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  1. I've finished the config files, with only a couple of remaining issues:

    First, the original static masks for the navball were too small under MOARdV's changes (they need to take up the full 512x512 space now). I've resized them with GIMP, but the pfdStatic.png came out fairly harsh and pixellated (and StaticMask came out pretty!), even though I used cubic interpolation on both. If somebody has the original resources used to make those, or isn't a n00b with GIMP, they may have better results. Or I can suck it up and soften it pixel-by-pixel... *shudder*.

    If you've got the RAM and CPU horsepower, a 'brute force' method I've used with reasonable success for upscaling an image is to first enlarge it REALLY big. EG:2560x2560 Then you can do some easy, broad blurring and/or painting strokes using a very large brush around the details. Then rescale it back down to the size you need letting the editor do the final smoothing of the image that way. It looks horrendous while you are working on the big image but the end results can be surprisingly good for MUCH less work than pixel by pixel editing. MANY sins are smoothed over and made invisible in that last shrink step. And once the bulk work is done, you can always go back in and pixel edit those last few pesky drips and blobs. ;)

  2. That's unrelated to this particular issue, but I'll give it a look. Are you using any other mods that mess with shrouds, e.g. procedural fairings?

    Yes. fairings and wings. I removed both and still see the effect. I suppose it could still be some other mod interfering as well. But this mod provides the button... :)

    If I disable the engine shrouds they disappear. When I re-enable them, the button goes back to enabled but the shrouds are still missing. Not invisible... Missing. FAR debug voxels dip in around the unshrouded engine. If I then click launch, they are still missing on the launch pad.

    Only reloading the craft in the VAB seems to bring them back. Then the craft behaves as normal again.

  3. Posted a new dev build including my optimizations and a bit of tweaking. I've got a staging list after I load a ship; do you? Any other weirdness?

    [zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz]

    That looks pretty good. :)

    I've only fiddled with it a few minutes so far but I didn't see any of the issues from before.

    EDIT: Found an oddity. If you toggle decoupler engine shrouds off they don't redraw when you toggle them back on. Had to save and reload the craft in order to see them again.

  4. New dev build that should probably fix the long delay without breaking things is available here: [zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz]

    I've still got some optimizations that I want to do, but I need to find new and better ways of detecting state in Squad's code. In the meantime, let me know how that one does. :)

    UPDATE: Optimizations pretty much done; waiting on a bit of testing before I release.

    OK. The new dev build loads fast. ;)

    Although I get no staging stack on the right in VAB after loading a craft. But that appears as soon as I add or remove an engine or some other part that affects it.... (easy to work around. :) )

  5. So, here's the basic logic. When a ModuleTweakableStaging module is started up, it tries to detect if it needs to do any work (e.g. does it need to add an icon to a part that doesn't have one, or remove one for a part that does), and whether or not that icon needs to be added or removed from the staging list. If work does need to be done, among the things that may happen as a result is a calculation of what stage the part will be removed in. To do this, it walks up the part tree starting from itself until it finds a decoupler that's being removed, or gets to the top. For parts that are rather deep in their tree on a very big ship, this might go a long ways before it hits the top.

    Now, to get the kind of slowdown we're looking at, I'm almost certainly detecting something incorrectly at the beginning and doing searches for parts that don't need them (e.g.: "many decouplers"). If you've patched TweakableStaging to apply to engines, I might even be doing searches for all of them. The dev build I gave you in 0.90 was an attempt to fix that detection, but it broke another part of it which is why things that shouldn't have been defaulting to "on" were doing so. When I fixed that for the 1.9 release, I apparently un-fixed my first fix.

    Anyway, I'm going to revisit the way I do the search and separate a few bits of logic that are currently coupled needlessly. Hopefully I'll have another test build for you soon. :)

    I will keep an eye out for it. ;)

    Though having loaded up the current partial form of voxel FAR and due to less burn time on the NASA SRBs it looks like this ship may not be workable in it's current size/shape... Or maybe I'll have to launch it with no fuel in the core tanks and refuel them once in orbit before docking with the colony/station it's meant to push out to some distant planet.

