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  1. Wings of Glory Prelude: Fire in the Skies “Odin Flight; ATC reports three to four radar intercepts closing in on your position.” The Lead pilot called into the radio as he flipped the lever that took his guns off safety, “Odin 1 acknowledging. What is their bearing and speed?” “Odin 1 they are coming from the North-East traveling at 600 knots.” The three F-6 Comet fighters turned in unison as they prepared to meet their attackers head on with the lead calling back, “ATC Confirm enemy speed.” A few seconds passed before the call came back, “Speed confirmed. Enemy craft still heading your way going 600 knots. Intercept in 2 minutes.” “How in the world are they going that fast? Aren’t they stuck with piston aircraft?” came the confusion from his right side wingman, Odin 3. “Apparently they have something new. Looks like we won’t be able to complete the bombing run, jettison the Mk-III Bombs and go to full throttle. Prepare to drop tanks and go into merge when we are in visual range.” So the three craft spread out and sped up as they prepared to get into a brawl with the Thean Empire’s own. Within a minute a glint of metal was seen topping low over the hills and the F-6s dropped their external fuel tanks banking sharply to meet the enemy. Suddenly the sky was filled with hundreds of tracers as both sets of aircraft exchanged fire with each other in a swirling frenzy. As the jets zoomed over each other’s canopies the Comets were able to recognize the swept wings and distinctive front end of the KUT-7. The KUT was the newest fighter jet of the Proecian Confederacy and a rare sight so far away from their borders, apparently they threw their hat into the ring of the Thean Civil war; backing the old Empire of the North against the rebels in the South. So used to fighting the old and slow hand me down planes that the Empire had used previously the Rebel pilots of Odin flight were overwhelmed by the maneuverability and speed of the KUT. Their own Comets were bought from the United Kerbos Territories as the UKT began to phase them out for their newer F-7s and F-9s. The Comet was slower, less agile, and less armed than the shiny new Proecian fighters. As Odin 1 banked to the right he saw an orange flash as one of his fellow Comets burst into a huge ball of fire. Anger overtaking him from the loss of his wingman he popped his speed brakes and made an aggressive barrel roll to invert himself over the canopy of, and then positioned himself behind, the KUT-7 that had been on his tail. He retracted the brakes and then ramped up his thrust and he held down the button on his stick that let fourth a burst from his four 50 cal machine guns. Black smoke belched from the engine of the Empire jet before the whole fuselage was ripped in half by his line of fire. Odin 1 zoomed past the tumbling wreck going back into the fray. Odin 2 was being pursued closely by two KUTs taking turns sniping at his tail. He pulled back on his stick to lead the nose of the jet upwards and climbed as fast as he could to help out his fellow pilot. Still rising toward the battle ahead of him he peeked into his gun sights and began to line up a shot. There it was, the glowing tail pipe of the rearmost KUT ready to be shredded by pounds of lead. Then suddenly it wasn’t as the horizon became a tumbling mess of blurred colors. He felt the jolt as his tail dislodged itself from its perch, then a grinding sound came from his left side where he observed with horror as the wing ripped itself away from the rest of his plane. He was in a deadly spiral to the ground and had only seconds before impact. There was nothing more he could do as he pulled the lever below his seat as his vision began to grey out from the G-forces. His eyes snapped open to see a smoldering ruin of his former plane below as he descended on his parachute. In the distance he could perceive an explosion as one of the planes in front of him was destroyed. Any hopes that it was an enemy craft were dashed when he saw the exhaust trail of three planes meet up and speed away to the horizon. He had flown on dozens of missions during this war; this was the first time that he had failed one. Worse yet, there were no other parachutes save for his in the sky.
