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  1. Reported Version: v0.1.5 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win11 | CPU: i7-12700k | GPU: RTX 3070Ti | RAM: 32GB I launched a 3 part rocket (capsule, fuel, engine) at 10,000m, I eva'd the Kerbal. Using the rocket pack I got him on a trajectory to land in water offshore of KSC. Using UP thruster on the jetpack he was stable at 186m/s on contact with the water. He lived! Seems kinda sus to me.
  2. The way I build something like that is to put a decoupler between the docking ports for the launch, then strut to the decoupler. When you're ready to use the little ship, you undock the decoupler from the mother ship, and after you're clear you can stage the coupler to get rid of it.. Then when you come back, both ports are ready to use and clear. Good to test it on the ground (or at least near Kerbin) tho before you get out to somewhere far. This is why we had all those docking test missions in Gemini and in Apollo prior to going to the moon. Gotta test these things.
  3. I just had this same thing occur, the speed added to the other vessel seemed to be about double the speed of the docked pair. The controlled ship maintained its original velocity. This was in orbit of Kerbin at about 100km X 100km, velocity was about 2200m/s, after undock the uncommanded vessel had instantly departed at 4400ish, and on an escape trajectory from Kerbin. Pretty frustrating, I hope this one get attention.
  4. I've also seen this behavior.
  5. DEV answered question about joysticks here...
  6. I have a lander which has ascended again to rendesvous with another craft at Mun. Lander is trying to fly a lower orbit to catch up, about 13k X 13k meters. When I do my circularization burn, I see new valid orbit, but PE and AP numbers are changing even if all engines are manually disabled. Speed is also flipping about by a few M/ps. So I hit time warp to force the orbit on rails, which works. But then when I come down to 1x speed, the velocity changes and puts the craft back on its original suborbital trajectory. Not sure if there is some corruption in the save, or if there is more to this. Install is 21572 running on Windows 11 i7-9700k 32GB Ram 3070Ti graphics.
  7. Thanks for the direct response, Nate. Always great to hear things first hand.
  8. Did Joystick/controller support get in there and I missed it? This is a great list of fixes and adds, but I really need to be able to use my controllers
  9. Exactly. Discord's real weekspot is having any archival capability... Sure, you can pin a post, but its not like a pinned forum topic that is always easily seen, discord pins you have to deliberate go look at. The conversation scrolls along WAY too fast to be useful for anything other than immediate chat -- It does chat great. But it really stinks for static info.
  10. agreed -- Well I hate it for developers trying to support. I love it for gaming with my friends, etc. It hands down wins that fight. But as a support channel, yup, it sucks. But, it's how the world decided to be, so that's that...
  11. Newspapers predate discord too, and they didn't publish there either. Nor did I receive anything in pony express. Things change my friend, better to roll with it than to stand there and watch it go by. (To be fair I agree they 'should', but the truth is, forum isn't how these companies operate anymore. So time to start adjusting)
  12. Reading this thread helped me understand that 89% of the Kerbal community are CEOs of game development companies we've never heard of. Clearly these people have years of experience that they draw on when saying IG and T2 etc. are bad at jobbing. Most importantly, is that from this vast pool of gaming executives hanging out in here, I am left to assume that there are at least 30 space sims coming up in the next year or so that will blow the pants off everything that has ever been done before. Because with so much obvious inside development knowledge, how could these rando community members not succeed when they release their own sims? Halcyon days! I can't wait! </satire>
  13. IMHO, Discord is nothing more than a noise-box. You can't get anything done there as far as meaningful communication because it scrolls along and is gone, and the pinned messages, while useful are simply not as effective as a pinned forum thread. Discord has its place, but that is for communication between players... Not as a format for support. Community can't really exist if the content from the community managers is instantly scrolled off the screen because Jimmy was whining about FPS. Community happens in the forums, where the discussion can be controlled and saved. Glad to see you're switching gears a little. A lot of people seriously can't stand discord.
  14. Early Access in 2012 worked so much better than now. I remember first starting in KSP back then and feeling like I'd be along for the ride. And we were. Today, I think a lot of people think of early access as some kind of golden ticket, like the buy the right to try to force development one way or another, or be angry if its not what they want. Kind of a 'my money pays your salary!' attitude. I'm trying to dance around using the word entitlement, but failed. And then of course there are plenty of bad studios that have used Early access as a cash grab scam... So people get suspicious. But considering the team here has some of the best members of the community over the years embedded, I really don't think there is any reason to doubt that they'll deliver. I just wish they had shined it up a bit more before delivery. Ultimately, the launch was going to be ugly no matter what because everyone has been running heavily customized versions of KSP for 10 years and everyone's view of what the core game is has been skewed by their own modded set ups. So while there are things wrong right now, I think a lot of people see it as worse than it really is. Not least because KSP1 can run on a modern microwave oven and doesn't even begin to test the limits of a modern PC. But this is written for now and forward. A lot of people complaining about performance today probably weren't even playing when KSP1 was in that state - but there was a time when it was. And it got better.