  6. I'll take another look at the logic. It's difficult because I need to do something when the parts start up the first time, and the more parts you have that are set with staging opposite their default (engines/decouplers with staging off, docking ports/etc with staging on) the more work I can't avoid doing. I'll try to take another thorough look at it and see if I can reinvent the process entirely. Maybe using onEditorShipModified so it can suffer from problems like smjjames'. ;)


    The ship has 10 docking ports (2 small, 2 regular and 6 large - all 6 large used as decouplers with 2 of those disabling cross feed), many decouplers and loads of engines & SRBs that are not tweaked.

  7. Hi again...

    I loaded the new 1.9.1 TE and that slow loading issue came back for my 600 part craft. The dev build you posted for me to work around this problem still seems to be working OK (warts and all) in 1.02. So unless I find any game breaking issue I guess I'll be sticking with that build for now as it looks like that big craft needs a rebuild from scratch due to the changes between .90 and 1.02.

    All of the solar panels, sepratrons and vertical decouplers in the craft have disappeared (still poking around to figure out what else went awol)... Their icons still show in the staging stack but all of the boosters are now jammed together/touching where in .90 they were all spaced about a 1/2 meter apart by the decouplers. The weirdest part is that when I tried launching the craft staging DOES decouple the boosters with 0 ejection force but everything then explodes as the boosters scrape down the sides of the remaining craft (the invisible sepratrons don't fire...)


    OK. tried loading the older "test" copy of the ship in question (the one I posted earlier). That one loads OK so it looks like it's not a 1.02 problem with the ship above. Looks like somehow the craft file was corrupted. Ugh.

  8. Could be worse... ever tried to find a computer that is on your network, but you're not sure where it physically is? :)

    Yes! Trying to locate a mystery server located somewhere in a haystack of over 1200 other servers distributed in about 220 racks...

    Getting the switch name and port ID that was assigned from the networking group and then ever so gently tugging on network cables as you work your way slowly dragging a step ladder down the rows of racks to finally find a server that was renamed/repurposed but that no one ever bothered to actually change the physical label or update our server location database. I LIVE for such days... NOT!

  9. "because however temporary you say they are, they always become permanent." --ferram4

    This belongs in a book of great quotes. I find myself telling my boss this quite often... I work in the software industry as well.

    It also holds true in data centers.

    Me: "Say, what's this old server with no label on it?"

    Other Admin: "Ummm... I think that might the temporary server for project XYZ that was brought online 3 years ago..."

    Me: "So why is there no labeling of any kind on it?"

    Other Admin: "Because it's temporary and should be gone in a few more weeks..."

    Me: "Argh!!!"

  10. OK, so I didn't get a chance to test it this weekend. In the interest of trying to release something sooner rather than later, here's a test version including the fix:

    [zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz]

    Let me know how it goes! Failing that, I'll try to test and release properly next weekend.


    The craft is back to loading with no delays in the VAB and on the launchpad with the dev version you posted above installed in my game.


    EDIT 1:

    OK, just did a bunch of testing and found the following.

    1: Not sure if this is an issue with your mod or "Crew Manifest". When using CM to change/remove kerbals from the ship while on the pad, it goes back to taking several minutes to refresh/reload the craft once CM is done. Just wondering if there is a craft reload function call or something that is still using the old scanning method.

    NOTE: Removing all kerbals in the VAB crew assignment menu before loading on the launchpad avoids this reload/delay.

    2: When loaded in the VAB, ALL docking ports on the craft now always show up in the staging stack (unassigned ports all go to stage 0). If I enable staging and then disable staging on each port it will remove it from the stack (temporarily).

    NOTE: Docking ports intentionally used for staging stay in the staging stack in their assigned locations as expected when loading a saved craft that uses them (they do NOT migrate to stage 0).