  2. Simply a place to talk about DCS World. Share your ideas, chat about DCS, and have fun! Here are the things I like about DCS World: #1. IT'S FREE! You don't have to pay for the game itself. just the extras.( it comes with some airplanes by default (SU-25T, TF-51D)). #2. DCS 1.5(not 2.5) runs very fast on junk computers(like used $300 laptops) as long as you turn the quality settings to the lowest setting(it still looks great)(I have a $310 used HP EliteBook 8460P). #3. You can download hundreds of 3rd party add-ons for DCS for free. Rules: 1. No inappropriate or vulgar comments allowed here. keep it mild and appropriate. 2. No auguring. Especially about what you think is better.(What you think is better might be worse to someone else) I'm not saying you can't say "the f-15 is worse than a f-14", but don't turn it into an argument. There's no right and wrong here. For newbies: 1: Check out the ED's(Eagle Dynamics) Website.: (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/index.php) 2: Create a free account with Eagle Dynamics with the website listed above.(or here https://forums.eagle.ru/?langid=1) 3: Download and install DCS from the website. (Help can be found here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/) Have fun and I hope it works for you! Also please take a moment to fill out my poll. Here are some of my brother's( @dundun92) videos: Also it would be nice uf you give this a thumbs up(like this thread).
  3. A while ago, I was watching a DCS tutorial (mind you I don't have it, but I like it). Then it came to me "why not turn KSP into a DCS type simulator" After all, KSP has the BDA addon, tutorials, scenarios/missions, and, best of all, you can build your own custom airplane. So here is my proposal : A pack that you place in a clean KSP install with select addons (RBDA, FAR, APP, etc.), tutorials, manuals, scenarios, and built-in crafts made by me, and anyone else who would want to help, for those who dont want to bother with building their own airplanes. The manuals would be either in KSPedia or .pdf format. Another thing to do would be to add the BDA displays to IVA cockpit screens. I would also modify parts into new parts (e.g, AIM-9 without warhead for tutorials). Now, it is ready for the first beta release. If you have any suggestions/questions, ask here. Mods used: @Next_Star_Industries Mk8x bombs, under CC BY-SA 4.0 @jrodriguez's RBDA, destruction FX, and Physics Range Extender (PRE), under CC BY-SA 2.0 @Shadowmage's Kerbal Foundries Continued, under CC BY-SA 3.0 @Icecovery's AARS (automated aerial refueling system), under CC BY-SA 4.0 @Papa_Joe's BDMk22, BDArmory, Vessel Mover, and BurnTogether, under CC BY-SA 2.0 @blackheart612's AirplanePlus, under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 @Crzyrndm's Dynamic Deflection, in public domain and B9 Pwings, code under MIT, art under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 @ferram4's FAR, under GNU GPLv3 @AlphaAsh/@Ger_space's Kerbal Konstructs plugin, under MIT @DoctorDavinci's DCK Camo, under GNU GPLv3 @pellinors tweakscale, under WTFLP @alexustas's ASET, under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 @MOARdV's JSI PRM, under GNU GPLv3 @tetryds/ @ferram4/ @BahamutoD's Mouse Aim Flight, All rights reserved, specific permission needed. Tetryds permission: @fast_de_la_speed's Mk1 ASET cockpit, under WTFPL. @linuxgurugamer's SXT continued, under CC BY-SA 4.0 *needs to be downloaded separately Here* @Starwaster's Procedural parts, under CC BY-SA 3.0 @blowfish/@NathanKell's Module Manager, under CC BY-SA(2.0?) AJE, an SolverEngines, under GNU GPLv2 @sirkut's Infernal Robotics, under GNU GPLv3 @AirShark, for his excellent crafts. (And, mod contributors, sorry for the second ping) TEAM MEMBERS! @dundun92 @Matuchkin @JollyGreenGI @dundun93 @Lo Var Lachland The modpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lJdlckApQ7OvbG7X4MagmsuFKaArUtoC/view?usp=drivesdk Airbases: Paste the NewInstances FOLDER into GameData\KerbalKonstructs. https://drive.google.com/openid=1UDW6VPmXBTzsQewLGVxMuI4F1OwbkjD6 The sample .craft files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19QYw5lr_LuR8ejiT9Ghlzj-S5VDSDUQM/view?usp=drivesdk The sample scenarios(use like a Alt-F5/F9 gamesave): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WgKj36cVNayhfZM-uag91wcQtt8OfaXv/view?usp=drivesdk Here are some demo/tutorial videos/screenshots: Suggestions poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/15227310 Original development thread: Have fun blowing up stuff!
