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  1. Hello, My hp Victus laptop is running ksp really slow (5-6 fps) but I have a rtx 3050 ti laptop. I have had the same issue with War thunder and I forgot what I did and it worked but I have uninstalled the CPU graphic thingy I have restarted my pc, get the latest driver, set all my settings to be using the graphics card but nothing works. The sooner I can get this fixed the better. Also I don't want to mess with the BIOS or much of the driver stuff if necessary I have already searched for my problem and similar things come up but when I try them they don't work. my specs are: Ryzon 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics, 16 gigs of ram, 512 Samsung ssd, and rtx 3050 ti laptop GPU
  2. Hola a todos necesito ayuda con esta mision que dice que debo probar separador de etapa TR-18A le mostrare una imagen para que entiendan mejor el asunto es que cuando estoy en trayectoria de escape no se que hacer. Acciono el separador de etapas no pasa nada.
  3. Even after about a four month experience with the original game before I got ksp2, I still do not understand how to rendezvous. I need help on understanding how to do it, because I feel like its a skill I have been lacking for a while now. I can do landing rendezvous easily, just got to get your craft's trajectory almost right next to the icon on the surface. However, orbital rendezvous seems... complicated. Could anyone give me a simple demonstration weather it be by video, image, or text? It would be a huge help.
  4. EDIT : after a forum search, this could be [x] science mod issue, I asked in their forum thread Hi, I'm having frequent freezes while in the editor which is kinda (a lot ^^) annoying, they're accompanied by a dozen console spam warnings: "[R&D]: No Experiment definition found with id ROCScience" Here's the usuals, ksp.log, modulemanager log, modulemanager config cache. Yes it's a fairly large sets of mods... KSPlog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftic9lit09rsy3r/KSP.log?dl=0 MMlog: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lterynr0ott3nm6/ModuleManager.log?dl=0 MMcache: https://www.dropbox.com/s/un51p5ezb7daukw/ModuleManager.ConfigCache?dl=0 Thanks for your help !
  5. Hey everyone, I'd like to come up with a kind off FINAL patch, so that all data transmitters consumme much less EC when transmiting science... I'm so used to Kerbalism/RP-1, and that just doesn't make sense to me that a small antenna requires that much ec... Anyway, that's my wish, but it's beyond my DIY abitlies with Module Manager, so I'm asking to the Kraken Goddess and the community ! Thanks for your help
  6. https://kerbalx.com/jounce/nerv-only OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW MUCH DRAG THE ISRU MODULE IS GENERATING WHY???IT SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!IN A FAIRING!!! (other parts work fine,this is the biggest and one of the only two drag sources of the plane,the other being the props)
  7. So I have done a lot of stuff with kerbal space program 1 and I want new content Please consider the fact that I am new to modding so if your explanation isnt explained like you are talking to a baby I might ask a lot of questions I tried to install around 15 mods with curseforge, only two of them worked partially . I also installed Kopernicus And Parralax recently but this dosent seem to help I am also very interrested by the mod "Outer planets" and I think it would be awesome if only that one could work
  8. Ok so I got restock and restock waterfall config, deleted my old stock waterfall config. All the rocket engines have their waterfall effects but the rapier, whiplash, panther, goliath, wheesley and juno have not got them. (aka they have their rather ugly stock effects) even if I put back the stock waterfall config file in gamedata the air breathing engines still don't get their waterfall effects applied. anyone know how to fix this? Edit: i dowloaded the lastest stock waterfall config and it worked when i used a whiplash, but rapiers are weird, especially the closed cycle mode, the plume is missing
