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  1. MR BEAN FLUFFY BUNNIES YEAH! It\'s funny: Adele couldn\'t perform because she\'s preggers.... when there\'s an 8-MONTHS PREGNANT OLYMPIAN OUT THERE!
  2. Heya. I\'m a science noob (as proven by my other ridiculous theories), but just wanted to see if either of these were possible. First we have space-stationary orbit. (Spacestat) What this means is: Is it possible to move so quickly in the opposite direction of a planet that you cancel out its angular momentum entirely, and sit still in space while the planet spins around itself? Probably not, but y\'know. Next off is the satellite-visible orbit (Satvis). What this means is that if we were to have a satellite, say, the Mün, would it be possible for a craft to move so slowly/quickly wherein we still remain inside the ring of the orbital path of the satellite itself (so the grey line in KSP), while still constantly being able to see the satellite itself? In simple terms, can you always see the moon in orbit? Well, those are my midnight brainfarts. Cheers, and don\'t rip me apart too hard!
  3. Eagle blood-drop! 8/10! (BTW this new avatar is just a silly interim until I can find a suitable one)
  4. I dare you to look through my posts. I share your age-based dilemma, though do not suffer from this oblivious dyslexia you speak of. ;P
  5. Wassup people? I\'ve just come back from a month in summer camp, and will be sharing stories with you later. I see life has been going on without me... Anyways, I\'ll be locking myself up in my room trying to catch up. Just wanted to let you guys know!
  6. Lol, guise. My camp kinda fails at being camp, because it\'s basically just a set of houses and activities. There are no tents or anything, and there\'s water fountains and air conditioning and stuff. So yeah, it\'s not camping, it\'s not camp where you have campfires (we can, but you really only do that ages 4-8), it just has a ton of really high-tech activities. Screw those tents, I\'m spoiled. 8)
  7. Hi guys! Just wanted to say bye, because you won\'t be hearing from me for quite a while. At camp.
  8. Uhh, if a plane takes off vertically but gets down horizontally, that\'s a VTHL.
  9. Latest episode. Pinkie pulls Vinyl out of nowhere and DJ\'s the song 'Love is in Bloom'. Just try that.
  10. Remember I asked you if I could have you idle on a server all night, and then it never happened? stackman1525. You\'ll see me as -RB- Sir Pinkie the Pious.
  11. Same here. What\'re your Steam names, everyone?
  12. Welp, looks like I\'m going again tomorrow! I\'m going to learn from my past mistakes, listen to my commander (my friend), and have more fun! ;D
  13. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/26033/Rainbow-Dash-Goes-to-the-Chiropractor New fimficition WIP out! Viewing password is '1234'. Cheers!
  14. OH BAWLS.Eh, I\'m missin\' it all! Who wants to run Makavi for a bit? Or can it just go dormant?
  15. Wait, has the RP actually started and stuff? Or is everyone just settling in..
  16. Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, And just in front of Ponies and stuff Big Bang Theory\'s really great! ;D
  17. What would the swag be, per se?
  18. Have you been looking at the Kerbal Geographic and Scientific Society (or whatever they call it)? Check out the fanfiction, you\'ll find maps there.
  19. That sounds like a really cool course! I played for about 4 hours in 15-20 minute bursts, and almost never went in. I didn\'t hit anybody, though; I used my ammo as suppressive fire so that I or teammates could change cover, or wasting it and shooting at the windows. Although my reflexes are good - I did a full 180 and hit a teammate directly in the chest I don\'t really care though that I didn\'t hit anyone, because it was tons of fun finding ample space to hide and making up really complex attack plans.
  20. Hey there. Have you guys ever had a random craving for something (mainly food)? I just had one today for eggs. I normally hate eggs, but I just had one. And it was DELICIOUS. You?
  21. Uber-urban. Barrels, buildings. T\'was covered in sand. Sgt Splatters, if you want to find out.Some of the favourite matches we did included Attack & Defence, in which one team had to infiltrate a building while the others defended it, King of the Hill, and plain-out Team Deathmatch.
  22. I\'M BACK! I had 200 or so balls and a semi-auto gun. Took all your advice, and wore 4 layers. Also, I unconfidently tended to camp. I got shot close-up several times, and now I have 5 welts on my back. I think it\'s safe to say that is one of the most fun things I\'ve done in a long time. Would have been better if it were lighter, though.
  23. Alright, forget tenfastfingers. Use RankMyTyping if you want. I\'ve gotten up to 80 WPM on that.Also, according to that site, I type 3 times as quickly as my peers!
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