  4. I've been working on tanks lately, and I thought that, hey, what if you could flip a tank with another tank's cannon? Rules: 1. The tank that you are flipping needs to survive with no or minimal damage 2. Both vehicles need to have 6 (at a minimum) wheels 3. Both tanks must have a cannon weapon (not a high powered gun) 4. Weapons MUST be from BDArmory 5. The tank to be flipped MUST be upside down or on its side, not just a little hop. Have fun and post the results in the comments!
  5. It's been a very long time since I have played KSP, and I had a bit off a macey dean phase. Coming back, that sorta has not left, though I'm dropping the pretenses and wish to use actual mods! But what would you recommend? I know about BD armory, but are there any others that are 1.3 compatible?
  6. The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is a twin-engine supersonic, all-weather carrier-capable multirole combat jet, designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft (hence the F/A designation). Specifications: Type: SPH Class: aircraft Part Count: 58 Mass: 12.54t Cost: 42,213 Crew: 1 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbalyst/F-18-Hornet Notes: Great autonomy of flight, ideal for escort over long distances!
  7. Hey guys, I've only just started messing around with BD Armory and it looks really cool. The only thing is, all the videos I can find online are about combat in the atmosphere, and I'm more interested in exoatmospheric fights. I'm thinking classic space battles meet real physics kind of thing, so no need for realistic scenarios or special space weapons. While experimenting, I sent up a couple craft to test out short range missile combat in orbit. They were easily able to lock on with radar at about 15 km, but when I fired AIM-120s at the first target, they all missed, no matter what the range I fired at. I didn't even bother to try the sidewinders, as I figured they'd only home on a ship making a burn or otherwise heating up. So does anyone have any experience with BD Armory in space? Why are the missiles missing? What weapons DO work in space, and are should I be using a different type of missile than air-to-air for space-to-space purposes? Also, I had a theory about the 120s. I thought they used reaction torque and engine gimballing, but if they are only using control surfaces, that would explain why they are unable to guide properly. Is this right?
  8. Star Nation Defense Force After the loss of the SNIC company, Star Nation has reassembled it's military branches into one organization. This organization is the SNDF, covering land, sea, air ,and space craft related to the defense of Star Nation interests and the interests of its allies. This force is currently organizing old craft, but will start production of new craft once the organization is complete. The SNDF will be accepting commissions. Land Vehicles COMBAT LT-01 The Light Tank Mark 1 is the standard ground combat unit of the SNDF. It's low profile and its working turret makes it a threat for any ground forces. Mass: 15.382t Part count: 213 Weapons: 2 Medium I beam air balanced missiles. To use: The first stage decouples the turret. Use the gap on the top of the turret to access the probe core for the turret. Use the probe core in front of the turret ring to control the main vehicle. The remaining stages are the missiles. Craft File:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzoWXRJZ0t1VUE0UHc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT Sea Vessels COMBAT CV-02 "Ithaca" This escort carrier can hold up to 4 aircraft, projecting your power across the seas. She able to defend her self as well, with her guided missile turret. Stats include aircraft. Mass: 2,079.627t Parts: 500 Weapons: 4 Guided AP missiles Engines: 4 J-90 Goliath To use: To get it off the runway and into the water, use the first stage to start the engines and gun it off the side of the runway. It will get stuck on the ground once it gets off the runway, use action group 10 to free it. Once you get near the shore use action group 1 to reverse thrust and apply brakes to slow down. Now that you are in the water stage again to release the missile turret. For the Fighter aircraft, action group 2 toggles the reverse engine, use this to taxi to the back of the flight deck. The main engine uses action group 3 to toggle and action group 4 to change modes. Be sure to have the reverse engine off and the main engine in wet mode to take off. The stages are a bit messed up when you undock from the carrier so be sure to organize them before going into action. Craft File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzoRGRfRk4wb3o2R0U -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT Air Craft COMBAT B-1 This medium bomber is fast and can be very accurate while bombing in a dive. The bomb bay can carry a variety of 1.25m and smaller payloads. Stats include current payload and party empty fuel tanks(improves maneuverability). Mass: 32.386t Parts:103 Weapons: 4 Small fuel tank bombs Engines: 4 J-404 Panther To use: Action group 1 toggles bomb bay doors, Action group 2 toggles engine mode. Craft