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Found 6 results

  1. Better Early Tree Download: Github - SpaceDock This mod tries to bring the concept of an uncrewed start, but it also tries to maintain the stock-like vibe of the tree. At the very begining, the nodes arrange parts in function of what the player will want to do next, to make a seamless, funny and grindless transition from Early game, to mid game. This tech tree is also designed to be used alongside both DLCs, and ReStock+... It may used without those, however, it may lead to some "gaps" in parts niches. As I wanted the tree to be the most similar to stock as posible, I tried to minimize the amount of rearangements. This also lead to make most of the moded part packs compatible with this tree out of the box. However, these are the major changes. Requeriments Module Manager Community Tech Tree Recommended Mods ReStock and ReStock+ Suported Mods (with patches) kOS Near Future Exploration Pebkac Industries: Launch Escape System Universal Storage II Corvus Suggested Mods (compatible out of the box) Near Future Complete Pack (And other Nertea mods) Rational Resources Kerbal Reusability Expansion ScanSat DMagical Science Acknowledgment and License All the code of the mods is released under an MIT license, and all the multimedia assets on it follows an Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. For more details on the license, check the GitHub repo. Two of the icons used in this mod came from the Community Tech Tree, were made by Nertea and are distributed under a (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. One of them is modified to fit better.
  2. Hello Kerbonauts! Kerbal Space Program 1.11.1 is live! This patch includes a few improvements to the base game, such as the ability to use multiple kerbals to assist engineers moving heavier parts in EVA Construction Mode. Additionally, the construction panel now shows the manipulation weight limit and the assistants count, which will be useful to embark in larger in-situ engineering projects, plus several other cool things - like a revamp to the MK1 and Mk2 spot lights. The patch is also packed with bugfixes, mostly related, but not exclusively, to the 1.11 Some Reassembly Required update, among a handful of other neat surprises. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.11.1 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Extend Science results UI delay for Dzhanibekov EVA experiment so player can see the effect better. * Enable smaller SEQ parts to be usable in construction mode so they can be moved and adjusted. They cannot be stored inside inventry modules. * A screen message will now appear when a non-engineer kerbal attempts to repair a part with the repair kit. Also, a Screen Message will also show if the repair kit amount was insufficient. * Cargo parts filter now includes researched but not purchased parts, even allowing purchasing them from the filtered view. * Added Thrust Limiter field to Kerbal Jetpacks so finer control is possible. * Kerbals can now assist an Engineer in construction to move heavier parts. * Construction panel now shows manipulation weight limit and assistants count. * Reduce the wait time between dropping a part and when physics kicks in. * Action group edit name button can now be accessed with arrows and axis inputs. * Allow pickup of debris parts in EVA construction mode. * Playing a science/sandbox game in which Kerbals are restricted to class traits but all probes have access to all SAS modes is now possible. +++ Localization * Numerous KSPedia fixes in multiple languages. * Fix EVA Construction Mode KSPedia slide text overlap in Japanese. * Fix Cargo Mode KSPedia slide title for Russian. * Fix for a range of construction contract vessel names for all languages. * Fix missing Japanese translation for Engine Stops Under in part description. * Fix Spanish translation for vessel part requirements. * Variable correction in spanish for Engineer on vessel requirement. +++ Parts * Place Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port now has a shrouded variant. * Revamped MK1 and Mk2 spot lights. * Added new white variant for MK1 and MK2 spot lights. +++ Bugfixes * Fix background icon not appearing when first picking a part from inventory. * Fix when detaching a part from a vessel keep it's orientation and don't reset it's orientation to the default position. * Fixed some NREs when using menu navigation with directional arrows on the Action Groups panel. * Fix waypoint marker for rover construction contracts disappearing. * Fix orientations of parts in EVA construction mode including surface/detach and attachnode attach. * Fixed issue causing parts to highlight red while cursor is on inventory PAWs. * Fix UI in editor scene not showing that part autostruts are forced to grandparent when they are attached to dynamic nodes. * Fixed