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  1. The best car? Ford Pinto. 142409232023 new page! 142509232023
  2. EA6B Prowler 000909232023
  3. @Kerbalsaurus im sorry your classmates being mistreated like that. Its not fun or easy being in their place. 234109222023
  4. shuttle carrier aircraft, a heavily modified 747 204209222023
  5. C17 Globemaster III 192209222023 192609222023
  6. @Viking23 but what is your favorite episode of babylon 5? And what do you wonder as to some random subject for me? See the way our op has the game set up is, the user before me, ie you right now or rutabaga22 some 3 months back asked favorite far future propulsion technology. My response was transwarp drive (borg tech). I asked the next user, you what your favorite babylon 5 episode is. To wit that question was what you were meant to answer, then you were to pick something to see what in that category was the next users favorite. Not being mean, just bringing you up to speed on how this game gets played that said to our next player the current question is favorite babylon 5 episode? 192109222023
  7. ME323 Gigant 174709222023
  8. @DDE from my experience as i trained as a chef its actually fairly solid. Heres why: a kitchen can be a fairly chaotic environment. If you start rushing to try to get ahead or catch up you will start making mistakes, those mistakes will result either in immediate remakes if caught fast enough or more likely (especially in fast food where the level of training is minimal) it gets sent back by the customer. Either way you have loss of product which can mess with bottom line (yes some loss is expected and accounted for, but, excess is excess) in longer runs. Short terms you will get more backed up which starts tipping into a self feeding cycle. If however you slow down and stop rushing you can focus more clearly. If you can do that you can clear the back log easier and with fewer mistakes/losses. Netting less loss and better efficiency. Its wildly counter intuitive for sure, but its what my chef instructors drilled into us. Its why if you watch most chefs, at least the good and beyond ones doing their thing its almost as if they have ice in their veins and look preternaturally calm in the chaos. Yeah they get snappy at the sous chef or prep chef or line cooks but they are orchestrating and controlling major chaos and reigning in that chaos into focus. Hope that makes sense. And yeah i know im hoping for too much outta fast food folk but it is what it is i guess. 023909222023
  9. SE: You sprout Catnip from your body each time you spawn a kitty SP: all d&d5E magics 012109222023
  10. 1946 Convair Model 116 Flying Car 011909222023
  11. F-117 Nighthawk 002709222023
  12. Mosquito 001309222023
  13. Your lack of faith bans you 001309222023
  14. Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc 234109212023
  15. Spruce Goose 233009212023 new page
  16. Its a new page and it bans you 232909212023
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