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  1. The Sky is Not the Limit: A KSP1 Mission Report The Sky is Not the Limit will show the development of the Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration (KASA) from a small United States space program striving to beat the Soviet Union to the Mun to (if all goes planned) a large organization, settling the final frontier and pushing the limits of Kerbalkind. This save will be mostly normal difficulty, but with Kerbal G limits, plasma blackout, and no Kerbal respawn. I also have a bunch of mods, but the most important ones are Kerbalism, Outer Planets Mod and Exploration Plus. The full modlist is here: And the full table of contents are here: *** So, without further ado, let's get this started! Volume One: The Race for Space - The USSR has started reaching out into space. Given the competitive nature of Americans, the US space program won't stand for this, and will attempt to land the first Kerbal on the Mun. Chapter One: Big Things Start Small Note: These photos were made in a different save after the originals were lost. I've tried to be as consistent with the originals as possible, but there may be some errors. These missions were done 100% legitimately in the main save.
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