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  1. I believe that was a test blog post, for reference that change happened years ago, and the old domain was *** malicious site we no longer use ***, not spacedock.com
  2. DarkMultiPlayer v0.3.6.0 is now available for KSP 1.10. I've removed the shared science setting as it was very broken, for shared science I recommend people switch to LunaMultiPlayer (as they have *only* shared science). I've left it compatible with the 1.9 servers, there is new parts but I feel KSP is at a point where I can happily keep 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 clients playing together.
  3. I've decided to switch to godarklight.privatedns.org and push a new version (v0.3.5.5) version for the fix to the in-game server list. Also, a new DMPUpdater is available (on d-mp.org) with the DNS change For existing public servers, the reporter settings will not automatically update, the correct set of 3 reporting endpoints is (change godarklight.info.tm -> godarklight.privatedns.org): <reporting>server.game.api.d-mp.org:9001</reporting> <reporting>godarklight.privatedns.org:9001</reporting> <reporting>ksp-dmp.sundevil.pl:12401</reporting>
  4. The free DNS provider I was using https://freedns.afraid.org/ seems to have lost control of their info.tm domain, so anything that relies on godarklight.info.tm is broken currently, this mainly affects DMPUpdater For those technically wondering what is wrong, these are the correct DNS results: info.tm name server ns1.afraid.org. info.tm name server ns4.afraid.org. info.tm name server ns2.afraid.org. info.tm name server ns3.afraid.org. godarklight.info.tm has address godarklight.info.tm has IPv6 address 2403:5800:9100:5b00::1 These are the incorrect DNS results: info.tm name server ns1.parkingcrew.net. info.tm name server ns2.parkingcrew.net. godarklight.info.tm has address I don't know what to do at the moment, I may just "sit and wait" on this for a week to see if they recover the domain, however if it is lost I will likely switch to no-ip, which I am not keen on as they are very "naggy".
  5. For clients I've pushed another release, this one is tiny, it only fixes some issues with the in-game server list - fallback was not working correctly and now it's fixed. I've also added a 3rd server to the reporting network if both the spacedock and my build servers reporting endpoints go down, giving even more reliability. For public servers There is also a new endpoint for reports that can be added to your ReportingSettings.xml file under the other two reporting lines: <reporting>ksp-dmp.sundevil.pl:12401</reporting> The reporting servers are all linked and it does not matter which one of them you connect to, all the data is shared between them, so adding this line isn't required. I've also updated the reporting plugin to add this new endpoint for those creating new public servers, but you do not need to update the plugin as the endpoints are only added when the reporting plugin first runs - It will not add the above line to existing servers.
  6. I'm going to be honest, I ignore github - the reset comes from reloading the active vessel to keep it "in sync", this happens with all vessels updated by other players. I haven't really touched DMP in a while but if it's possible to dig into whatever sets the camera rotations that might be helpful, as I already have to set the targets back: https://github.com/godarklight/DarkMultiPlayer/blob/c85540b02d4e8f037254ee9161edfa9b371646a1/Client/VesselWorker.cs#L1751-L1755 EDIT: The function you highlighted is just an "edge trigger" for if we are spectating or not, it disables the controls otherwise you'd be able to move the throttle but it won't have any effect and confuse people.
  7. I found the actual source of DMP freezes, players sending updates from the past combined with an extrapolator bug (stepping the difference 50 milliseconds at a time.... this approach is now removed) Profiling memory usage definitely improved overall performance, but now the actual DMP freezes are a thing of the past in v0.3.5.2
  8. DarkMultiPlayer v0.3.5.1 has been released for KSP 1.9 This time there is a heap of changes, I'm recycling objects so garbage collector freezing should mostly go away, I've fixed flying vessels so they load into DMP, there's also an in game server list now. I intend to play this version a bit, maybe I'll catch people on the public servers
  9. Updated to 1.8 I also had a whole heap of duplicate install problems come in on IRC/Discord, so I've addressed that as well. Not much to see here, but they updated unity to 2019.2
  10. DMP v0.3.3.0 is out, supporting 1.7.1. It includes the shared science stuff which will definitely still have kinks, but is there for people interested. Yell at @Wisperer and me in my discord
  11. I've noticed some problems with mod syncing, especially not warning correctly, so I've fixed that in v0.3.2.1
  12. I've updated to 1.7.0, I've also reworked the mod-control part list generator as it was missing ModuleManager parts, and made the client hash for modpackMode=GAMEDATA servers multithreaded (playing on a server with 11k files atm...)