    3: Even if the ports are removed from the stage stack as in note 2 (and even if the craft is then saved again), they will all be returned to sage 0 on the staging stack when the craft is loaded on the launchpad.

    NOTE: Docking ports intentionally used for staging stay in the staging stack in their assigned locations as expected (they do NOT migrate to stage 0).

    4: No ports ever get removed from the staging stack unless they are removed by being staged off the craft at some point so they are no longer present. The dead separator symbols for every port just sit there in the staging stack with no way to remove them.

    EDIT 2:

    5: Docking with another craft made all the extra ports in the staging stack disappear...

    Anyway, hopefully these notes will help with further debugging. ;)

    EDIT 3:

    And here's the completed station/colony ready to head out... 5.3k delta-V (6k if only the smaller, more efficient nuke rockets are used but at much less than the .34 TWR it has with the 5 larger ones in the rear :) ).


  11. I think I've found the problem, and have solved it for most cases. The issue was to do with TweakableStaging, which was running a full search through the ship for every decoupler in the ship on the first LateUpdate call. That's actually only necessary if you're toggling the staging in the first frame (e.g. if you've set a decoupler to "Disable Staging"), so I added a tiny bit of logic that should make sure we only run in the first frame if we need to. I need to test it before I release to make sure I didn't break anything else... hopefully I'll have a chance to do that tomorrow.

    That's great! I really need tweakble everything running for this craft as I am using a Sr. docking port as a stage decoupler because I need crossfeed enabled through it. If I didn't need that crossfeed I could use a regular decoupler. I suppose I could also use octagonal struts and fuel lines to work around a regular decoupler as well but that is a less elegant solution.

  12. dc4bs, I haven't built any megaships for a while, but several of my modules do linear searches of various parts of the ship -- usually just their own part, but sometimes the whole ship -- that might slow things down. If you can get me the craft file (or better yet, upload it to KerbalX so their software can do the hard part of finding the minimum set of mods required for me), I'll see if I can reproduce and nail down some optimizations or at least offer an explanation.

    Also, does this happen just the first time you load a particular craft before re-saving it after installing TE, or does it happen every time? Because I add module to parts, the first time you load an existing ship save Squad has to go through all the parts and help the modules to all line up correctly. If you save the ship again after that's happened, it shouldn't need to happen again, but if you don't save the ship again it will have to re-run that adaptation every time you load it. A few other mods -- FAR is one -- also repeat similar processes as they add their helper modules. So, you should expect longer loads when loading saved craft the first time after installing mods that add a lot of modules (and TE does), especially for very large ships (because the process is always at least O(n) and sometimes worse).

    Sounds like an issue we had with running reports on large databases. Adding in some indexes and partitioning the data dropped some of the report generation times by like 95% vs. the old full table-scans.


    Anyway, the delays happen every time I load or reload any large craft in the VAB or on the launchpad. Does not affect craft save times. Once loaded, no further issues. Encountering other large craft "in the wild" does not trigger it for pop-ins either.

    I think I can drop the mods used down to 2 or 3 pretty easily with a bit of ship editing. Then I'll see about posting it for you.

    Basically it's a beast designed to put 9 fully fueled orange tanks wrapped around an orbital tug into LKO. Uses an additional 20 orange tanks (and just a few smaller ones) and 48 of the large NASA style SRBs in 8 stages... ;) And she does the job real nice! (only stage 8-5 used in launch - 4 is just spare maneuvering fuel to get to the station - 3-0 are for after mating it with the station to be pushed interplanetary.)


    EDIT: OK got the test version posted.

  13. Hi All,

    Got an odd one here that I can't figure out.

    Tweakable Everything 1.8a and 1.8.1 cause my VAB and launchpad craft loading to take a really long time.

    For example, I have a ~600 part ship that loads into the VAB in about 15 seconds when tweakable everything is not installed but it takes that same ship 5+ minutes to load in the VAB or launchpad when it is installed.

    Smaller ships of 50 parts or less seem to load with no noticeable delays. Only the larger craft seem to have the issue.

