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  1. Kerbalisam on new KSP 1.4.5 break game. Science is not collecting. I tested this deleting one mod a time and then start new game and test if science work. After deleting kerbalism everything work just fine. Kerbalism is one of best mods, but we can't use him if he break most important aspect of game.
  2. If you have installed mod Kerbalism, this could be reason why you don't get any science.
  3. Yes, I now I making everything again. But anyway if it works for you it is not KSP problem, it is something with my computer, firewall, antivirus, or hard disk have bad sector or something. This would be really bad luck. I try one more time then I give up.
  4. Yes of course. I play KSP for years. I try few times, from scratch, manual or with ckan, and only two mods work, final frontier and kerbal engineer . From TAC Life support i get all parts but mod actually does nothing, kerbals don't use recurses. Anyone have any good idea?
  5. I can't install most mods in new KSP 1.1, also I try with 1.1.2. Tested with ckan also. Tested +20 mods, non of them actually show in game. Only final frontier and kerbal engineer mods work. Is there any catch for installing mods in new 1.1?
  6. This mod does not work for me. I have 0.25 64 bit, and even I see all KCT options in toolbar, I can lunch any rocket instantly. Also on space center after opening some KCT options, I can't access to any building anymore, even if I close toolbar window. I need restart game to fix that and the all over again. So after few attempts to fix that I decided to just delete the mod, and game now works just fine.
  7. Lower your reputation less you get contracts, I think but 100% not sure. To lead yourself to bankruption you need to do this intentionally. Maybe later when you do Duna missions For me game is to easy I currently play without quick save and load option, also all reverts are removed, so I don't have room for mistakes. Also I using TAC and Deadly Reentry Still more then 700 000 credits, been to the mun and minimus, only one problem... Jeb......Jeb is dead
  8. New version v0.22 for KSP 0.24 is avaliable for download. Not new parts for now, but when I go on vacation I will try to bring 0.23 with new parts I already start creating.
  9. MAVEN is model I sell on Turbosquid and 3D Ocean and it is made for visualizations and animation. For games it must be optimized, because model have more than 16000 polygons. I think this is to much for KSP. Maybe in some later version I add MAVEN and Voyager, but for now this is not in plan for now
  10. Yes you need to use KSP recover button. In second stage recovery I have some update window problem, I trying to close it, and start clicking all over the place, probably this cause to get instantly to vehicle assembly building. I tested and Automatic landing recovery works great, even I find few bugs, but am sure you will manage to fix that. What is percentage of recovery? What we actually get back?
  11. Check this video, you can fast forward to 6 minute, then you will see that i get some return for first stage recovery, I did not test this with MCE v0.68, so I am not sure if this work on new version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUuHDR0JzZw
  12. I like new feature automatic landing, I am using my mod for recycling stages, but you need to takeover stage before they fall below 30 000, and then control land it, if you put parachute on stage, you will only need about 100m/s delta v for secure landing. In your case I think that 1000 Delta V is to much, because to recycle two stages you will need 2000 Delta V, so your rocket has to be 50% bigger and more expensive if you wont to get to orbit and recycle stages. Maybe if you put minimum fuel for recycling to be about 350 m/s, what do you think?
  13. New version v0.20 is released. Trying to upload to curse but after 6 attempts I give up, every time say time out error. I just start to like Curse forge and then this happens, it is just me or anybody have same problem?
  14. If MCE will be unsupported with 0.24, at least I am hoping that squad will not disappoint us with their contract system. Contracts system in MCE is something that really make game much more interesting, thank you for giving us such opportunity.
  15. New version v0.19 is released. Added few new parts some, bug fix and texture changes. Also added TAC Life support for parts, so please check if there is some bugs, I tested and it works for me.
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