File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzoQi1vb1hWQVJEV28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F-33 "Swash Buckler" This high speed interceptor excels at high altitude dog fighting. A medium range aircraft that in experienced hands can out turn or out run any opponent. The missiles could use some work. Mass: 18.409t Parts: 97 Weapons: 4 "I" beam missiles Engines: 3 J-X4 "Whiplash" To use: Everything is staged, air brakes linked to "B" button. Craft File:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzocUhXdWdjS0c4ZVk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT Space Craft COMBAT SN-Drift-MK3 This space fighter carries guided torpedoes able to hunt down other fighter craft or harass frigates and cruisers. Lightly armored it can easily patrol a planetary system. All stats do not include the launch stage. Mass: 15.631t Parts: 117 Weapons: 6 Guided AP torpedoes Engines: 6 Ion engines, 1 LV-909 To use: Action group 1 toggles the LV-909, Action group 2 toggles the solar panels and ion engines. Each torpedo must be manually undocked, be sure their probe core is charged before undocking. Craft File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzodTVLaHpNTjBlS00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SSTO-F-1 This SSTO can engage any craft in LKO and land back at base with ease. Mass: 25.949t Parts:60 Weapons: 2 Guided AP torpedoes Engines: 3 CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R. To use: Action group 1 toggles air intakes, action group 2 toggles engine mode. Craft File:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzoWFhxVTRQdVh4Qlk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNSS-FF-Nightmare The SNSS-Nightmare is an old design refitted with reactive armor. Heavy armed and armored, it is a danger to any fleet. It has a limited range so a tanker escort is recommended. All stats don't include the launch stage. View it in action here {Not my video} and here{also not my video}. Mass: 49.919t Parts: 314 Weapons: 12 "Lance" I Beam missiles Engine: 1 LV-N "Nerv" To use: Everything is staged. Craft File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzocFNUbjdSTG4yM0k -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT SSTO-C31-Starling This SSTO can haul up to 6 kerbals and 10t of cargo into LKO. The cargo bay is often used to carry small fighter craft to space born carriers. Mass: 54.185t Parts: 89 Engines: 4 CR-7 R.A.P.I.E.R., 2 LV-N "Nerv" To use: Action group 1 toggles CR-7s, Action group 2 toggles CR-7 mode and air intakes, Action group 3 toggles LV-Ns, and Action group 4 toggles solar panels and radiators. Craft File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1E5FQPXvLzoSk1YeC0zUmo1cjQ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. How would war be carried out on / around Venus? I know, you're probably wondering why they'd be fighting over Venus in the first place. Here are the conditions: The year is 2200. All the hypothetical scientific advancements and construction projects, economic expansion etc. predicted for 2200 are fully available. The backstory is as follows: Two factions (the Red and the Blue) were once at peace and had focused the last 200 years terraforming and colonizing Mars. Their plan was to use the newly-terraformed Mars as a gateway to the colonization of the remaining solar system... until they found Venerium, a very valuable resource. They then declared war and now fought over it. Red and Blue have exact same 2200 tech. Advances in 3D printing tech allows complex electronic, metal, plastic, glass, essentially all elements in the periodic table to be made in a matter of several minutes provided they have the resources to do so. For the most part, their machines are unmanned. Due to the 3D printer's limited size, in order to build larger structures, it prints out various modules and uses the help of a crane to assemble the full building. It can build more of itself in a deployable form to make it small enough to fit inside its fully deployed version. TL;DR self-replicating machines in the future fight for Venus over Venerium. Our scenario begins at the beginning of the war. Red is based on Earth, while Blue is on a terraformed Mars. Red prefers more powerful weapons and armor, but slower building and slower / sluggish movement. Red is more specialized and organized. Blue is the opposite, high building speed and high speed / maneuverability, but less powerful weapons and armor. Blue is more adaptable and creative.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm starting this thread to discuss how combat on the lunar surface would take place. Specifically; -How to armor soldiers? What would a military spacesuit look like and function? -How to solve the logistical issues efficiently? (Earth/Moon transport, the delay between arrival and departure, getting around the moon itself, etc.) -Stealth and detection? (How to hide something on the moon, and find something that's hiding on the moon? And how would forces change on the lunar surface? How would: -snipers -artillery -assault forces -aircraft -spacecraft differ from those on Earth?