    I was wondering if this was normal behavior for tweakable everything? And if not, does anyone knew if it might be conflicting with one of the mods below?

    To find the mod that was causing my slowness issues I made a fresh test install and then I started adding mods to it a few at a time time. The list below were the ones installed when I finally found that the issue I'm having seems to be tweakable everything. The ones with * were installed together as the first group because my stress-testing craft requires all of them. Then I added FAR and tweakscale with tweakable everything and that's where I hit the slow loading issue.

    Running V.90

    B9 Aerospace R5 2.8 *

    KSPX-v0.2.8.1 *

    MechJeb2- *

    RemoteTech-1.6.3 *

    SXT_-_Stock_eXTension-20 *

    TacLifeSupport_0.10.2.15 *

    FAR 14.6


    Given the above install, when I add tweakable everything, the initial game start up still loads to the main menu at the same speed but loading the craft into the VAB or the launchpad is super slow.

    When I add/remove tweakable everything to my regular/full game install (around 50 mods or so) I get the same slow craft loading effect in the VAB and launchpad that goes away again when I remove it and restart the game.

    NOTE: This issue does not appear to affect craft load times in-game. EG: When approaching my space station (around 400 parts) Pop-in seems to take about 10-15 seconds whether tweakable everything is installed or not.

  14. OK. After a few days of fiddling around I've built and launched this one:

    The new larger, longer burning SRB's make launching big items much easier.

    Javascript is disabled. View full album

    The 68 crew capacity number is a bit misleading.

    -8 for the crawl tubes (they support 1 kerbal each for some reason - I'm to lazy to edit the config file)

    -4 for the 2 science research pods. They are work spaces, not accommodations.

    -24 for the 8x lifeboat capsules (the max occupancy safety rating for the station is 24 total due to these)

    Leaving 32 "beds" 4 kerbals in each of the 8 Hitchhiker units.

    So only 3 kerbals need to be assigned to each hitchhiker as this is cushy station duty.

    But in a disaster, the station could actually hold 60 for a short time while rescue passenger shuttles are sent up.


    Launch notes:

    Using FAR to monitor air speeds in mach as exceeding mach 1 below 10Km tends to rip off random parts...

    Using MechJeb for max throttle limiting acceleration to 20 M/s

    NOTE: If no crew is aboard, should enable 5 of the 8 antenna pointing them to geosynchronous comsat1-4 and 1 at KSC (leaving 3 unused/future use antenna) before launching.


    set about 90% throttle

    (stage) liftoff

    (enable MechJeb autopilot)

    Wait until speed shows mach .95 and change acceleration limit to 10

    This causes the throttle drop to 0 and the stack will "coast" on the SRBs only for a while.

    At 10k start a slow gravity turn.

    As the SRBs finish and stage off (around 11.5Km), change the acceleration limiter back to 20 M/s.

    The 1st asparagus pair will finish and stage off within a few seconds.

    Continue through the gravity turn while the 2nd asparagus pair finishes and drops.

    Part way through the 3rd asparagus pair, throttle to 0 for coast up to apoapsis at 100Km.

    During circularization the 3rd asparagus pair and the nosecone stage off.

    Once orbit is established, the last booster stage may be dropped (or kept attached for now if it still has a useful amount of fuel in it).

    I could have easily added a battery, antenna and small controller to the last stage so it could de-orbit itself but I didn't think of that till the whole thing was already in space... I just cleaned it up from the tracking station.

  15. So, you probably clicked on this, expecting to be able to do a simple challenge, well, guess again.

    Your challenge is to build a space station around Kerbin at a 100km orbit. "Wait a minute!" you may say, "that's still really easy!" Well, just wait a minute here.

    The catch: Do it with one or fewer rocket launches.

    Okay... But anyone can just put a ship with a docking port at a stable 100km orbit and call it a station. Well, the catch is that it must also be:

    A) At least 20m across in all directions.