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about it @snkiz, they will eventually make it right. I'm confident of that. I feel like they dropped it too early, but I still think they are on the right track. But right now we don't know what the update cadence is going to be, and I think a lot of the more vocal kids expect it to be Monday or something, which I'm betting ain't gonna happen. But that's the Discord community running as it does "We want heads on plates, and NOW!"... That kind of approach never works anyhow... And if the devs react to it, it will only go down hill. So I hope they just communicate what the patch cadence will be, and stick to it. Right now, all I really want fixed is I need to be able to use my joysticks, for cryin' out loud. Leaving that out is a crime against humanity!
  16. I think where they kinda stepped in the doo doo is pricing it like a finished product. When KSP1 one was an early trainwreck, it didn't really matter that much because it was a $14ish gamble. Even if it never became anything, at that price if it entertains me for the weekend I feel like we're squared away. Obviously it was quite a bargain considering I played it effectively non-stop for 6 years and occasionally even now. $50 is real money, and for real money I think people expect a real product. Not the promise of a real product in some undefined time-frame.
  17. This needs attention ASAP. Who makes a space/flight sim game that doesn't support controllers? Pretty big failure of imagination there.
  18. I hope this is coming very soon, I use the stick for all planes, and I use my throttle for pretty much all craft. I really need this working. Really unfortunate it apparently isn't there right now.
  19. This thread wins the 'King of the Trolls' award. I hope I don't get sued for failing to deliver an actual award.
  20. Ok, @Tabris, you probably just kicked me in the skull in the precisely correct fashion. While I'm pretty familiar with the USI stuff, this was my first few flights with LifeSupport. Based on the way I read the instructions, I thought that the presence of the hab was all that was necessary. But, I just now reinstalled and threw it on the pad, and hey, I'm stupid, there is a button to start the hab. OK, erase the last day, I'm a freakin' moron. Thanks for all you do @RoverDude, I'll get back to playing with this and probably enjoy it a lot more now that I'm among the enlightened. Sorry for the bad report.
  21. @RoverDude I totally understand, I don't program kerbal stuff, but I am a programmer in my day job - And as this discussion is evolving I'm starting to think this was a bug anyhow and not about the intended mechanics. I had a hab that provides 25 months (if memory serves), and 2 kerbals, so that should have been 12.5 total months. The mission was perhaps 20 days total. Everyone was perfectly happy until I decoupled the hab for re-entry. I still have the craft file if you want to have a look at it, or if it might help you. Just let me know.
  22. @RoverDude The version is current as applied by CKAN it was 7.0.0. It was a minmus flight and it wasn't terribly long, but they were beyond their capsule only limit, so they had a 2 man crew cabin in there, (the stock one).... We weren't anywhere near the many months of hab time that module brings. It was 2 kerbals with 2 seats in the capsule (Salamander) and 2 empty seats in the hab As soon as it decoupled the trouble started. I didn't know you had a previous similar bug, this may be that same thing, because what was described by the other poster was exactly what happened. Thanks @Terwin thats helpful too.
  23. Hardly moot for an uninstall, a reinstall could happen in 30 seconds. The config limits really aren't what I'm driving at. I know that is adjustable... But a distance from home as a hard line only makes sense to a programmer. In real world experience, Bob, if you were on your way home from Singapore, would you just stop trying because it takes too darn long? "I'm just so far away, and I know I'm headed home, but jeez, six more hours is too much, I quit" I'm wondering if there is some way you can soften it in the mod? I get that programmatically it's hard to choose a boundary line. But It felt very disengaging to have a kerbal quit like that in the last phase of flight because I hadn't crossed the magic line in the config. 25k is home, 25k plus one millimeter, but headed the right direction, nah, too hard, I quit. There has got to be a better way. Maybe scale it against the max distance from Kerbin that the Kerbal went? Like if you're within 10 percent of the max distance travelled, then it scales back somehow?
  24. @RoverDude I love most of this mod. But I wanted to share with you a corner that kinda bugs me and caused me to uninstall. Ok - So for instance supplies, we know the numbers, we can plan them and work them and if we run out our kerbals get snotty and stop working, that part makes sense and works great. ... But as it applies to 'Homesick' there is a problem... and the problem is that you can have a kerbal quit working while minutes away from getting home, and that doesn't make sense at all. Tonite I had a pair of kerbals coming home in a capsule with a hab space attached... prior to Kerbin entry I jettisoned the hab, and one of the kerbals had a knee biting homesick freak out within just a few seconds. It could have torpedoed the mission if he was my pilot. I don't know what it might take to code, but it seems to me that if the ship is either headed home, or in this case, irrevocably headed home since it has no engines and is re-entering at Kerbin, and 1 or 2 minutes from splashdown, maybe the kerbal could somehow suppress his tears? It just didn't make sense that minutes from return home this guy goes all fetal position and thumb-sucking potentially preventing a safe return because, golly, 15 more seconds away from my wife is enough to kill the whole dang krew over.... I hope you can find a way to handle this.. For now I've uninstalled the life support mod because potentially losing a mission on return to home like that just would make me mad without adding realism. I really like the mod otherwise. Anyhow thanks for all your USI badassery.
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