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  1. Also, my first post since 2016. How's everyone doing?
  2. Banned for debating whether ninjas should be banned
  3. 1946 does have air-racing provided you have people to do it with in MP. The devs for it even added racing pylons for it. Other flight sims "can" do similar things to my knowledge (flying through these wierd green/red/something hoops), but they aren't the maneuverable warbird type of planes. Otherwise you are indeed looking at an FPS such as Gmod or GTA etc. but the aircraft in those are much more arcade and more of an afterthought than any other element. edit: airracing as in, you can make a course set-up and agree by email or something that you simply race. there are videos of this As for developers, I think the main thing would be for you to start making a test scene in unity (and for a relatively easy lift model to build, I would recommend starting with this : https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/cyl.html ). Come to think of it there is probably some sort of airracing element in one of those thousand build-it games out there now, though none that I tried were ever very concerned about flight. Last solution is someone making a special DMP mod to support airracing still development, but easier than making a new thing from scratch
  4. for sci-fi: Legend of Galactic Heroes (long anime series without any derp), I find it pretty nice in the fact that fleet formations are actually 3-d in space and not just on a flat plane, also, ships tend to be smaller and spread !
  5. Oh I forgot I made this, here's my thoughts on my own problems now: Theta is like Théatre (french), chi like character, phi is similar in the explosive nature at its ending. I could rename this, and make it the language Q/A thread..
  6. Because (judging by the posts around that first one), MLP lovers continually hijacked the thread and it was not fun and got the original Google picture wars banned for derailment. The OP didn't want that to happen again.. Anyways, pictures were invented (aagain)
  7. Thankyou, you explained it in a way that I wish all papers did ! I will be advancing with this problem, and if I get everything, I will be sure to post my results ! Thankyou ! (I was kind-of aware of FFT's, though I still don't understand them well, but I was completely unawares of Euler's formula)
  8. So as a proper, over ambitious programmer, I decided to tackle a problem that is at least 3-6 years worth of education above my head, delving into big scary math where nobody my age (nor my teachers for that matter) have dared bury their heads in equations before. For context, this is where my problem comes from : http://www-evasion.imag.fr/Membres/Fabrice.Neyret/NaturalScenes/fluids/water/waves/fluids-nuages/waves/Jonathan/articlesCG/simulating-ocean-water-01.pdf I want to try to simulate ocean waves before I get into other scary water related math problems. I currently have two problems, they both involve programming the equation: The equation h(x, t) = Ʃ mean_h(k, t) exp (ik · x) k where h is the height, x is the wave direction vector (2d vector), mean_h is h with a line over it (I believe it is the mean height, hence the name) , t is time, k is another 2d vector that I think I've defined in programming. (this is more clearly on the article at 4.3, equation 36 in the article) But some parts of the equation raise questions... such as what to do with the exp(ik * x) , I can do the exp(I * x) just fine (its obviously a dot product), but how do I treat the i, it appears to indicate the complex number, but what should I do ? supposing that just means (0,1) (since it can mean that), what do I do between it and the I (ik * x), should I do a cross product or a dot product seeing as it doesn't have a dot unlike the other term. The second problem I have is putting the sigma into programming, the person who wrote the equation does not give everything that summation normally does, it uses a vector of all things as the start point, gives no end... It also leaves me clueless as to the mean height, how do I obtain it ? it doesn't indicate in the article, is it just a product of the summation ? tl;dr : I have math problems with that equation involving just about everything after the = sign.
  9. I think this is the wrong place to get a fair poll, even as a non comic fan (apart from Tintin and Ast. and Ob., Garfi... nvm), superhero fan, this is KSP, the tech and efficiency fans, Stark will win. Anyways, at least I think so...
  10. I usually find with these things is that I end up (while not agreeing with them in the least) defending the conspiracy theorists, because usually I see a lot more insults coming from the professional side (making them unprofessional enough to warrant attack). But anyways, why didn't the opposing political party of the time try to discredit his opponents in office with the forgery. (for the no moon lander theorists).
  11. Its different here on the east cost, don't have science this semester, but the last science teacher I had, when we got to the space unit he immediately said "there are a lot of discoveries going on lately so if I get anything wrong, just tell me", (he didn't get anything wrong) though the curriculum was kind of mediocre, and didn't require too much in the unit, he explained the falling around a planet and such. Also to explain those inaccuracies, Canada was the third nation to build a satellite (U.K. 3rd to launch and France 3rd to build their own launcher). In robotic arms, it appears we still lead the way, last I heard, we were still doing more research on it. And the science center is probly simplifying things (Most ksp players don't use remote tech), though leaving mars' soi is a bit strange. Docking sounds silly, very disappointing.
  12. Thanks, I'm learning ancient greek, seeing that video it seems amazing to hear how the language has changed over time. I will go back to the comedies when I get a larger vocabulary.
  13. That we created the hamster in the lab, and decided we needed a new one. Giant cracks suddenly appear in the earth, causing havoc, the epicenter is your home.
  14. I completely disagree with the make tatooine reappear opinion, it would have seemed the most uncreative setting (again ?), they in my opinion should have made it even less like it, maybe a more tundra ish place. The point of tatooine was that it was supposed to be a nowhere's ville that nobody cares about. Not a Jedi factory. (Agree with the finn being tacked on for the ride), however he did serve the purpose of starting the entire conflict. I also disagree with "character dev." in general, it adds to the movie when it's subtle, shown gradually over the course of the movie. but it becomes super stereotypical, soppy, wierd, and most of all slow, very fast when its explicit (long scenes made to show it).
  15. Um, rather off-topic for the off-topic forum, but considering this site appears to be dead, last post in it being from october, I decided that you, the infinitely surprising KSP community would be able to help me... (especially the one who calls himself the forum's amateur historian) I decided to learn ancient greek, and have gotten past all the initial barriers of pronunciation (such as upsilon) save 2. 1) Kappa vs Khi (or Chi), two K sounds, I keep on hearing of K vs loch, is this loch type K different because of a click in it vs just a K sound ? or am I missing something ? 2) In Theta vs Tau and Pi vs Phi, I can do the aspirated H that comes after the respective sounds, but, since I'm homeschooling myself, I don't know exactly what I would be looking for if I were to speak to someone in it, and to hear myself, I need to exagerate the sound myself. What should I listen for to improve ? edit: below I solved these, however anyone should feel free to ask about any language from any period and/or discuss them.
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    nope and nope, or at least not as I thought of it, in a sense Randazzo is pretty close.
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    Last sonnet I have in storage: I'll admit the second last line was awful so it was omitted... so the entire last stanza is gone... edit 2016: answer was "joke"
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    $2k car?

    *person who can't drive, and not that great in finances*, take this as a grain of salt, this is a stretch of memory of information I got 2nd hand. With those things be very careful about rust, those older ~97-99 cars are pretty nice and reliable, people get rid of them because of rust or other perpetual problems that are expensive. Get a good notice of what they've had done over the years, if there's all but a few major pieces that have had to be replaced, expect to replace the last 2 sooner or later. edit: like I'm especially uncertain of the above, just remember to always have the history of the car checked for potential problems Also get a good look at the accidents that have happened, and what had to be repaired, if its in certain places in the engine block then other parts in the same area may need a double check to make sure they aren't nearing their end any faster. If it will run fine for the first year, it should work for the second. Really, don't listen, just thoughts from a person who knows less than you. oh yes and, always make sure the car has been undercoated to prevent rust, snow works wonders against you if you don't have it.
  19. Never fear Rockets are Here ! Sp-addict
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