bug causing weld animation to not play in some situations. * Fix parts being anchored above the surface if lifted by robotics parts. * Fix Editor getting stuck if you delete the root part when in cargo mode. * Fix part stacking key from affecting all parts picked from the toolbox after its use. * Fix Inventory part tooltip getting stuck when storing a part in the inventory from the Editor work area and immediately summoning it. * Fix the editor cargo UI not scrolling when the mouse positionis in between slots., * Fix attaching parts in EVA construction mode within the range of a robot arm scanner. * Fix AttachNodes not displaying when the root part of a vessel is outside the construction range, but the part is and shoudl be valid as an attachment. * Fix partdatabase.cfg handling when running KSP from an alternate folder/location. * Fix issues with parts that have trigger colliders when rotating/moving them in EVA construction mode. * Fix deadline to include CB multiplier on vessel repair and construction contracts. * Fix placed flags falling down. * Fix extended tooltip not being updated on variant change for cargo part mass. * Fix exploit that allowed to produce infinitely many stackable cargo parts using the stack logic. * Fix for inventories for kerbals on command seats coming up twice in the Construction/Inventory UI in flight. * Fix EVA kerbals on ladders generating phantom forces. * Fix CoL marker positioning in EVA Construction/Flight Scene. * Fix EVA construction losing detached parts and invalid highlighting when exiting EVA Construction with a detached part on the mouse. * Fix Repair contracts not completing if they use the same craft as a previous contract of the same type in the same save game. * Fixed an issue that locked up the game when kerbal tourists were passed out in command seats and the game was saved after landing. * Fix satellite construction stock craft being created as debris, they will now be probes. * Fix errors when using the rotate and move tool in EVA construction mode on wheels and landing legs. * Fix EVA kerbals unable to use static ladders (Ladders on Launchpads and buildings, etc). * Fix crew transfers out of a part does not update its PAW. * Fix parts with variants in construction mode reverting back to the base variant when attached. * Fix issue that occurs with Plant Flag being active during construction mode. * Fix trajectory changes during rotation caused by MinRBMass being too high * Fix error caused by symmetrical parts in KAL action set if parts get decoupled individually. * Fix Jetpack andf EVACylinder refill only working with EVA Propellant. * Fix Smoke FX on twin boar engine. * Fix bug that caused individually dropped parts to slide on the ground. * Fix Actions from Symmetry counterparts showing multiple times in the ActionGroup Editor. * Fix an NRE and partial loss of VAB/SPH functionality occuring when selecting a Subassembly after placing the original part in any symmetry mode while the Save Subassembly window is open in the editors. * Fix discarding merged craft throwing an NRE in Editors. * Fix dropped parts being teleported to the ground when dropped in the air above the ground. * Fix NRE when placing a part buried in the ground in EVA construction mode. * Fix Placing wheels past the collider for the ground (half buried) will cause the craft to bounce uncontrollably during EVA construction mode. * Fix Construction Mode Parts dropping causing immediately large physics effects on vessels. * Fix parts during Eva Construction mode beingpicked up, dropped, or attached when a UI element is blocking the pointer. This was resulting in unwanted click-through. * Fix Kerbals not falling off the bottom of the ladder when the Kerbal stop at the end of ladder option was set to false. * Fix where activating the staging would fail if the vessel had no stage available and gained one after a new part was attached in EvaConstruction during flight. * Fix kerbal jump force scaling to use their combined body mass and inventory mass and prevent death-inducing high jumps. * Fix NRE that caused the game to lock up when a cargo container was the root part and it was re-rooted. * Fix the deploy animation being played when taking a deployable part out of the inventory in the VAB/SPH. * Fix the Communotron 88-88 appearing unbroken in satellite repair contracts. * Fix Contract strings to clarify Base contract, Satellite Contract, Station Contract and Grand Tour contracts and specify that the new vessel must be built and launched complete (cannot be built in parts using EVA construction). * Fix cargo parts being inconsistently rendered as 2D icons with no transparency when hovering the cursor over PAWs and Construction Panel. * Fix selected cargo parts as icons getting stuck when hovering between cargo panel and a PAW inventory in the Editor Scene. * Fix selected cargo parts during EVA Construction