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  1. Also the Crater Crusher disintegrates if any time warp is used when de-orbiting to Mun's surface.
  2. This is still happening in 1.4.0 every time a landed craft is loaded on Mun.
  3. The game is still a barely playable hot, buggy mess. When I can put a rover on Mun next to a lander without encountering decaying orbits, jumping landers, and disintegrating time warps then come talk to me about playability and enjoyment. Currently the game remains an exercise in frustration because of how little actually works.
  4. Can we please get vehicles to load on the surface of Mun without bouncing them several meters into the air? I now have a lander tipped over on its side because of this. Also, what is up with craft disintegrating when I time warp while de-orbiting to Mun's surface? I can't land the Crater Crusher without it disintegrating if I use any time warp while de-orbiting. Finally, can we please get a shared vehicle storage for all campaigns? I want to put my most used designs into one place and have them accessible instead of having to manually copy/paste the craft files. It's frustrating I still can't run basic Mun missions without encountering a boat load of bugs. I'm not trying to do anything more than land a party on Mun and supply them with a rover. I guess I'll try again next patch.
  5. I can hear the screaming of the GPUs, Clarice.
  6. Bugs. Lots of bugs. It's inevitable. We'll work through those, too.
  7. There's no transfer calculator/timer, no advanced orbit info (inclination, eccentricity, etc.), and no way to rename/retag our vessels. Is there a plan to add these? The lack of a transfer calculator is especially annoying.
  8. Docking is the final boss of KSP. It takes practice and will be frustrating at first. Here's my tips: 1. Rendezvous is critical. You need to be able to park two ships next to each other (50m) to even think about being able to dock. 2. Practice your initial rendezvous and docking attempts using flat, circular orbits at about 100km. 3. Align the docking ports of both ships to normal/antinormal to keep orbital rotation from messing with the process. 4, Work one plane at a time to line up the ports. I do above/below, then left/right, then I move towards the other vessel. 5. Slow and steady makes the dock. Be careful undocking. Currently KSP2 will dramatically change your orbits when undocking, so check both craft to repair their orbits if needed. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the update, team, and thanks, Nate, for communicating what's going on with the development process.
  10. I've noticed there's been no mention of thermal systems for a while. What is the status of thermal effects?
  11. Thanks, Nate for keeping us informed on progress. I'm hoping the trajectory issue gets resolved so I can get back to some interplanetary missions.
  12. I felt all nostalgic and started a new Science game. I've not worked my way through the tree in a long time.
  13. Here's some positivity from me for a change. The new maneuver node UI is nice and readable at 1280 x760. Thanks! The fuel flow issues I was having with my onion stack have been fixed. Thanks!
  14. The first ship I launched in 1.2 didn't show its orbit around Kerbin. I'm not aglow with glee. As a reminder, basic systems need to work reliably, not when they feel like it. Maybe next patch!
  15. I downloaded 0.1.2, launched a Mun rocket, and found my Kerbin orbit did not show in map view or the tracking station. I then quit and resumed the wait for a playable game.
  16. I'm firmly in the "No Mods" camp. The $50 I spent made me put all of the burden for getting this game enjoyable completely on the devs to deliver.
  17. I am not loading the first mod for KSP2. If the devs can't get it right then I'm going to keep playing KSP1. The alarm clock is right there in vanilla KSP1. As is advanced orbit info if you poke around the UI. I'm just wondering what the actual goals are for Phase 1. If "improved user experience" means these features aren't present then I'm going to have to refer Intercept to the definition of "improved".
  18. Fuel flow is borked, but I'm getting flowers. Oh, happy day.
  19. I guess I want a roadmap for our roadmap. We are in phase 1 of the roadmap, so are we going to be getting any additional features like an alarm clock for transfer windows, or is what we currently have what we should expect to have going forward?
  20. Get KSP1 as it's finished and as bug-free as it's going to get. You'll get far more bang for your buck there than in the not-in-the-least-bit-finished-and-buggier-than-a-bait-store KSP2. By the time KSP2 is enjoyably playable you'll have a smooth transition to KSP2 instead of trying to learn rocket science and the quirks of early access at the same time.
  21. Yeah, I'm using onion staging, but the final tank ends up being about 1/3 empty instead of completely full, and suddenly I don't have enough dv to do the mission. It's better than it was because the landing stage isn't getting sucked dry any more, but there are definite issues with fuel feed in onion/asparagus stacks.
  22. I stranded Bill in orbit around Duna. I think he had enough dv to get to the surface, but not back into orbit. I'm pretty happy considering it was all guesswork and improvisation.
  23. I'm ambivalent about this. On one hand, I shouldn't be able to get my 2-deep 3-way onion booster to space without struts as the game currently stands. On the other hand, struts add to part count, and I saved 12 parts by not having to strut. The gripping hand is performance impact in a game with performance issues.
  24. The patch did fix fuel flow issues I was having, so I did round trips to Mun and Minmus. I tried docking in Kerbin orbit, but bumped the ships together at .1m/s which caused dissasembly. Two outta three ain't bad, as Meatloaf sang. I'm really looking forward to visiting the rest of the planets just for their music. The rest of the game may be EA, but the music is AAA. Give the composer and music team a round of applause!
  25. The navball numbers as well as the numbers for maneuver nodes are illegible at 1280x720. I don't need a larger UI, just larger, more readable numbers in it.
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