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  1. I did a fresh install. Did another fresh install of Spacewarp + BepInEx, however now the menu is missing some key features. EDIT: A file verification seems to have sorted it EDIT2: Parts still not showing up EDIT3: I'm not getting any sound EDIT4: Ok, sound is now back. This is very weird.
  2. SORRY is apparently a parts mod
  3. Is this how it should look after install? I have added a couple of mods since but they don't show in the VAB
  4. I am excited for the new stuff to crash into, blow up, and generally Kerbal my way to space!
  5. Is Lunar Starship in the pack? Also, the Crew Module doesn't have the node for the header tank
  6. Beagle, Renown, Courageous, Argonaut, Eagle, Falcon, Magellan, Einstein, Newton, Scott, Shackleton, Von Braun, Franklin, Erebus, Goddard
  7. I'm not firing the stage seps or the main Solid Rocket Booster (on the last pic) and getting the plumes. This happens even when the solids are expended and have no fuel left
  8. I give you, the Saturn-Shuttle! Including a shot of the Shuttle docked to a station of which the core is a pair of Skylab Drylabs and has a pair of Apollo Blk.V already docked!
  9. I made a copy of KSP and removed all mods except for FMRS, and still, like the modded version, the FMRS doesn't appear to be working. It doesn't appear of the toolbar
  10. Time to get some Transit! That was Transit 4 with Injun 1 and SOLRAD 3/GRAB 3, now for some Double Transit action with Transit 5E and 5BN!
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