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  1. Need a size comparison between StokeStage, New Shepard, and DC-X...
  2. Looked like a bit of a hard landing there, complete with wenbounce. But well done
  3. I'm guessing the lasers, given the continuous high-power operation required. Multiple tiny probes would need smaller sails, making those a little easier than a single larger craft needing a humongous-by-ginormous sail.
  4. Oh, the new one was a fun ride, and I say this as a fan of the original ROTLA ( not Indiana Jones and...). Crystal Skull was definitely meh
  5. It should serve as a clear warning to oldspace that they can no longer charge such outrageous prices (for legacy hardware, no less) and expect to stay relevant. It's simply unaffordable in the long term, and short-term gigabudget projects are pointless.
  6. They flew a more secretive commercial mission yesterday. Virgin Galactic completes third commercial SpaceShipTwo flight - SpaceNews
  7. My 09 Yaris has been doing pretty good too, although the mileage is only at 282Mm so far. Seems to go through a lot of headlights though.
  8. SpaceX to FAA: I suppose they could still launch on (my birthday) Friday if the license came through today, but even that probably wouldn’t be enough time for warnings to go out… *sigh*
  9. (Read in Leonard Nimoy’s voice, per Civ4): “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the ever-expanding bureaucracy“
  10. Lately there are Chinese-made LiFePO4 12v batteries on Amazon for around $400 Cdn. They can last for at least 3k-5k cycles and can be discharged much deeper, giving more power for the same amp-hour rating. Big savings in the long run; I want one for my RV Heavily dependent on brand; an oil change for the Ram diesel V6 is about triple the cost of the gas V8, (from memory; glad we bought the gasser) not to mention other expensive maintenance we heard horror stories about
  11. This article seemed to have sneaked by, more about the fiber factory NASA-Supported Optical Fiber Manufacturing Arrives at Space Station | NASA
  12. I hope this isn’t considered political…
  13. My four cents (inflation adjusted): The Florida SH launch tower at LC-39A is visible front-and-center in tater's post five posts back, and progress has slowed or stopped while LC-40 is upgraded to crew capable, to minimize risks to the crew program. Increasing launch cadence will run into heavy environmental opposition at Boca Chica, as IIRC the current permits only allow a few launches per year
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