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Status Updates posted by Nertea

  1. I'm sure I'll get things to 1.12 eventually but please don't bother me about it. 

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    2. Juba


      Hey when is 1.12 update ? ...


      jk :D

    3. Darkona


      Can I buy you a coffee/beer?

  2. Due to life, all projects are currently on hold.

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    2. amarius1


      Good luck bud with what happened. I had a recent breakup while developing my newest planet pack in years and it was bad. Hope you will come out of it alright, no pressure to continue around here. We love you bro.

    3. Danielle


      Best of luck. Can't push life away some times.

    4. Probro
  3. Yes, I will update my mods to 1.10. Yes, I am aware of the issues. No, I will not do it on your schedule.

    1. SpaceFace545


      Take your time, even though 1.10 is exciting it doesn't bring any major changes, just quality of life, a few parts, and comets.

    2. Murdabenne


      @Nertea you are a far more gracious person than am I.

  4. Approximate 1.8 mod update order. Don't ask for timing, but this is my goal. 

    1. ReStock/ReStock+
    2. Utility mods (Dynamic Battery Storage, NFProps, Community Tech Tree, DeployableEngines)
    3. CryoEngines/KerbalAtomics/CryoTanks
    4. NFT suite
    5. Others
  5. Not bothering with any updates to my mods until 1.6.1, so don't ask!

    1. Murdabenne


      Tis the season for Wise Men.

    2. Raptor9


      @Nertea, I wish you and all your fellow modders, that put your heart and soul into their work for little to no reward, a Merry Christmas and hope you find time to kick back and relax for the holiday season.

  6. General notice - no 1.4 updates to any of my mods, delayed until at least 1.4.1

  7. Minor announcement: there won't be any support for any of my mods in the KSP 1.3 prerelease, I simply don't have time.

    1. shynung


      Wait, 1.3 is about to come?

      I've been out of the loop for so long...

    2. Kerbital


      Sorry to hear that. I can't play this game without your mods. I hope you will eventually find some time. Good luck!

  8. SSPX, MarkIV and HeatControl will be updated in the future, just not right now.

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