key being code locked, they are certainly ready to go if that's the case, they're just waiting on a few things to happen other than coding, like the server migration....or hitting 300 pages.
  6. for the hype! Also, glad this never got taken down.
  7. Well considering we're likely still a long way from release for now I wouldn't be surprised if we pass it. The last few hours will become incredibly hectic and it's likely some of the devs will tease it as we get closer. This hype train could go to 300 and beyond!
  8. Any idea how many hours we may be from release realistically? The wait is too much! I was itching to play KSP all day but I just couldn't bring myself to do it knowing the shiny 1.0 release was only hours away.
  9. I've never had an issue with Duna myself but I'd imagine that the thin atmosphere and relatively low gravity will mean less overheating. However you're probably going to be coming in pretty fast now too by comparison.
  10. Any new planets or satellites going into this update? Or would that sort of thing be kept under wraps until launch?
  11. Surely since Scott found a bug during his stream we can expect more updates to steam db soon?
  12. The wait is killing me. I haven't even played KSP in months but I had to come back for the release. I haven't even got a clue what to expect so this could be pretty exciting. For instance, since this is now the release build does that mean the second gas giant that Eeloo was planned to orbit is now in? Are there going to be new planets or moons at all? So many questions.
  13. It's been a long time since I've played KSP but trust me when I say I've logged enough hours to know what I'm doing. What is the issue with the current Mk3 space plane parts? From a lot of experimentation recently there seems to be very few ways to actually use these parts. Aside from having to empty out enormous portions of the fuel just to get them off the ground it seems as if the current wing parts provide practically no lift to part of this size. Has anyone else been struggling to make use of these? Typically I'd have no issue making a plane but the Mk3 parts seem completely impossible to make use of no matter what I try.
  14. Not gonna condone the attitude that the internet can have at times, just look at GAF for instance, one thread people love a game whilst another they're collectively 'cancelling preorders' due to a lack of a level. This is just the way of the net, all you need is one to lead and the flock will follow. However with that said it sounds like the creator of ICEnhancer has/had included parts of work that wasn't his own without crediting the creator. Over here that would typically get the mod shut down, so it's not hard to see how he angered people.
  15. I hate to be so brutally honest, but there's no point in sugar coating it, this has been by far the least interesting update to me and I have to slot myself into the bracket of 'not at all'. I will admit the update never really excited me too much to begin with but I spent about a half hour messing with the contracts and haven't mustered up the drive to go back since. I'm sticking around because I want to keep up with what's coming next but for now KSP will be sitting in my library gathering up dust. And that's not to say it's necessarily a bad thing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and right now I'm more interested in rigging a HOTAS up and diving into the Elite: Dangerous beta. I definitely need to switch it up for a bit as I'm completely burnt out. Maybe I will find a reason to come back in time, but I don't play KSP to be given goals, that's not really my type of game. Ideally I like to make my own goals and while KSP still allows it there is very little of anything new for those of us who play this way in the latest update.
  16. I wouldn't be too hasty blaming the keyboard. I had the exact same thing happen a couple times and I figured I perhaps missed the spacebar a little bit. I'm now beginning to doubt that
  17. So I admit that I've only spent about a half hour with the new update so far, and whilst I haven't dug into the deeper contract yet of course I do have a less than stellar impression of the early stages. Currently I have only done two launches yet my finance has already increased sevenfold. I'm getting the feeling that it may soon lead to endlessly increasing these numbers in a meaningless way since it appears managing my cash flow or reputation may not even be on the priority list. I hope I'm wrong but I've hardly touched it and I'm well on my way to 100k already! The challenges themselves add a new depth however and it's fun to have meaning to my launches, however finance has already raised an eyebrow that I will be keeping track of to see how easily money can be gained.
  18. This thread is gaining speed really fast! I thought it was hyped in here the other day but wow look at you guys go. I'd whip out the DBZ gifs if it wasn't hard enough for the mods keeping this thing on life support while we all F5 the website to its doom.
