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  1. Delta III launching random CommSat. ~15,000 km x ~15,000 km at 45 degrees Full album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  2. Well, I guess I should have said one of the designs. Can't find any others tho.
  3. Nice you see Knes getting a fidelity update! It was good looking mod to begin with, but always nice to see improvements. Also, you might want to add placeholder end caps to all the parts that have an "empty" or "blank" end cap before any products are finished. The BDB team discovered that non-textured/modeled end caps can cause a drag issue while working with the X-15
  4. So, nuclear powered Ion thrusters basically? Also, what's with the eye?
  5. Looking great as always! I had a question. Are the Axium Stations parts planned or no?
  6. A space station could refuel it, yes, but the problem is the LSAM will use most if not all its fuel just to get into orbit. It wouldn't be able to rendezvous with the station, unless the station came to it. And that's not taking into account that the LSAM is LHO fueled instead of Hypergolic. Yeah, you could just keep water on the station and split the water to create hydrogen and oxygen, but that would take DAYS to refuel LSAM. Again, LSAM is an impossible design that only works in movie magic.
  7. Of course they can refuel it, and they do. That's not the problem. The problem is that the LSAM doesn't realistically have enough fuel to get from the Moon Base to orbit, dock with the Space Shuttle (Not even going to get into how THAT's impossible.) and then deorbit and land back at the base. It has enough fuel to maybe, MAYBE, get into a low Moon orbit, but that's it. They would more than likely be out of fuel at that point. And space shuttle can't refuel it, the space shuttle has no fuel transfer system., at least not for docked spacecraft. LSAM is unrealistic and impossible, both IRL and in KSP.
  8. Thanks! Now if only we didn't have to kitbash. Hmmm. I wonder if we could get Zenith Star into BDB if we convince Cobalt to make a non-laser version that is instead a space telescope. The laser exhaust ports can be replaced as... telescope exhaust ports? The imaging sensor gets hot, right? Need to cool it off. Maybe not make it exhaust and instead a radiator. Also, I did have one hiccup during the launch. The nose cones for the SRBs exploded as you can tell in the pics.... Cobalt! We need a special LDC decoupler! Also, a 5 engine smooth mount without those bumps would be nice too so they don't clip into the SRBs.
  9. Take a breath. Lol Also, page 1300 beat BDB reaching a GB in size. Well, let's see. 1350 or 1GB compressed BDB zip?
  10. Yeah, I made one too and had the same problem. It's a one way trip lol. There's only really one solution. It can't be fuel, that adds weight, and to have enough fuel to get to orbit and back, even at least once, would be a lot and weigh the craft down. The lunar landing/accent engines might be able to take the fuel, but it's not worth it. The only way I see making LSAM even feasible is to give the decent/accent engines 1000s in ISP. That way they just sip fuel.
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