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Found 4 results

  1. I want to make an elevator on a vertically landed spaceship that can lower my kerbonauts and vehicles down to the surface safely, like the artist rendering below of future SpaceX Starship missions. Any ideas on how I can do this? From the mods I've searched, nothing comes close to building something that looks like this, and I'm not much of a modder myself :( Any ideas welcome!
  2. Small support carrier EJ_SA class Work in progress. EJ_SA named a carrier after me so I named this one after him. Features: Hangar deck. Elevator. Loading ramp for ground/amphibious vehicles. Mining installation with ISRU. "Catapusht" ... it accelerates departing aircraft. "The Eye" ... it looks menacing and can change the size of it's pupil. L=75, W=29, Mass 695t, Parts 575. Can take-off from land, land on water. It cannot take-off from water, it's not recommended to land on land. Also, don't water the water but do water the land, got it? Even if I’m fully capable of finishing it on my own, I’d like some feedback from the community which features to focus on and if you guys would really use this carrier. I might create multiple versions. Album: http://imgur.com/a/FIb16 Download link: http://kerbalx.com/crafts/18482
  3. KerbalX download We can change rotary motion into linear motion :-) Credit to Erasmusguy again (he has so many good ideas). I borrowed the slider rails w/wheels idea from a transmission or something he was working on. If you lift stuff, or flip stuff over, post a pic. Edit: pure stock
  4. Is there a mod that adds laser beam elevators for beaming/teleporting kerbals from orbit down to the surface of a planet or moon? (like in "Star Trek") Also, happy new year!
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