  9. This is a guide in which I will add about every tip and trick, I find while playing the game! #1 Fairings Say you have a fairing, and you finish it, and it pops up with a message saying "warning: cannot accept current changes. Fairing is colliding with invalid assembly part." So you try and try and try! To get the fairing right, but one of the two keeps happening; 1. You can't do anything without the fairing saying the message or 2. You can get a fairing, but it is not to your liking Well, I have a easy fix for you! 1. Click on any place, then place it back or If you don't want to replace a part on the craft 2. Click on any part on the part picker and recycle it #2 Unable To Timewarp Ever find yourself not being able to timewarp, because you're in "too low of a orbit" So you look it up right? You find that you have to send another craft on the ground, then timewarp? So much work, all you actually have to do, is go to the ksc! then into the tracking station (make sure you go into the tracking station after the ksc. And boom! You can actually use timewarp normally again. #3 How do you delete saves This one is simple, yet I found myself having a hard time with this. All you have to do is: Go to the main menu, then campaigns and finally at the bottom, there is a "delete game" button. Not to be mistaken for the "delete campaign" button. #4 Laggy Debris Ksp 2 makes debris very laggy, and usually well cost you a frame or two for every debris you left in deep space! So for now, I would delete all your debris randomly floating around. This saves a lot of fps, especially if you have more then 10. It saved me a couple, I know that much. #5 Camera getting off centred I have no clue why, but many struggle with this. So what happens, is when you hold down the scroll wheel, and click/drag right click, you offset the camera. The simplest fix is to press the "home" key on your keyboard. I think this confuses people, because in ksp 1, you double click the scroll wheel. Have no idea why they changed it, but hope this helps if you have this problem! #6 Throttle stuck throttling up Has it ever happened to you, you, e.g. press “shift + tab” to open your friends list on steam, this makes your throttle ,throttle up. No clue why, but there is a easy fix. Simply press the “shift” key once. This fixes it, hope this helps, took me awhile to figure out. #7 Struts twisting through the craft This one has been bothering me for a bit, but I finally found a simple fix. For example, you find yourself placing symmetrical structs, but for some reason, they cross through your craft. The fix is to move the camera to the opposite side of the craft, and place them there. #8 Things you shouldn’t ever do! 1. Don’t press “Ctrl + Z” or the undo button, this will break your struts, etc. 2. Don’t “Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V” large crafts (say about 200+ parts) This will actually break the game, idk how to explain it. 3. Refrain from loading a save where your spacecraft is in a landed state. Sometimes you will fall through the surface, I find if this ever happens, you should keep loading back that save until it stops falling through the surface. Keep away from doing this as much as you can. I will add more later!
  10. I have read dozens of posts on "Why does my plane turn 90 degrees and explode on the lawn?" I have made certain that my wheel are straight and started using universal to line them up. I have made sure CoL is slightly behind CoM and wheels are just at the CoM so you can actually lift off. That hasn't changed. I am making bigger aircraft and they need bigger wheels. Ever since I started using anything bigger than the small retractable or the fixed landing gear, no plane makes if off the runway. They wobble back and forth at around 35 m/s, turn hard left or right at about 45 m/s. I would not think that you could get away with using small gear on a medium or large airplane or STO. For one, the back end of the plane would get knocked off if you nosed up even slightly. Is it something with the level 3 runway? With KSC in general for plane takeoffs? As a side note, I took off in a small supersonic plane and flew to and landed on then took off from the northern ice caps. Planes are working.
  11. Hello. I'm trying to create a custom part mod for KSP 2 but I'm not 100% sure how to set everything up so that my custom part will show up in-game without any problems. The images below show what I have so far in Unity. I know there is a creating custom parts section on the SpaceWarp documentation, but some parts of it are a little hard to follow.
  12. Hi I am having an issue with KSP 2. When trying to use Maneuver nodes, The orbit lines always show crashing into the planet of Kerbin. This is incorrect as I can use the engines to raise my altitude in a vacuum by doing the maneuver without the node. I am using ion engines to get to Jool and am already in orbit around Kerbin. and am fully out of atmo. Without being able to see my trajectory with nodes I have no idea how to get to Jool. What is going on and how do you fix?