  19. This....kind of defeats the point? I don't get it. We have sandbox mode to be able to play without any restrictions so I figured career would put you in a place where you would have to think a bit differently. If you can just get an advance on the contracts I don't see any reason whatsoever to pay attention to my funds.
  20. Well they're probably clocking in again about now or in the next half hour, so I guess we should expect to see some steamdb updates in a couple hours. Thing is, will it be marked as experimental or not? I think realistically if we don't see rapid bug updates today then things are looking good. We know something broke and if that is the only thing that needs fixing and one single round of testing to confirm it, well then it may be time to start getting excited. I'm not getting my hopes up today though since we were told something broke. We all know when you fix something that broke in a game then typically more stuff breaks as a result. Personally I expect a patch soon followed by a series of small patches to close down the holes same as they were yesterday. A release tomorrow perhaps, today could happen I guess but they need time to fix the broken code and test, confirm it works if it does, then still have time to get the patch out there and be around for some emergency bug fixing if needed. I'm sure they'd love to get to bed tonight so I can't see the patch coming at the later end of their work hours personally. Just my guess for when it's coming.
  21. I gotta be honest, I know we're not allowed to ask for release ETA's but having just seen a thread get shut down for simply asking the question and being given no assistance whatsoever, I can't help but feel that this 'when we're ready' mentality adds to the confusion. I didn't really know where to post this since the actual thread got locked but since it's related to the wait for KSP's latest update. Here's the thing I believe to be a minor issue. With people uploading videos of the experimental builds there will always be a portion of the KSP fanbase (normally new) or potential future customers who think that the latest version is now publicly available and then be let down to see that the version number is not matched on their game. Obviously this leads people to post and ask for an ETA. This is where the problem begins. Since we're not allowed to ask that question the mod is left with the duty of informing this person they asked a no-go question and close their thread. I understand the reasoning, however this truly does come off as anti-consumer, purely because the person is then left in the dark with no indication of whether the update is days away (which most of us do know) or perhaps weeks or months, which to somebody who is fresh to KSP may not be so obvious either. The person is then left with a non-answer and a closed thread and nothing more than a "you shouldn't 'ave done that, boy!" feeling to leave with. Basically, why don't Squad throw out ETA's that have a 2 week or so lead on their real target and then 'surprise' the community by dropping it early? It would give them headroom for emergency bug fixes and to delay the false date further if needed. At the very least it would give people a window to check back within rather than hitting refresh constantly, easing up stuff for the backend and then in turn giving the mods a way to answer these people, rather than having to leave them in the dark and close the threads. I know you guys must have your reasons for the method, and I can probably guess what a number of them are being a follower of Star Citizen too, but at the same time to see the best community I've ever encountered have to resort to non-answers and thread locking is a shame for such a basic request and I wish there was some other way around it. If I had to guess, I'd say you guys put out dates before, slipped past that date and then had the fury of the combined internet to deal with which caused further issues with people refreshing with more vigour than ever. Or something of a similar issue where the decision was made that it's easier to drop the update, then announce rather than give people hope when you might not be able to meet at an exact deadline. I know there are definitely reasons you may not wish to follow the model of giving deadlines closer to release so I'm not requesting a change of any sort, just pointing out that it's a shame to have to it dealt with this way from such a warm and inviting community, playerbase, mods and devs all included. PS I should clarify that I don't feel a need for an ETA myself having a lot of alpha backing under my belt and that I'm not asking for one either. Also, sorry for the wall, I didn't intend for this post to end up this long!
  22. Ah gotcha! Was trying to think of ways it could be done without adding HW and that was one of the few things I could think of. Was kind of expecting some sort of secret web code wizardry. Disappointed Seriously though it's nice to have it all up and running smooth again, will try to ease off the F5 key and hope it stays that way. Edit: Aaaand I jinxed it and 502'd my way through posting
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