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  1. Running it right now! I forget to tell it to run 64bit darnit.
  2. Don't need a code. Select the pre-release from the betas tab.
  3. HoloYolo is obviously feeling let down. That is a sign of reduced hype.
  4. I happen to have vacation this week, so I have like 5 days...
  5. We're hyped for the open experimentals. This isn't about the true release of 1.1. Anything other than showstopper bugs is not a problem.
  6. Yeah, that's definitely a lion. Seems kind of dangerous having it loose on the streets.
  7. forth·with /fôrTHˈwiTH/ adverb adverb: forthwith (especially in official use) immediately; without delay. "we undertake to pay forthwith the money required" synonyms: immediately, at once, instantly, directly, right away, straightaway, posthaste, without delay, without hesitation; More quickly, speedily, promptly; informalpronto "all hostages are to be released forthwith" antonyms: sometime
  8. In NekoPara, pressing "P" makes the catgirls hop up and down, and their breast shake. I really never thought I'd say that.
  9. I've been on the internet since before the World Wide Web was invented! Take that!
  10. So, the million monkeys using a million typewriters thing is confirmed?
  11. It means the Hype Trajn is approaching it's destination!
  12. With the videos coming out this weekend hype is naturally amped up, and it stands to reason that the open experimentals are coming VerySoonTM. That could have meant even today, and the hype train is actually a rollercoaster which is approaching the first drop. Also, a lot of folks may be getting home from work if they are in the Eastern or Central time zones. Finally, since Squad is working in the Central time zone they are at the end of a normal working day, which hype train riders know could be significant.
  13. I didn't know of a conflict with KCT in CKAN. I guess that KCT added that. I would suggest for now installing KCT with CKAN and manually installing Facility Reset since it is by far the simpler mod and is highly unlikely to change. You could do this by either downloading from the SpaceDock link, or in the CKAN GUI, you could select Facility Reset and in the "Contents" tab click the "Download" button. Then simply extract the "FacilityReset" folder from the zip file into your GameData directory. If you choose to download using CKAN, the zip file will be in the folder in your KSP directory ".\CKAN\downloads."
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