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Found 1 result

  1. Quantum Loader (0.0.3) - Super light loader Install using CKAN for best experience This mod enables the use of the in game mod loading system. this is done by adding a few lines of code into the loader and bypassing a few restrictions. This is also the closest we can get to how the official loader will work. this loader will be updated to keep it in line with that so when official modding is added it will be a seamless transition Other addon mods will be created under the Quantum "brand" that will add extras that can be used with the official loader See how it works here (github) - MIT Because of spacewarp 1.4.0 incompatibility with quantum you will need to downgrade spacewarp to 1.3.1 This is the fault spacewarp as quantum intended to be compatible with everything and was developed as such, its sad to see spacewarp taking that route. Using mods built for quantum with spacewarp loader will grant 0 support to any issues. Personal note: I am going to be transferring all my mods over to quantum, I will still keep the bepinex version updated until bepinex stops being used. Get the mod How to use 1. Download VS (not vscode) 2. Download the mod Template (https://github.com/Bit-Studios/Quantum/releases/download/ModTemplate0.0.1/QuantumTemplateMod.zip) 3. extract the template 4. start creating your mod 5. Build your mod 6. move your mod dll bin/debug/urmod.dll ---> /GameData/Mods/urmodname/urmod.dll 7. create a file called modinfo.json enter the following { "EntryPoint":"urmod.dll", "APIVersion":"", "ModVersion":"0.0.1", "ModName":"YourModsName", "ModAuthor":"Your name", "ModDescription":"Your mod description" } 8. load ksp2 and enjoy your new mod As of 0.0.1: Loads mods Loads assets
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