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Found 1 result

  1. One of the joys of KSP is that there are a myriad ways of attaining any particular goal, and that it's up to the player to decide how they want to get into orbit, land on a planet, or complete a contract; which nodes on the tech tree they unlock first, what tech they'll use to get to their destination, and so on. This is also well illustrated by the self-imposed challenges you can read about on these forums — players might try to see if they can accomplish a certain goal without a particular technology that would normally make it easier, for example. For my part, when starting a new save I often try and see how far I can get without upgrading the VAB for the first time, seeing what I can do with craft under the 30 part limit. (And you can do a lot! Not to mention that once you unlock the first clamp-o-tron docking port, you can dock ships in orbit to get past the limit... :P) This is all in contrast to many other games out there that tend to hold the player's hand, and offer only one or a handful of ways to advance — unlock ability A, then unlock ability B, then C, and so on. Even seemingly sandbox-ey titles, like No Man's Sky, often irk me by forcing me to complete objectives in a certain order, or to do certain tasks before I can advance in the game, when I feel like I should really be able to work around the linear requirements. So my question is... To what extent will the flexibility of progression that we see in KSP 1, be preserved in KSP 2? Will I still be able to skip over tech tree nodes that I feel I can get by without? Would a planes-before-rockets playthrough still be possible? Will I have to build colonies before I can unlock interstellar travel? Etc. Have there been any hints from the dev. team on this?
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