    Looking at the old pics, I'm guestimating about 16 m across both directions. I think I'm OK on length though.

    B) Able to have no fewer than eight ships (with width >= 2.5m) docked at any one time. Note: this does not mean that there has to constantly be eight ships docked to the station, it must simply have this capability.

    Counting the 4 xenon powered, refuelable probes that launched with the station, It could have up to 13 "ships" attached. 4 mini ports in the middle, 8 normal ports (4 at each end) and a large port opposite the cupola.

    C) Capable of refueling monopropellant, xenon, oxidizer, and liquid fuel.

    Almost... Could refuel mono-propellant & xenon. The idea was to loft an orange tank and dock it to the "south" end large port as an oxidizer, and liquid fuel dump.

    D) Able to permanently house a crew of at least 16.

    Total kerbals that could fit in station "C" below = 57

    But the station was only safety rated for 24 kerbals as that's the number of lifeboat seats... ;)

    Each of the 8 docking ports doubled as an ejectable, mono-propellant powered lifeboat for 3 kerbals.

    8x3 = 24 (lifeboats can hold 3 kerbals each)

    6x4 = 24 (central housing modules for 4 kerbals each)

    1x1 = 1 (cupola at the "North" end)

    8x1 = 8 (the crawl tubes I used were defined as being able to house 1 kerbal each (Why, I dunno. Have to ask their creator. ;) )

    Just a quick thing: what defines a rocket?

    For the sake of this challenge, I will be defining a rocket as: ship that takes off vertically, and uses its thrust alone as its source of lift.

    That is, for the purpose of this challenge, rocket-powered space planes ARE NOT considered rockets, so long as they have wings as their primary source of lift. note: this does not exclude VTOLs from this challenge. Because, really, their wings are what is primarily used as their source of lift after they take off.:wink:

    BONUS: All parts (including any transport ships) must be made of only stock parts.

    Sorry, that is unlikely to happen from me. I have like 50 mods going and have no idea what parts come from where any more.

    Good luck, and have fun out there!

    Kind of a long story but I think worth it as the station I built (almost) fits this challenge.

    Also, this was done in Alpha .20 I suppose I could try to rebuild it from memory and loft it again just a bit larger to fit the rules.

    NOTE: originally posted July 29th, 2013 in the "Show off your awesome KSP pictures!" thread.

    I was quite proud of these early stations... (apprently, I still am... ;) )

    Something changed with physics in Alpha .21 and I was entirely unable to get that last station relaunched though. That one ALWAYS broke up during launch. So I went back to assembling multiple smaller parts in orbit.

    By the way, the final station ("C") was named "The Flying Dutchman".



    I found KSP through Steam so I have only experienced V0.20.* so far.

    Once I figured most of the basic stuff out I started a program to build "A" space station as a stepping stone / refueling depot to get ships even further out. And then got a bit carried away...

    My initial design using ioncross O2 scrubber and "pass-through docking/escape pods" using regular engines. But I didn't really like the idea of kerbals somehow "magically" being able to crawl through the engines to get in/out of the stations but I hadn't come up with anything better yet...

    Station "A" 1st half in orbit with launch tug:


    2nd 1/2 of the station is a mirror of the 1st with a simple ioncross O2 tank instead of the scrubber in the 2nd half.

    Station "A" with 2nd half mated:


    Then I downloaded KOSMOS and fell in love with the station struts and the monofuel engines

    I eventually deleted all of the KOSMOS mod except for the 3 versions of the struts (only used the crawl tubes) and the mono-fuel engine parts for the escape pods. KOSMOS has a LOT of parts that I was not using, made the game take a lot longer to load on startup and cluttered up the parts lists in the VAB.

    Station "B" 1st half on the pad:


    This design pushed the docking ports further out and got rid of the need for regular fuel tanks for the escape pods as well. The escape pods became a crew module and an RCS tank with radially mounted mono-engines. This gives the station MUCH more RCS if needed during docking maneuvers, etc.

