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  1. Everything works perfect in the first run. After the first restart everything remains equal, but the UV animation seems completely stopped.
  2. Was perfect in the first run. Thrilling results. But after that first run most clouds are now static. I'm trying to find the problem. It's maybe a problem with the writen .cfg? Maybe some new related config that I'm no doing well?
  3. W-O-W That was FAST Waz! Thank you, and kudos! I'll let u know asap as I can try it.
  4. Ok, I have this demo since last year, just before my rest. The idea is to create "evolving" clouds (a cloud pattern always changing, not static like now). It's relatively simple to do it, using the UV noise (and in fact I'm using it in Jool right now with incredible results using clouldmaps at low resolution) but due to the current animation system it looks pretty crazy in real time. So, my question here is: In the future, could be possible to have an option to chain the UV speed animation to real time? (I mean, to have a value in speed wich speeds up in timewarp)
  5. Hey there. Working on it. Basically trying to get everything working properly (I'm a bit rusty!). And basically very focused on performance (terrain scatters are pretty tricky in the balance among beauty vs. performance). Terrain should remain as in the last version, at least for Kerbin, that is sure.
  6. Hi there! I'm around again!. I'm very busy IRL, but planing to get in touch again with KSP, and work again in KSPRC. I miss this a lot! Meanwhile, a pair of examples of what I've been doing during this time: https://www.redbubble.com/people/carlostato
  7. Hi, I'm still working with terrain scatters. Specially at Kerbin. Now I'm trying to get the objects in "real time" (appearing and dissapearing properly while you overfly in certain area). It seems related with scatterer/maxSpeed (rising maxSpeed the objects appears even when you are flying fast over an area) but yet it seems to work pretty randomly. As example: if the zone have trees, weed and rocks... just rocks and weed appear in realtime. Then you reload and the scene has a lot of trees... (this is very similar to the stock behaviour) But sometimes (just sometimes) you flight high, and when I'm back everything appear and dissapears in real time (which is gorgeous...). So I would like to know if this is caused by my lack of knowledge about the Kopernicus capabilities o just the stock behaviour of terrain scatters (as far as I know, not finished at all).
  8. Finally I do not need none resource to Module Manager!. BTW, @blackrack I've noticed two new minor issues: - lens flare is deactivated beyond joolean system - the light/darkness overriding from Scatterer it's overlapping the new "bright auroras at night" feature in the last EVE version.
  9. Well, I had a bit of time to test the latest version. And seems to work perfectly! I'm speechless. Now the skies have a coherence that I was missing long time ago...! Small Issues report: - From certain distances, the atmospheric scattering overlaps the terrain scatters. See here: http://imgur.com/NkyLXlZ - The extintion colors overlaps the orbit lines in map view. See here: http://imgur.com/a/SA41H Oh, and this depends only in you and your plans but... IMHO, the soft sky/orbit shaders are much better and manages the colors in a much more natural way than this old blending mode. This new(old) one is too rough for my taste (too much contrast) and (as you warned us) does planets with more than one cloud layer looks like bleached (despite the tweaks).
  10. Seems that my EVE configs are conflicting with the new version. I get no ocean or atmos, just black clouds. Although Scatterer+Stock seems to work perfectly. I've tried to create my own config files under the MM rules, but while the configurations seem to be recognized, it didn't do any difference. What I'm doing wrong?
  11. Man, you are the one. Your work is in the pinnacle of visual mods for this game. I haven't enough pretty words, money or free time lately to express my gratitude and support to your advances, but I hope you can "collect" some of my virtual love to your gifts for this community. Sincerely, with a deep admiration and respect: many, many thanks.
  12. I'm also very interested in this idea. Could be possible a ghost object? no visible, no collisions and so on... And if so, could this object use terrain scatters (with collisions)? Sometime ago Waz gave me an an idea for rings with derbis...
  13. Can't we add atmospherical effects to the sun or is just me doing it wrong? Also, I don't know if someone asked this before, but could be possible to have glowing effects at the dark side of a body like before? (interested mainly in auroras, but for other effects too)
  14. The most interesting thing here would be to have the UV noise animation paired to the time warp... See at max rex and full screen to appreciate the effect: no more plain clouds... hello, realistic evolving clouds!
  15. I don't want polemize about it. It didn't work for me in the past, due to my lame english. But in short terms: the thread is bigger every day but if you read at any point, most of the content is not very/strictly related with the mod. So it's harder every day too, when people tries to find anything "important" inside the thread. I don't care if you talk here about it, I'm very glad you like and enjoy the mod, but I think that a discussion about a mix of two existing mods would be better placed in Home>Add-ons>Add-on Discussions About the mod. I would like to release a final version as "soon" as possible. But I'm a bit busy atm. Cheers to everyone!
  16. The most beautiful screenshots I've seen until now in KSP. By far. That level of light would be perfect in a full moon night. Just... as a dream of future: I was wondering... could be possible to add a color/linear dodge effect (like in PhotoShop) to the skybox if you are under an atmosphere? Then you could get the starry night of Van Gogh in KSP.
  17. If I'm not wrong, not much time ago Rbray changed some things to do EVE more compatible with Kopernicus. Probably this is just an undesired secondary effect.
  18. Oh! So your intention was to do dissapear the non volumetric layers in the proximity? That is clever and have much more sense! Sadly I can't do that with my new way to use the layers... So I still need another way to improve the performance with volumetric layers...
  19. There is a thing that is intriguing for me related to the SVE clouds: For a best performance, SVE just have one volumetric layer, so the rest of the layers are "cosmetic". I mean, it looks great (specially at great distances), but flying around them you can find plain layers (without volume). Did this not break the consistence of the scene for you? On the other hand, I'm working in a new way to use cloud layers. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but if @rbray89 can relate the new noise feature (by @Waz) to the real time... I think we could have a completely new way to have very detailed and much more realistic clouds. Even in the less privileged machines... PD: @Waz thanks, I'll fix the texture issue in the dust of Duna's storms!
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