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  1. **Kerbal Heads Not Included - If you really want them, then click here. Credits and CC-BY-4.0 License included in the zip. Some of the heads you will see in images below are part of @benjee10's Historical Kerbal Suits mod, which has nothing to do with this mod, and as such, are not included. WHAT ARE THESE?: A Really simple add-on to an add-on. (Addonception?) An ongoing WIP suit picker suit pack which will eventually feature several (really not sure about 'all' - there's a lot...) of the flags, agencies, and decal stuff you can find below. WHAT DO THEY DO?: Kerbalized Flags, Agencies and Decal Textures adds Many Kerbalized national flags for your Space Agency. Several Many Space Agencies with logos that offer you contracts in the contract window. Decals for your crafts and missions for use with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals - Links below. Kerbalized Suits will eventually allow you to further Kerbal the shizzz out of your space agency. Currently included: Kerbal States of America (Base, Slim, and Future): Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and MKS professions Koviet Union (Base, Slim, and Future): Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and MKS professions Russia, and China (Base, Slim, and Future): Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and MKS professions for both ESA (Base, Slim, and Future): Canada, UK, Belgium, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Israel, Sweden, Finland, and E.U. for MKS suits. ALCE for South America (Base, Slim, and Future): Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia and Latin American Union (CELAK - the flag is based on UNASUR) for MKS suits An imaginary International Space Agency (Base, Slim, and Future): Aus, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, North Korea, NZ, Malaysia, Iran, and United Kerbin for MKS suits. Two Vintage (Kerbal States/Koviet Union) suits Apart from the Vintage style suits, they are all colour coded for Kerbal Skills (based on Community Trait Icons colour scheme), including those used by MKS. The files are organized in such a way that if you don't use MKS, or don't want to use a particular set, it's as easy as deleting an obvious folder. Not a fan of a particular flag/agency/whatever? I'm not here to do politics, there are plenty of alternatives and use is not mandatory... Things to note: By default, the suits are only visible in EVA (see below for how to fix this) and are also not currently set up for use with Texture Replacer - As the suit mod is standalone, TR is not needed to use it. A TR version may or may not appear in the future. You will need to disable to Custom Kerbals option in the TR in-game menu in order for the suits to work correctly. As far as I am aware, TR reflections are unaffected, but the visor up/down feature (stock) doesn't seem to work with TR installed. Ask in TR forum about that, not here. Also, this suit pack isn't magic. Suit sets are only compatible with versions of KSP that include them. Obviously... Download Link below. More images at bottom of this post KERBALIZED SUITS DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK To install, simply extract everything in the zip directly to your '.../Kerbal Space Program/GameData' folder. You can safely delete/not install undesired suit sets (delete the appropriate subfolder) without affecting any of the others. Credit goes to @overkill13, @GregroxMun, @fast_de_la_speed, @Scart91, @Omega482, the Green Skull people for the inital conceptual inspiration of this whole affair, and very likely others for prior work which was modified and/or incorporated into this suit pack. If you want the suits to appear in IVA, Benjee10's Historical Kerbal Suits is required. If you don't care, it's not needed. Answers to a couple of FAQs: 1. Why aren't the suits appearing when my Kerbal is inside a vehicle/ship/etc? This is because the stock suit picker doesn't provide a way to change IVA suits. The mod linked directly above contains a plugin that allows this to be a thing. 2. Why does my Kerbal's suit texture look all mangled? This is a Texture Replacer issue and will only happen with Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val. These steps to make this not a thing will need to be done for EVERY/EACH new/saved game: Load KSP - Start or Load a game - In the Space Centre view (the one where you see the buildings), open the Texture Replacer menu and uncheck 'Personalize Suits' - Go back to main menu and quit KSP - Open your .../Kerbal Space Program/saves/mysavegame/persistent.sfs (notepad++ or some such is great for this) - search for: 'hero = True' - Set it (and all other 'hero = True) to 'False' (the CaPiTaLiZaTiOn is important) - save the persistent.sfs - Restart KSP - Play. You could alternatively simply not use Texture Replacer, but then lots of other things might stop working. I use and love Texture Replacer and recommend it highly. FLAGS, AGENCIES, AND DECALS DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK [Latest] I try not to, but if I make any changes that affect an ongoing save game, use: ---> PREVIOUS VERSION SPACEDOCK LINK NOTE TO ANYONE UPDATING FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION - Much pruning has occurred. It is entirely possible that savegames started prior to 19 Apr 21, and any Sandbox savegames started prior to 03 Aug 21 might be affected by this pruning. Any savegame using Decalc'o'Mania will require downloading the previous version -install the lastest version, then download and extract the previous version but don't overwrite and it 'should' be fine. If you overwrite, then you won't get the new things. To install the flags, extract 'KerbalizedFlagpack' to your '.../Kerbal Space Program/GameData' folder. If you are only interested in Flags and agencies, then only copy this folder. For the decals, first extract 'KerbalizedDecals' to your '.../Kerbal Space Program/GameData' folder. Then download the required mod (and any dependencies) below: THE FLAGS (512x320) AND AGENCY LOGOS (256x160) WILL WORK WITH STOCK AS YOUR FLAG (KSC, Mun Landings, etc) - The flag/agency stuff that is visible with only this pack installed will also work with the stock decals TO USE ANYTHING ELSE (Fuselage and Higher Res Agency) IN THIS PACK AS A DECAL FOR YOUR ROCKET, THE FOLLOWING PLUGIN IS REQUIRED: drewcassidy's Conformal Decals on SPACEDOCK For Decals to have a separate category in the VAB/SPH, install one or both: Community Category Kit WIldBlueTools Be aware that installing both will give you (at least) two decal categories. Hurts the OCD a little, but on balance, much better than scrolling through a bajillion parts. I'm totally happy to take requests and suggestions, but if what you're asking for isn't within the scope of this particular pack, please ask in a private message. National/Regional flags: From time to time more are added. This image is just a sample. Agencies and Decals designed to work with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals: These also get some love from time to time. Mission Patches designed to work with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals: Moho 1-4 (Mercury), Kermini 1-3 (Gemini), Kerpollo 2-11 (Mun) The rest have been edited, changed, revamped etc, but the essence remains the same. Eventually I also want to have crewed mission and probe patches for all Stock and at least OPM bodies. Ideas for mission names are welcome. I also plan on adding things like STS and SpaceX mission patches. Some Suit Pics: KASA Slim and Future, Vintage CKCP and KASA Left to Right: France (Sci), Germany (Eng), Canada (Pilot), UK (Pilot), Italy (Eng), Spain (Sci) - Also included are: Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and although neither are part of the real ESA, Ukraine and Israel because game. Others have been added since this image was posted. Other contributors: @madsailor : Private Agencies KerbeX, Koeing, Kheed Martin and Korbital (not shown in preview, but they are very nice.) @DJ Reonic: For shuttle tail decals, and the will to make more to go with them. @flart : Russian-ness advice Any bugs/glitches/oversights specific to MY stuff should be reported here first - such as blank white textures or missing localizations - and not in the Conformal Decals thread. These are entirely separate entities. To be safe, if there's an issue and you're using this stuff, ask here first, and if it's not an issue with this pack, I'll refer you. This way we can minimize nonsense. Kerbalized Flags, Decals and Decal Textures License: CC BY 4.0 Kerbalized Suits License: MIT Looking for REAL agencies? I don't do those. Try this:
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