    Still pushing it but much more believable as a "pass-through" docking port then design "A". Also added 4 quantum struts around the nose of each docking pod.

    Station "B" 1st half on the way up:


    Station "B" 1st half circularizing:


    Station "B" 1st half parked near station "A":


    With station "B" now well in progress, decided to move station "A" from 100 Km orbit to 150 Km:


    And then sent up a tanker to refuel all station "A" tanks to 100% and also leave an additional RCS fuel pack as "A" had VERY little RCS in it's design.


    Station "B" completed with lights off and on:




    Around this time I was tired of the stations being wobbly in the middle so I finally said, "Heck, it can't be THAT hard..." and just lofted an entire station with room for 25 Kerbals plus 4 pre-docked space probes around the middle and 8x 3-Kerbal pass-through "lifeboat"/docking pods. I dunno the total tonnage but it was a LOT to get into orbit in one lift!!!

    Total kerbals that can fit in station "C" = 49 + 8 (1 in each crawl tube) but the station is only safety rated for 24 kerbals as that's the number of lifeboat seats... ;)

    Early launch attempts had MANY structural failures and other mishaps and, of course, a number of rather large explosions when things didn't quite go according to plan. More space tape was needed among other things...

    Station "C" on the launchpad:


    Going up:




    And not QUITE having enough fuel...


    After a bit more reworking of the lifter and the launch program sequence the final launch worked as follows:

    Using MechJeb 2.0 and FAR:

    Final stack on the launch pad was well over 750 parts... The 24 main SRBs, plus stage separators, plus support struts, etc. was easily 80-90 parts alone that dropped off at about 10 Km up. ;)

    Throttle set to no more than 20M/s acceleration in the MechJeb ascent module (more thrust caused parts to break off)

    Used FAR to watch Mach numbers.

    Launched with 24 SRBs wrapped around an asparagus core of 7 mainsails.


    Once speed reached about Mach 0.95, MechJeb was throttled back further to 10-11 M/s until the SRBs expired at about 11 Km up.

    Once the SRBs were staged off (all in one group) MechJeb was throttled back up to 20 M/s

    The 1st asparagus stage finished and is dropped off about 10-15 seconds later.

    at 15 Km, the gravity turn commenced and after a bit the 2nd asparagus stage was dropped.

    Then shutdown and coast up to the circularizing burn.

    At that point 2 more small SRBs were fired to help circularize the launch.


    With all of that, I STILL managed to run out of fuel but at least had made an 85x240 Km wonky orbit so it would not crash again.0uBaAJ1.jpg

    Sent up a nuke powered tug to fix the orbit issues:


    And commenced several 10-20 minute burns to get the station nicely orbiting at 100x100Km.


    So that was it for version 20...

    I'm having all kinds of issues with the VAB in 21.1 - Once I get that ironed out I'll get back to building and launching improbable things into orbit. ;)


  16. So I heard this song the other day and started singing my own words to it. I couldn't get it out of my head so I figured I share the joy with all of you. :)

    Here's the original song & lyrics

    I Wanna Be Rich - Calloway



    Cash cold, that's what I need

    These bill collectors, they ring my phone

    They bother me when I'm not at home

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    Play baby there is lots and lots for everyone

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    Be rich

    And here's the Kerbal rewrite.

    I Wanna Take Off - Kerbalway



    Count down, That's what I need

    These launch controllers, they stop my launch

    They hold me down I just wanna go

    This ain't no time to be fooling round

    Just light the torch, make my orbit round

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    Ohh, take off

  17. My very first SSTo to make orbit had no solar panels, no generators, no docking ports... When the batteries ran out all I could do was spacewalk Jeb to a rescue ship.

    Forgot panels again on a Munar lander. Landed OK but those two kerbals went down in a blaze of glory attempting to get back up to the orbiter when power cut out 1/2 way back up. I didn't notice the small motor I had on the lander provided no power at all (I had thought they ALL provided at least some amount of power up to then...).

    Lost a number of kerbals learning how to land properly on the runway and/or takeoff in some of my more finicky designs.

