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  1. I really wish us folks on the PS5 could have mods. Yes I'm one of the peeps that like things like mechjeb. I just wanna build and go. (Let the hate begin but I don't have hours to sink into a game learning everything associated with being able to manually do everything. Maybe there will be some type of auto system built into the game for peeps like me)  I play KSP on my laptop without much issue right now but I think it's gonna bottom out with the new game. I can use mouse and keyboard on my PS5 so that helps a lot.  Guess we'll see. Either way I'm getting it when it comes out. (I had KSP from back in the alpha days. Love it!)

  2. Thanks. Funny thing is I was going to download the near future capsules last night but didn't get to it. This morning I see it was updated but the capsules look different and quite frankly their just "souped up" versions of what we have now. You can deny cxg2827 that you're not working on some capsules but I don't believe you! Bring it on already :D

  3. The one major thing that has always bugged me about this game since it's inception is the lack of updating the crew capsules. Why is there not a larger command pod (capsule) like some of the older mods I've seen that can hold 5-6 kerbals and look better as well? I remember using the Apollo capsul and I even used the SSL Orion type capsule but why not just have it part of the original game? Anyway I would just like to have a larger capsule without other parts. I have zero idea on how to mod so I'm reaching out to see if anyone else can come up with one. (If I knew how or could learn how to make them myself I would do it and post it) 

  4. Love the mod, great modeling work, but it behaves like a heavy wet noodle on liftoff. My first launch it bent over and exploded. Second launch I reinforced the launch with FASA launch towers. lifts off but too heavy to maintain vertical flight, bends over like macaroni.

    Odd I haven't seen that issue. Do you turn RCS on before launch? I've taken care of a bunch of issues with all kinds of craft by turning that on. As for being to heavy I've not see that issue but here again try using RCS and see if that helps. I always use the launch towers on anything I use because nothing is stable enough for me ;).

  5. I haven't tried building and flying to many planes so I have questions...... I have been able to fly and land on the small island landing strip (some how) but how in the world do you figure out (a) where KSP is at from orbit and (B) what's the best way to learn how to land to begin with. I know it takes practice but man it's hard to me. From what I can tell mechjeb doesn't know how to land either as it always puts me in the ocean any time I try. Is there a good video or tutorial on any of this?

  6. I had the same problem and needed a craft file and someone helped me out, so here is a link to a completed Saturn V with Lem


    Any problems let me know

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I see the issue I was running into was I had the CSM and LEM facing each other. I knew that wasn't how it was suppose to be but the instructions are very unclear. {hand slaps the forehead}

  7. ok so ive spent some more time on it. im having trouble assembling everything above stage 3. not sure how the LEM fits in there correctly

    Something is kind of fishy about this mod if you ask me. First of all there are no craft files anywhere. The instructions on how to assemble are OK till you get past the building of the CSM then he says just finish building the LEM. Here again I can NEVER get the 2 pieces to go together. The issue is the docking nods for both parts plus the separator. Then I have this question: Lets say you actual get it together. Then what? The CSM is upside down. What's on top of it? I've played with putting the fairing piece on and no matter what it clips into the CSM. There have been plenty of us asking/begging for a craft file. Why can't one be posted? I loved this craft and would love to recreate some mun missions but it's just not happening.

  8. "Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjlfsl0uwoh3571/APOLLO.craft"

    Doesn't work for me. Says I have missing parts so maybe you have some type of extra modded part maybe? I'm ready to give up on this. I've spent 8-10 hours screwing with this and can't get it to work. It has something to do with the LEM and CSM docking devices. I can't get the stupid CSM-LEM deployment device to be nice. Why can't the creator of this great looking mod just upload the craft files? Or someone. Please ;.;

  9. Arrgh... Found the separator... in the utility section *facepalm* (you really need to put these parts in the correct sections as separators should be in the structure section).

    My real problem though is that darned problematic docking cone. Totally refuses to attach to the docking cone hole.

    OK I can't get this to go together at all. I wish someone would put a completed craft file up. I can't get the cone to fit then get the LEM can to go on that at all.

    Here's the part I'm stuck at: Add CSM-LEM deployment device (utility) to SM engine, than attach LEM's docking cone to central node.

    Finish LEM with Red cap on descent engine (utility) otherwise MJ will do joking.

    I can't get the cone to fit then get the LEM can to go on it and be able to fit on the deployment device. I could really use some help. This is an amazing looking mod though

  10. Here's something strange: I started the game in non-career mode then switched back to career mode. Though the ascent guidance is not on my list under mechjeb, because I used it in the other mode it was still on my screen and I was able to use it. Very strange. Anyway I made it to the mun and back for the first time. (OK I used the cheat for no damage points and unlimited fuel just in case but still)

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