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  1. I have used this mod in the past and am a big fan of it, but I have a question before installing the latest version. I noticed when looking through the bundled RPM folder that there are some extra files not included with the original RPM mod. Should I install these as well? Thanks!
  2. Okay, so this is really puzzling me. I do have it installed correctly. It is the correct version and it is on 1.2.2. I will post logs here so maybe the problem can be found there. output_log KSP
  3. Can someone explain to me why my bombs and missiles do no damage? I used to use this mod a lot in the past but with the latest version (on 1.2.2) no damage is dealt. I can provide logs later if needed but I was just wondering if there are any obvious or immediate answers to my own stupidity.
  4. IAI Lavi stock fighter plane The IAI Lavi was a fighter jet under development in Israel during the 1980's that was ultimately cancelled for reasons of cost, but some rumour that Israel was pressured by the US to cancel it to avoid competing with the F-16 and F/A-18. Test pilots who flew it reported that its handling was excellent. The ultimate cancellation of the programme upset some in the defence establishment, who today believe it could have been among the most advanced jet fighters in the world with upgrades applied. Some have speculated that the Chinese J-10 may incorporate technology from the IAI Lavi, and they do have similar contours. I decided to re-create the design in KSP and this here is what I came up with. Features: Accurate appearance Excellent manoeuvrability Low part-count (32 parts) Download at KerbalX Screenshots
  5. Why not have the best of both worlds - lobby @katateochi to make a 'download all of this user's crafts' option!
  6. I see that this is included with BD Armoury - and this is a cool mod, no doubt. I am wondering if it will affect my save games - does it do this if you have active flights, for example?
  7. Wonderful, thanks for updating this mod! I look forward to playing with this again.
  8. Love the way you made the cockpit, interesting use of parts!
  9. Bumping an old thread with something relevant is not a bad thing.
  10. Ariane 6 - concept rocket that uses traditional design for high performance with low cost; boosters are Vega first stages, uses Vulcain 2 for core stage, and cryogenic upper stage, great rocket! Vega - it's so cute! little SRB rocket Soyuz - great design, very unique, reliable N-1 - unique, cool history Falcon 9 - low cost, reliable, classic rocket design Long March 9 - not flown yet, moonshot rocket, cool technology Jupiter Direct - great concept rockets that honestly make a lot more sense than SLS Energia - awesome engines, hydrogen core and kerosene boosters, great design Zenit - basically an Energia booster with upper stage and fairings, low cost, sea launch
  11. It probably depends on preference. C7 used Maya I think, others probably use Blender or 3DS Max. Both achieve the same or similar results - they're polygon modellers.
  12. What about the "making awesome mods" way? I would say RoverDude, Nertea, NathanKell, or sarbian could fit in that category.
  13. Sorry about that. I noticed today that there are now Flag and Texture prefixes. At the time I last edited this thread I don't believe they existed.
  14. Horrible, horrible, horrible news. I'm losing faith in Squad. This always happens with early access indie games. Seems like a cool game! This game is amazing! My favourite game of all time! Oh, they're changing some stuff. It's okay but I'll deal with it. Why! Why? Why change things that are already perfectly fine? It's all lost! The game isn't good anymore. It happened to Minecraft. I thought it would never happen to KSP because it seemed so perfect. This is a joke. #PCmasterrace
  15. War Thunder. You can pay to level up faster but it's not pay to win really.
  16. RS-68 is different. They both use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, but RS-68 is gas generator and I think I heard it has a carbon engine bell lining or something. RS-68 is also higher thrust. It depends what 'improved' means. SSME is reusable and has higher Isp, but is also more expensive.
  17. There were multiple concepts. Some with five, some with six. I don't remember which was the current plan at the time of cancellation. I believe it also depended on whether they were using SSME or RS-68.
  18. Actually, a second was redefined carefully and precisely by SI a while ago. It doesn't have anything to do with lengths of days. Talking about seconds made me realise something. I never noticed that we have the same word for second (time) and second (after first). Weird.
  19. We must take a stand. We must resist! Metric for all of humanity! (coming from an American)
  20. Good to hear. I look forward to your improved Constellation replica seeing how good your previous one already was.
  21. Good. Hopefully Squad can fix the fairing mess that's in the game now. Edit: They said alter in the tweet, not fix. How do you embed a tweet?
  22. I did this and posted it to Reddit a while ago, but I don't think I tested if the parachute would work, but maybe I did. Oh well. http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/3436qw/how_to_make_las_shrouds_with_fairings/
  23. This is from Airbus, not Arianespace. Unless Airbus is part of Arianespace, I don't think Arianespace designed Adeline.
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