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  1. Solar panel is generating 3 units, but apparently none attached. My best guess is the inventory bug you mentioned did strike for at least 2 devices (no menu or pick up allowed, stuck there forever I guess), and the ramaining devices are not linking with the control panel... Thank you for the reply but I suppose I'll let them be. They are nice looking but rarely working for me, and when they do there's no profit, so yeah...I've been digging a hole in the water all the afternoon
  2. I'm asking because I'm an old school player, and I've never been playing with the latest gameplay devices like ground science experiments, which came with the breaking ground dlc if I'm not mistaking. So, I do not really have a precise question because those devices confused me a lot. No kidding, spent a couple hour messing up with control panel, photovoltaic, grand slam, and so on, and didn't got nothing out of it. So I've been searching online on forums, youtube, guides, and it looks so simple, all it takes seems to put them on the ground and they are working - for others - but not for me. Two hours later those devices are still there on the ground looking back at me and refusing to produce science. Two or three are displaying a menu, others are not displaying anything and I can't even take them back into inventory...I do not know guys, are those machines bugged?
  3. Yesterday RemoteTech stopped to work as intended about connections and signal delay and I cant figure out why, becouse I was playing already with no issues at all, and I did not change any mod in the while. I've noticed there were no signal delay and the connection was persistent even with a body blocking links. I'll be grateful if someone can help me out, becouse without RT I'm not going to play the game. I suspect that antennas from Bluedog Design Bureau may have something to do with this issue, anyway here's my output_log.txt, and if something else is needed just tell me. EDIT: Nevermind, I've understood why mod wasnt working. It happens if I use certain types of probe core from BDB mod, I just have to avoid those parts.
  4. Post procesing is a little big touch of style which has been needed long time, thank you so much good Sir @The White Guardian!
  5. I am new to KIS, and maybe my question has been made already, but have you ever thought about repairing breakable parts like antennas and solar panels? It does not have to be for free, another one part of the same kind should be required in the engineer inventory. It is so annoying to substitute a broken part with a new one that will never be in the same spot and overall out of action group (AGM is dead and AGX is overdone to me). No intention to bother, this is just a thought. Also, I'll take this occasion to say that I'm grateful you @IgorZ took on this mod, otherwise I could not play it. Really, thank you man! I'm playing KSP since almost 5 years and it's shameful I've discovered KAS/KIS just few days ago.
  6. Sorry for the delay, but I've noticed just now that the link you posted for EVE is old. You should be using this one now:
  7. I just felt to contribute myself in adding a frequently asked question, but thank you anyway might!
  8. Where's the "Shut up and sign me in" button?
  9. Sorry for my bad english, but that was a rescue mission contract, i never saw or used that kerbal before. I've found him out of fuel already. Also, entering the command pod didnt refill his jetpack. I first thought it was becouse of EVAManager.
  10. CKAN forces me to install EVAManager if I want to install AntennaRange. Why? I just want AntennaRange. I cant even understand what is this EVAManager for. This is what I know: going for a rescue mission I've found the kerbal out of EVA propellant. I had to slap the door of my command pod in his face to rescue him. Could not find any way to refill his jetpack and he had to rest inside the pod all the mission long. That's not funny. *A quick note on AntennaRange also: I cannot selectively pick which data to send anymore (the blue -send- button on experiments is not giving any response), is it intended?
  11. Hello guys, and many thanks to whoever has been supporting/developping this mod manager, great and so much needed job! My problem is game crashes on start if I install Astronomer's pack mod. I've been using Renaissance Compilation for a year, but it is not available in CKAN so I've been trying Astronomer's pack in sostitution but I guess I can just avoid it. If you're intrested in giving it a look, I'm putting on DropBox the crash report (couldnt find the way to attach the file, sorry:huh:). Crash report folder
  12. Wow, this mod brings so much fun, I wasnt aware of this one. Thank you MOARdV for keeping RPM up to date! May I have a quicklist of other mods that RPM is tracking or working with?
  13. DAMNZ! You just crashed all my dreams. We're condamned to adapt adapters then.
  14. There is a vital question for me, it has been a silly matter since years and I feel like the moment to finally face it has come: STRUCTURAL ADAPTERS Bi-adapter, Tri-adapter, Quad-adapter...the first time you see those parts your eyes are shimmering of joy, but when you try to use them you recognize they do not adapt anything. We all well know that the structural nodes are not joining, just one of them actually does; so you are forced to use weak docking ports to have a sort of structural joining between parts. Come on Squad. Seriously. Please. Pretty please. How much hard the task can be. Have the structural adapters be structural for real.
  15. Beingly, yes, you have to build up the full rocket becouse there is no way to import other ready-to-use dsigns, yet. Have a look at the wiki in the "planned features" section, and read under "Spacecraft Construction". http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Planned_features
  16. I started to play few days ago (the Steam discounts gave me the final push to the KSP purchase). Well, very interesting and funny game. Even if, beingly, i really have hard times to build something space-worthy, and I use to end up enjoying the show of my ship parts scattering everywhere, exploding. The sandbox mode can bring a lot of fun, but i really hope the devs will be able to expand the game to its full potential soon. English is not my lenguage, so you all have my apologize in advance for the awful use of grammar you'll have to face (please, forgive me, trying my best) Ciao!
  17. That's disturbing, if a bug do not allow you to recover modules in the sea. I use to like my kerbins so much that i would never leave one of them behind, and this .21 patch made me afraid.
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