  13. @Friznit I know LunaMultiPlayer takes that approach, I guess I'll have to have a look how they did things and actually play a shared science server to get a feel for how it should work. I'm currently enjoying my first run on a modded science server. Maybe it's easier to just update syncrio (or have a look how to pull it into DMP itself) @DrawsomePonies Revert support does mean DMP leaks every incoming position message, but I think there's more than that going on. That won't be fixed until I get around to profiling it, but that's kinda more boring stuff
  14. DMP v0.3.1.0 has been released! Changes: - Modpack support - Automatically detect safety bubbles for planet pack mods. - Bugfix for a rare bug where settings fail to load, preventing the main menu window from loading. - Vessel permissions support. @babylon-7 I accidently derped that when I added in my new library, it looks like I've also fixed that when adding modpack support. In the future though if that happens (you are in whitelist mode), you can just add it to optional or required files in the mod-control.txt file. But now DMP should pick it up just fine in v0.3.1.0
  15. DMP v0.3.0.0 has been released! If I've made any mistakes it's not like there can't be a v0.3.0.1
  16. I've decided to actually come back to DarkMultiPlayer and I've been having a fair bit of fun after working on it for a few days, current differences: - Fix the rotation interpolator, this is by far the most obvious change, vessels should no longer "twitch". - Create and use a UDP meshing library - vessel updates from the same subspace are now sent over UDP directly to other clients. This completely removes the server latency out of the vessel update equation. - Fix vessels not showing up on the map correctly - Stop HackyInAtmoLoader from saving vessels that are supposed to be destroyed, this caused lots of duplicates for part updates. This is currently in the unstable branch, available though my build server or DMPUpdater-unstable (rename the normal DMPUpdater), but at this point I think I'm ready to release this, it is a MASSIVE improvement on current DMP I've been testing it with a few people in my Discord/IRC , currently, DMP looks like this with 400ms lag to both the server and other clients (first flight interpolated mode, smoother but shows vessels 1 second delayed, second flight extrapolated, real time guessing where they actually are which allows you to fly wingtip to wingtip):
  17. Sorry, I accidently broke d-mp.org's pages when I updated to 1.6.0 and forgot to fix the download page, thinking that everyone was using either spacedock or curseforge. I've fixed it now, and updated to 1.6.1 (just a compatibility bump, there are no new parts so it's compatible with DMP 1.6.0 servers too). Fixed the forum link too so it shows the last page.
  18. Updated to 1.6 as people were asking for it, I'd still highly recommend trying LMP at this point though, as I didn't do much apart from change the version number and add the new parts @Thertor mono DMPServer.exe @moguy Yes, just download/run it. You connect via IP addresses, so you can just type in a LAN one.
  19. I've updated for 1.5.1 - I didn't put a great deal of testing into things as per usual, but I did fix the bug between the root part and centre of mass on the surface, that was introduced when I did a bit of code cleanup last time. I've got a bit more time on my hands now, so I may be able to clean up DMP a bit more, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort when LMP exists :)
  20. @njbrown09 LunaMultiPlayer has essentially made my set up my dev environment so I can help dagger out, but I figured I may as well implement anything I learn back into DMP. It's also that I didn't want to leave DMP as broken as it was when it finally dies @Jollyfellow way ahead of you, DMP
  21. Released v0.2.5.3, I realised that orbital updates were getting delayed when they shouldn't have been - orbital updates are extrapolated anyway and have no reason to be held back. Also I had an attempt at the load/unload vessel flicker I saw recently.
  22. Or, I could do interpolation instead, which is now the default in v0.2.5.2: It *should* be this smooth so long as the combined player lag is under a second, in any case there's options, under options->advanced. Extrapolation with rotation: Steps the plane to the current time, rotating the acceleration through the stepping (Unsure if this is a good idea). Extrapolation without rotation: DMP's old predictor method, but fixed with stepping (and not broken math). Disabled: Puts the vessel where the update says it is, unless you have a very stable latency this is almost certainly going to cause position jitter. Interpolation, 1 second delay (the default): Allows 1 seconds worth of updates to build up, so DMP can smoothly place the craft between the two points. Interpolation, 3 seconds delay: As above, but 3 seconds. You may have to use this if you have Australian Internet (TM). I'm going to recommend Extrapolation (either mode) for LAN play, and Interpolation 1 second delay for internet play. This only affects surface updates (which are anything under 10km)
  23. Version v0.2.5.0 now supports KSP 1.4.1 I've had another stab at positioning, hopefully things aren't *as* broken as they were EDIT: I released v0.2.5.1, the extrapolator has been broken forever but never got a lot of testing with a proper amount of latency, and you can turn it off if you want to trade accuracy for less explosions, you'll see them from where they sent the update instead of where they should be, this is with a second of lag: Demonstrating the tradeoff on ground (0.5s lag):
  24. @Smart Parts Wanter autoDekessler simply removes all vessels that have the type "debris". NukeKSC removes all the vessels around the KSC, things get pretty laggy around there otherwise on busy servers, but by default I think only autoDekessler is enabled. It's been a while since I've checked For everyone: Sorry about the server list everyone, VITAS has been pretty scarce and I didn't realise I had the ability to log on and fix it. Yay SSH keys. Both the official list, and my backup list should now work fine. Also, the forums are a pretty terrible way to get a hold of me currently, I've been most active in the LMP discord, but I will also reply to anyone in the DMP channel on irc.esper.net We also do have a discord server, my intention was to start fixing DMP in places it has broken, and get some people testing out. But I'm not exactly sure how my motivation is for the mod at the moment, and LMP is starting to look promising
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