mode that were taken out from an inventory slot not being returned when closing the Construction mode while still holding them. * Fix selected cargo part as a stack icon not blocking actions on other cargo part while holding the stack. * Fix EVA kerbal occlusion inside fairings and cargo bays. * Fix hatches being obstructed by the robotic arm range trigger, or it's front border. * Fix lights playing their on/off animations when activating the "Turn Light On" and "Turn Light Off" action groups and the light was already in the target state. * Fix shift-key bleed through to thrust the jetpack when placing or adjusting a part in construction mode. * Fix out-of-context screen message when a part is attached to a dropped part in construction mode. * Fix selecting color on lights placed in symmetry only affects one of the lights. * Fix changing scenes resets light color. * Fix lights reset to white after configuration. * Fix light color doesn't persist on saved craft when the lights are Off. * Fix lights emmisive textures do not update when adjusting RGB values with action groups or the KAL in flight mode. * Fix the Clydesdale engine nozzle shining in the VAB. * Fix attachment node size on SEQ-24 container. * Fix node attach issue on Aerospike. * Fix weld aim hitting the node instead of the attachment point when welding. * Fix being unable to assign the Undock Action on Docking Ports. We have reverted the 1.11.0 fix in favor for a different solution in the future. +++ Modding * Allow reload of Tech Tree via static methods in any scene via cfg file reference or Database config nodes. LoadTechTree is now static. * Ability to have Cargo parts be Construction-able. Note that ModuleCargoPart needs to be before ModuleInventoryPart for this to work. * Added reinitResourcesOnStoreInVessel in moduleCargoPart and applied to Jetpack and EVAFuelCylinder. This flag controls whether the resources in the part will be reinitialized to full when the part is stored inside a vessels inventory modules. * For parts using ModuleLight, the light turning on/off is controlled by code now, instead of using an animation. * Fix setting light color via part cfg was being ignored. =================================== Making History v1.11.1 ================================ +++ Bugfixes * Fix the servicemodules shielding antennae on launch when the shrouds are turned off. * Fix KAL being unselectable in action pane in the mission builder. * Fix the missing Robotics icon category in the action pane. * Fix surface attachment issues with the LV-Tx87 Bobcat. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.6.1 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added screen message when dropping Deployed Science parts in EVA Construction mode to clarify how to deploy. +++ Localization * Added translation and fix for message that appears when repair kit quantity is not enough. +++ Bugfixes * Fix issue impeding Kerbal to fall after picking up ROC sample. Tonight at 6PM EST EJ_SA will be hosting @JPLRepo and @Maxsimal on his stream! Tune in to take a look at the 1.11.1 patch and have some fun Remember that you can help us find bugs/issues by reporting them into our bugtracker and that you can also upvote reports to make them more visible. Happy launchings!
  3. I have the problem since a long time, I'm playing on a modded 1.11.1 install and everytime I go into the VAB and launch it works, or if I go into the tracking station it works, but if I want to launch a second time or go out of the tracking station and go into another building it doesn't work and I'm getting a NullReferenceException. I only have this problem in this modpack, I have never encountered it anywhere else. question: is the error message here sufficient for the locationing of the problem?
  4. I am currently in version 1.11.1 in ksp using some mods one of them and the procedural parts, but every time I enter a sandbox save the procedural parts are limited to 1.6 meters. Does anyone know anything?
  5. Hey I have installed RSS/RO/RP1 in KSP Version 1.11.1 and everything is working fine unless every time i test my vehicles with "KRASH" (mod) and I return then to the VAB the game crashes what is really annoying especially when you have to test a lot of stuff. I just want once a working Modpack that I can use then for a very long period and I am so close to it please help me with my issue. Here are some Log files in a Zip-file . https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dqvor74vhnwwzzp/AAD37R5px2gePgPIJnjKmfiya?dl=0 Best Regards, Christian
  6. Hello, I have a problem with KSP 1.11.1, my rocket flame out are really small and transparent compare to 1.11. See the picture Here is 1.11.1 And here is 1.11 I used scatterer, boulder co and navi fish >Then, have a great day ! EDIT : I just see that I'm in the wrong section sorry for that!
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