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  1. 贴吧已经基本被放弃了,目前活跃的社群都是QQ群为主的。推荐229518650和719865572
  2. Not really sure how this kind of issue made it into so many releases before being figured out. Happy to see it getting resolved so quickly though. I can start playing again and looking foward to future updates with more contents (especially the official modloader so I and my team could really start working).
  3. 在非中文区发帖请遵守Guidelines,仅使用英语发言。 已移动帖子到中文区,请于日后注意。 Happy launching!
  4. We were captured by lots of complex issues during early 2020, mostly by the pandemic. A bunch of normal things, like upgrading hardware, became quite troublesome. Our core members accepted a few commercial CG projects last year, aiming to build new PCs (Ryzen 3 was too sweet to ignore), which caused the project being halted for a while. But recently, to be more precisely, by April we would have more free time to work on UFS again. Thanks to all of you for your patience. Our recent goal is to release this mod earlier , hopefully before KSP2.
  5. 不要翻译log,这完全无益于解决问题。 也不要主观描述和推断自己出了什么问题,除非你确实有证据。 更不要大量使用感叹号和有人吗这样的提问,这样除了让自己看起来很丢人毫无用处。 请提供足以令人判断问题所在的,你能掌握的所有客观信息,尤其是包含有效信息的截图或录像。 配套推荐阅读:https://learnku.com/laravel/t/2396/wisdom-of-asking-questions-chinese-version
  6. Discrimination cannot be applied to such situation, in which one doesn't seem to show any respect to the rules or commonly followed principles. You can choose not to use the forum or any community service if you do not like the rules, being rude and disrespectful would never make oneself look even a bit wiser. Best regards.
  7. Acea


  8. Could You update NAS for 1.101+?

  9. This would most likely become a prop on the bridge or somewhere else, actual containers would look like standard intermodal containers.
  10. 目前来说就我一个。平时都在整mod,也没空管这边。
  11. Currently there are a few issues about T.I.M.E. (cloaking device), we're gonna do some more tweaks before it got merged into UFS or had a new release.
  12. Update May. 9: Actually there're a few things we consider as fundamental elements for UFS: Reactors, FTL and structural parts. These components are critical for our concept, without which we cannot say our mod is ready to be released. This would certainly cost some time, but it'll surely be worth it.
  13. Moved to Add-on Release. Amazing mod, with so much potential. Thanks for your great contribution to KSP community.
  14. 有,都在国际版呢。中文版说实话可以凸显一个大家都不乐意看置顶。
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