    As others have said, missing the 2nd of what should have been mirrored parts...

    Lack of -or- too many sepratrons.

    Forgetting to stop MechJeb from auto-staging at stage 3 or bad things happen with one of my designs.

    A number 1 PRIORITY when docking anything is to immediately disable EVERY source of thrust other than RCS. I have destroyed WAY too many ships holding down shift instead of alt to transfer fuel.

    I moved staging to ` (key above backspace) as I cannot seem to keep my fat thumbs off the space bar either.

  18. I meant to post this here over a week ago but forgot...

    Buck Kerbins Starfighter

    It's as close as I could get to the Buck Rogers Starfighter from the 80s TV series while still being flyable.

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    After the weeks and weeks of getting Bertha figured out, I built, tested and posted this .craft file in under a day...

    Note: The bottom mounted tails make landing very tricky. You have to be coming in straight and level at touchdown or the low side tail/rudder gets knocked off...

  19. After all the weeks spent puzzling out how to get Bertha working nicely, this one took less than a day from start to finish... Though I have been thinking about it for quite a long time.

    It's as close as I could get to the Buck Rogers Starfighter from the 80s TV series while still being flyable.

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    Download link: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/buck-kermins-starfighter-ssto/

    NOTE: You can either surface mount a MechJeb box or just add the MechJeb module to the B9 Cockpit_MK2 part.cfg file.

    Some Pics show ladders but I removed them after I found out EVA does not work. The MK2 command pod EVAs from the starboard side rather than the top. The central wing blocks side access to the pod.

    I didn't have a space station in the save I was taking the screenshots in so I docked with an orbital tug that happened to be near when I got into orbit just to make sure it all worked OK.

    Mods used:




    B9 Aerospace - the bulk of the craft is made out of B9 parts...

    NOTE: You MUST update ExsurgentEngineering.dll to the current v.23 compatible version after installing B9 or the Sabers will NOT work!

    Procedural Wings - Multiple wing parts

    F.A.R. - Ferram Aerospace Research - This craft will NOT even get off the runway without it!

    K.J.R. - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - The ship will shake itself to pieces before even getting off the runway without it.

    Aviation Lights - just because it's seriously cool looking to have them on during flight operations. ;)



    MechJeb - You can fly this craft 100% by hand & SAS but it's easier with MJ... ;)

    TAC Fuel Balancer - Flying SSTOs without it can be a headache (but this one actually isn't all that bad).

  20. On this episode of Top Gear!

    Bob drives in circles!

    Bill screams at nothing!

    And Jebediah finds a rabbit!

    Thanks... Now I have to clean orange soda off my keyboard. And my nose hurts from said sodas exit path...

    I originally misread it as "And Jebediah finds a rabbi!" and the weirdness factor cracked me up.

  21. Yes. I can't figure out what's up with that either. It worked in .22. It worked when .22 was overwritten by Steam with .23.

    When I reinstalled a clean .23 from scratch and added the mods back in, it wouldn't load anymore. In .21, when you tried to load a ship with bad parts it would list them. In .23 it just says the equivalent of, "I know there are bad parts but I'm NOT going to let YOU know what they are.... Nya, nya... Ttttbbbbbbbtttt!!"

    I did find a modified version I was experimenting on with the Earth sized Kerbin mod that would still load and have reworked it back as close to the original version I had posted as I could.

    I'll re-post the fixed version with updated checklists and notes when I get home tonight (after 11 PM EST) with the stats as tested/noted above. Partly I was waiting to see if B9 was going to update in case any further changes break something else but I guess I will just post the current clean save of it in .23 and just give the link to the updated ExsurgentEngineering.dll required to make the B9.40c Sabers work properly with .23

    Note: It will look slightly different as I added more rigidity to the craft with some retro looking external strutting. Can't really describe it. You'll just have to see it. I think it's cooler looking now. And yes, the cargo doors DO clear the struts when opening/closing. ;)

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