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  1. Are you sure about that? Perhaps, based on what happened to my thread below, he should have suggested that you lock it to "avoid confusion" rather than "because he asked you to"... I'm not actually asking for it to be unlocked as I'm not taking up development of it again just yet (the last version I built for 1.2.9 still seems to work fine with 1.7.3, I've not played any versions in-between).
  2. Just change the total line at the end to be the number of megabytes you want to use, e.g to use 4GB change it to total:4096
  3. Because there is a bug in KER's handling of RealFuels engines that no-one has got around to fixing yet. You don't unless you know a reasonable amount about KSP mod development using C#, in which case you work out where the problem is in the mod code, fix it and then submit a pull request on github...
  4. Well, you should definitely see the Cur value in the MemGraph window jump when you hit Mod-End. Are you using the End key on the number pad (on the 1 key), a laptop Fn-based End key or a real End key (it should be this one though the laptop style one may work)? If you can't get it to work then you can edit the key binding in the settings.cfg file and change it to a different key (there is a post in the thread somewhere linking to a Unity documentation page that lists all the different key names). If you are running mostly stock and have lots of free memory then you can also increase the total line in padheap.cfg (though this shouldn't be necessary to see an obvious improvement).
  5. Only by removing them and seeing if the behaviour stops. Your min is 814, max 831, so the GC is running after only allocating 17 meg and your game is currently allocating about 4 meg per second (that is what the graph shows) filling the 17 meg in about 4 seconds. Try activating the heap padding feature, it should improve things considerably (assuming you have some free memory to play with)...
  6. Yes, it was an intentional change. See the release post of the latest version here: There should be a fairly obvious setting in one of the usual places...
  7. There is a fairly high chance that the behaviour has changed at some point since 0.23.5 but I don't know for definite. @Claw hasn't been around on the forum for quite a while but it should be quite easy to run tests to confirm the rules (think along the lines of rovers with docking ports to make the tests easier)...
  8. To stand more chance of the log being useful, please click the KER Settings button and then click the Verbose simulation log button. This should add a whole lot of log output ffrom the deltaV simulation code.
  9. You can change the vesselWindowX value in the BuildOverlay.xml settings file.
  10. This. Cybutek already rewrote the UI code when v0.6 became v1.0 and it won't be a trivial task to change it over to the new UI system.
  11. Sorry for the lack of activity here. Anyone know if this actually works in 1.3? Given the simplicity, it stands a reasonable chance and I would probably have released an update for 1.2.9 if it didn't work in that... I do also need to fix the issue in the .version file so I will try to get a 1.3 specific update out fairly soon...
  12. You're welcome. Have you followed the advice/instructions in the first post (mostly about needing a decent amount of free memory)? Nothing is remembered across a game restart so just restart KSP and don't hit Alt+End. If you want any, more helpful, advice then you will need to provide some details of your machine and KSP install...
  13. Why did you bother when the version I built for the 1.2.9 pre-release works fine in 1.3? Glad to see you're still around... @cybutek is the author of this mod. Actually, he may as well just get rid of it as my version, while unofficial, is made by a significant contributor to the mod, is already marked as different to the official release and is confirmed as working in 1.3...
  14. Or even, at all... Having said that, I'll try to get an unofficial build up for KSP 1.3 sometime over the weekend... Actually, have you tried the version linked in this post:
  15. Yes, but in the linux and Mac worlds it is different keys...
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