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  1. Yes please. I'd like to use X-15 like a space shuttle. Or at the bare minimum, a sub-orbital (100+ KM AP) glider
  2. @CobaltWolf The X-15 will no doubt have high heat tolerance, but will it have optional ablative shielding? If not, can it be requested?
  3. I have a suggestion for that. You could make a colidable mesh on the pipes/raceways that runs up the center of the tank. That would allow decals while not allowing surface attach to the actual tank itself. Of course, the best solution is probably just to allow surface attach on the tank itself. I mean, KSP is about lego-ing rockets and allowing things that IRL wouldn't allow. How would knowing what rocket Invader works on be anything like what happens in War Thunder?
  4. White painted metal. And actually, could we get a, dare I say, naked X-15? (A non-painted silver version) I'm guessing you're leaving the honors of the "Modern" version to Invader? Oh, that's not that bad. You want to see worse? There's also drawings of a X-15 with shorten S-I stage and a X-15 with full size Saturn IB, but I can't access the document for those images.
  5. @CobaltWolf Any chance of a metallic white version and/or a "shuttle" like version? Tiles and blankets. Edit: Also, found this on Astronautix... wnavx15v.jpg (500×242) (astronautix.com)
  6. That's okay, I don't need the bullets to exit the barrel. I like to collect lead in my gun barrels.
  7. Rocket* Titan IV was never a missile. The last Titan "Missile" was the Titan II, IIRC. Or were you suggesting someone make a Titan IV missile? Which would be a Titan IV without the SRBs TBH, so it would just be a stretched Titan II? Okay, now that I'm picturing that, that is cursed. A Titan IV without SRBs... just... the widened fairing atop a stick... ugh, hurts me! Sidenote: Apparently Titan III's program was called SSLS, with various acronyms. Titan III, best SLS! /joke
  8. Not really, too wide by 7 feet. It's body would fit length wise though, and in space, you don't need wings.
  9. Does an X-15 atop a Nova make you uncomfortable? What about X-15 underslung on the Space Shuttle's wing? Or perhaps an X-15 strapped to the booster of the Soyuz?
  10. Hmm, the only parts I can make out that might be BDB are what look like RL10s on a centaur engine adapter on the service module.
  11. Instead of giving us a B-52 to launch the X-15, how about giving us the gliding Saturn S-IC-D? Eh? Eh? I kid, I kid. I know you're basically done with Apollo stuff with BDB 1.
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