  11. ST Aerospace Custom aircraft made to be used specifically with BDArmoury, or simply blow stuff up! Note: These aircraft are not designed to resemble real life aircraft, although some of the models have slight resemblance, it is not meant to be accurately designed to its real-life counter parts. These planes are built to execute dogfights, just turn on guard mode, adjust the perimeters, set the teams and hit the activate AI pilot mode More planes coming soon! 1. SG F001 "Todak" Part count: 36 Mods used: BDArmoury, Adjustable Landing Gears, SC Panzer Speed: 266m/s (w/o AFB) : 337m/s (with AFB) Mass: 9.7t Size: 3.7m x 8.7m x 10.5m Engine: J-404 "Panther" x 1 Armament: 20mm Cannon x 2 Capacity: 1 Cost: 23240 Download link: https://goo.gl/0cO3U6
  12. Naval Battle League Test your naval prowess in this extravaganza of Battleships, Bombs, and Booms. Rules Rules are mandatory in order to play and be counted on the league table 1- Battles are conducted by exchanging save or persistence files over sharing sites. 2- Each player takes it in turns to engage one target with one ship. Any number of ships may be moved in said turn. 3- Ships engage in order of tonnage, lightest to heaviest. Once all ships are used the cycle repeats. 4- The team with the last ship wins. Ties can be declared with both team's approval. 5- Screenshots or videos documenting all moves are needed to complete a turn. 6- Any mods which affect craft or persistence files are forbidden. 7- No quick-loading except in cases of game bugs. 8- All moves must be done manually, without the aid of autopilots. Previous Iterations Guidelines Guidelines are opt out additions to the rules to create as fair and free from exploits a stage as possible. 1- A ship is officially considered dead when the main body of the ship is incapable of fulfilling two of three goals unaided from other ships or on-board weapons... +Sustaining power +Moving +Firing weapons. 2- Weapons can only be fired from the original ship core and must be used within the the same turn that they are fired. 3- Players are not allowed to control enemy craft. 4- Players are not allowed to intentionally edit the orbit of enemy craft via weapons fire or any other method. 5- Any number of ships may be moved in a turn but only one may attack. 6- Ramming is disallowed. 7- Stealing is allowed under the pretense that the parent ship is dead and the items are disconnected from it. 8- Weapons must be fired between 5000 and 15 meters. 9- Surface to orbit weapons may be fired once per turn if applicable,and are exempt from Guideline 8. 10- A team may forfeit a turn at any point. Carriers Additional Guidelines to ensure carriers remain balanced in combat. 1- The total mass of carriers includes fighters and any other items being carried. 2- Carrier fighters have a mass limit of 15 tons, anything heavier will be included as a seperate ship. 3- Carriers will take their turn at the beginning of a cycle. 4- Fighters may be released from any distance but the fighters must still abide to Guideline 8. 5- Carriers may not use heavy armor on a majority of their area. 6- All fighters must return to the carrier by the end of the turn. 7- Carriers can not use their own offensive weapons. Settings -Body -Guideline exclusions -Maximum number of craft -Maximum total combined mass (These are recommended to be negotiated) Scoreboard MiffedStarfish: 3(5) Spartwo: 1(1) Alphasus: 0(3) Skriptkitt3h: 0(2) Quasarrgames: 0(2) DarkOwl57: -1(1) Sdj64: -1(1) Servo: -1(1) Shadowgoat: -1(2) Username: Score(number of battles) -1 from total for a loss +1 for a win 0 for a tie. Numbers increase according to the amount of players... -1/1 -1/0/1 -2/-1/1/2 -2/-1/0/1/2 ...and so on. Please @, quote, or PM me having completed a battle for updates to scoring Discord There was a demand. https://discord.gg/rqqe3u4T79
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