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  1. I'm too lazy to make that diamond shape, but I did make a new version of my own design, which should have better stealth characteristics.
  2. Thanks for the input. I've made a bigger version that has 1,5 MKII cargo bays worth of internal payload. I also removed the rudder, burried the engine deeper and made sure all surfaces are angled. Speed at sea level is worse ("only" 1000 m/s instead of 1600 m/s) and it's a lot bulkier than the previous model (I like small planes), but manoeuvrability is still good.
  3. Here's my take on the 6th generation fighter theme: a hypersonic drone (that's supposedly stealthy).
  4. I haven't been very productive lately, except for some stupid stunts around the Space Center such as this one: I have a bunch of replica's that are pretty much ready to release, but I'm too lazy to write up a post. I also can't stop trying to tweak them performance-wise so they feel somewhat realistic. (The planes awaiting release are: A-10 Warthog, SU-27 Flanker, F-15 Eagle, Mirage 2000, SU-25, MIG-21, F-5, Saab Viggen, F-16 and AV8 Harrier)
  5. I changed the pitot tube of my Mig-21 to something that won't break off. I also clipped in counter-productive control surfaces, to imitate stalls when pitching up hard. (clipping isn't cheating if it's meant to decrease the performance, right?) I'm now more likely to slam into the ground or other objects, but performance is still good enough:
  6. Great job, now I feel the urge to further tweak my own MIG-21. Do you mind if I lend your idea of clipping the engine with a circular intake?
  7. Very impressive. Would you mind giving us a peek what the craft looks like? Do you use some kind of ejection seat to get the kerbal out of the vehicle?
  8. Please disregard my pathetic sub-600 m/s attempts. 618 m/s is my new record. Special thanks to Jeb, who had to make some compromises on cockpit comfort; that 35G brake must have hurt in that command seat I wonder if we could surpass 700 m/s.
  9. I improved my speed to 512 m/s. Feel free to disregard my puny first attempt. I feel like I also deserve bonus style points for how ridiculously close that braking was :p. https://gfycat.com/LikableWelltodoHornet
  10. First attempt with embarrasingly slow sub-500 m/s speed in the spoiler:
  11. I'll bite. This one should fit all the requirements, except I didn't add canards. I added red stars for bonus points. craft file here Ejection seat in action:
  12. Yup, small planes can do stunts that you can't even imagine doing with bigger jets.
  13. Working on an F-5 replica. What's your opinion on the nose?
  14. This stunt plane is built for maximum manoeuvrability in a small package. It excells at reckless flying between the KSP buildings. I hope you enjoy flying this crazy little plane as much as I did. I'm curious to see what awe inspiring manoeuvres it can perform in the hands of you great pilots out there. Download link: https://kerbalx.com/jefzor/Control-Freak Pro's: Very manoevrable; especially in the pitch axis Good controllability (will not spin out of control) Fast acceleration Fast top speed Light Small Short take off / landing Can fly at low speeds Cons: Not heat resistant (will burn up when flying at top speed for too long) Low fuel Roll performance can be mediocre low speed and high angle of attack. Loses a lot of speed during hard turns Can't blame the plane when you crash Notes: Action group 1 = toggle afterburner 50-80 m/s is the recommended speed for close quarter stunts Turn off SAS at supersonic speeds. If you leave it on, the plane may look shaky, which looks annoying, but doesn't really affect performance. Keep your thrust at 10% in dry mode if you want to get maximum range out of the limited fuel tank. Your plane will overheat if you fly at top speed for longer than a couple of seconds. Some examples of what you can do with it: Short take off and spinning around. Flying through hangars: Flying through the tunnel Flying under the bridge:
  15. Oh, you got me there, I always thought the real SU-27 had thrust vectoring. I'm not sure if it's possible to make a plane that can do it in KSP whithout thrust vectoring, but it sure would be a lot harder. I'm going to give it a try now.
  16. It's not that hard to create a plane that can perform a cobra. All you need is thrust vectoring and a center of mass and center of lift that are very close together. I also think it helps if you have a relatively small wing surface compared to your plane's weight, so you don't lose all of your speed at 90 degrees angle of attack. see SU-27 Flanker on KerbalX.com
  17. Pulling a cobra is part of the standard take off procedure. If anyone wants to go for a wild ride, here's the craft file: https://kerbalx.com/jefzor/SU-27-Flanker
  18. Testing my new and improved SU-27 replica whithout SAS (I want all my replicas to be stable and controllable whithout SAS). And yes, these are controlled manoevres. And yes, I could fly it gently like a non-maniac, but that'd require me not to be a maniac.
  19. Still working on my collection of semi-realistic Military jet replica's. MIG-21: (quite happy with how the cockpit turned out) Mirage 2000: F-15: SU-27 SU-25 (hardest one to recreate, still not completely happy with it):
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