  13. I heard a rumor that KSP2 wont be on ps4 is this true?
  14. I cant find any of the stock parts or some of my mod parts. I've tried validating the game flies 2 twice and backup the files and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing worked. it started after I tried deleting most of my mods (i use CKAN)
  15. What the title says. Am I doing something wrong? I activate the decoupling stage but both parts are still connected to each other even though the decoupler is gone. This never happened to me in KSP 1 so I don't think it is my problem. Is there any workaround? Has this happened to any of you?
  16. Guys, for some reason i cant use the CyroTanks mod to fuel up my engines, it doenst even show any oxidizer, liquid fuel, liquid hydrogen or something, can someone help me?
  17. Hello, recently I got a new PC so I decided to go get some better visual mods. This exact video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJCCDIBmrBI really caught my attention. Though, no matter what I do I can't seem to figure out how it looks so good and what mods he uses. I even followed the mod tutorial he did but it looked different than the video. Does anyone know what mods i could use or what he does/uses to make his game look so good? Thanks!
  18. so, i bought ksp about a month or two ago, i played around 10 hours and i have not been really successful, all my attempts at building a plane so far have failed, mostly because none of my planes are able to turn and about half of them aren't even able to keep flying for very long and really struggle at gaining lift, whenever i try to turn with my planes they mostly just turn sideways and crash in the water shortly after, i have absolutely no idea what the hell i'm even doing tbh also, sometimes my plane starts to wobble a lot just as i go to the runway here's some footage of my current design
  19. Recently I saw many people had a darker/dim kinda forest green grass near the ksc which look really natural. Example: https://imgur.com/a/D9zLVue (Credit to @Zorg) Does anyone know how to make it look like that? It looks amazing. Thanks!
  20. For the last few months, I've been playing the game with 100+ mods just fine with minimal lagging. I got back into playing it again after a long break and noticed it takes a lot longer to load, open saves, etc. I know the obvious answer would be to remove a bunch of the mods I'm using but it just seems strange that this is happening all of a sudden.
  21. KSP version: 1.12.4 I downloaded the latest version of the mod from the Spacedock website and using CKAN, but the mod still doesn't work. I downloaded all the dependencies too.
  22. KSP: 1.12.4 Windows_x64 Problem: After loading, KSP crashes without any message or display. Since I have some mods, I assumed one of them was causing the crash. To find the culprit, I halved my mod list, making sure to keep any dependencies, and tried again. Crash. I halved again: KSP works fine. So I loaded the other half: KSP works fine. What is going on? When I mix and match mods, sometimes KSP loads, sometimes it crashes, without any discernible pattern. The latest log was with around 3/4 of the original mod list. To summarize, KSP isn't crashing due to a specific mod, but a collection or group of many. Mods Installed: Reproduction steps: Launch KSP. Watch it crash at the end of the loading screen, without any message or pop-up window. KSP Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgtc12lpfxoxam1/KSP.log?dl=0 Player Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe4y6794iut93xy/Player.log?dl=0 Tada!! This is the first time I've done anything like this, if I've done anything wrong, please excuse me.
  23. Not sure why but the adapters from NearFutureLaunchVehicles are decoupling apon engine activation. Heres a link to a google drive with the craft file this issue is occuring in, and the CKAN modpack file. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uTFZV84XG33v4HDRUa4gU6HlTYE8InV0?usp=sharing Would be very nice if you manged to fix it!
  24. Hi there, recently I have saw a mod called 'Spectra' and thought it looked really good. Especially one image really stood out to me. Basically whenever I install the mod and all the needed dependencies the clouds and some few other small things don't seem to be working even though it works for other players. I want to recreate this exact look https://imgur.com/a/GjOpQ3L (image). If anyone knows how to both make my game look like that and fix spectra to show clouds i would be really greatful. Another small thing is that KSC Extended isn't working properly but that is less important right now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V-EK49RnClrO8FA8l4KjR5ln9KRDVE1k/view?usp=sharing (KSP.log)
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