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  1. So recently I have installed Spectra Now I have already asked a similar question but does anyone know how to make my game look like this? (The image) If anyone knows what mods/configs I need i would be happy.
  2. First, I just want to say I'm pretty new to KSP and modding the game So, I was opening KSP and thought about one of the loading screens and I always thought it looked really good. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can make my game look like this? I really like the colors the lighting and the shaders. Just the whole look in general. If anyone knows how to make my game look like this I would be happy. And if I need any configs maybe someone knows them. https://imgur.com/a/xUAGlEG (The image) Thanks!
  3. I just wanna say that im pretty new both to KSP and modding So, I have seen people say chatterer is a really good mod and it works on the newest version of KSP. I tried to install it from ckan, from spacedock and from github and none of these worked. But for other people i see it works even on the newest version. Am i doing something wrong?
  4. Hello, I am working my my first planet mod with kopernicus but nothing I do can seem to get past this error : "kopernicus was not able to load custom planetary system" I have linked the mod and log files as recommended. ANYTHING helps, Thanks! Google drive with all info
  5. When I try to load up Kopernicus on KSP 1.12 (along with some other mods, mainly OPM) it stays on the "Loading" screen and won't actually load. I know it's Kopernicus since I removed it after this happened and everything worked fine. Can anyone help?
  6. Hello, I am here to talk about a problem I have seen with the Vector, Swivle, the one that looks like swivle, and terrier. I have been trying to use these engines but they don't work, I have tried too many things what they all say is "Fuel Flow:0.00000000000000000000U" so it wont launch can someone please help me in trying to solve this so I can make my stupidly fast needle car.
  7. So, after several years of playing KSP, I decided to bring something new to the gameplay, something more global than the small mods that I used. At first I wanted to use the RSS/RO build. But I wanted KSP to stay KSP, not Human Space Program. Therefore, I decided to install the Rescale Mod (х10.625) and related mods (Kopernicus, SigmaDemensions) and ran into a problem that I will describe below. When landing on any planet or moon, the frame rate drops almost to a slide show (5-15 fps). It starts at about 40 km altitude. At the same time, none of the components of my PC are loaded to high values, as you can see on screenshots But the strangest thing is when the distance to the surface becomes 150 meters and below, this drop disappears. Of course, the vanilla version of the game does not have this problem, and it only appears when the Rescale Mod, Kopernicus and SigmaDemensions are installed. I removed other mods. So, are there any users of these mods here who have encountered a similar problem? I would love to solve it. If any of you have any suggestions, I'll listen to you. UPDATE: Here's what I found out: the drop also depends on the speed of the ship. And here's how it works: If the height above the ground is below 150 meters, then the drop will be constant. But if the ship is above 150 meters, and at the same time its speed does not exceed the limit of 5 meters per second, then the drop disappears
  8. So I want to build a rocket car does anyone have any ideas to use for it (I have no mods just breaking ground). The fastest rocket car ever in ksp was 3,500 MPH but it uses mods.
  9. Im kinda confused and new to modding and after searching yt and some other things i havent found a straight-forward answer as to some mods that are a part of Community Tech Tree.
  10. So if would mind could you tell me how to delete posts awaiting approval? The reason is I posted role-playing as a space agency and need to remove it because I read the rules so please help
  11. i try to launch the boosters but instead it decouples and i dont know how to fix it https://imgur.com/a/iK918Q4
  12. When I get to the menu after starting KSP nothing works. I looked it up and some people said it fixes itself after relaunching. I have tried relaunching multiple times and it has not fixed itself. I fixed it
  13. I am using Grannus Expansion Pack and I've downloaded it via Ckan but whenever I open KSP none of the planets appear! I've created new save files multiple times. Could someone give me some info/help? Thanks a lot!
  14. Heyo! Just a simple question regarding radiators and reactors, and dissipating the heat. Mostly to do with the thermal mechanics helper. Im honestly struggling to figure out exactly whats worth keeping an eye on, but my best guess is the parts that turned blue? Ive launched multiple rockets with reactors before that run pretty much perfectly fine but these thermal mechanics are still kinda hard to understand for me. Little help? this mod can honestly be a bit confusing at times (only today did I just finally realize that 1MJ = 1000EC when converted between using the Supercapacitors, which finally gave me some understanding on that part) Also, asking with my own thread cause, quite frankly, the KSPIE thread seems kinda dead right now. image of my current rocket under construction, fitted with an Antimatter reactor that feeds into a thermal nozzle, and a thermal generator (ignore the charged particle generator, I swapped it with a thermal generator after realizing the particular reactor doesnt feed into charged particle gens, a while after taking this image), as well as info on the radiator I plan to utilize. Quick EDIT: the Antimatter reactor is a beam core reactor added by Interstellar Technologies, hence its ability to work with thermal nozzles.
  15. Heyo again! another question pretty soon after my spaceplane one, this one regarding decoupling issues. I use mechjeb fairly heavily, as my personal skills suck (slowly learning however, I've performed a couple launches and maneuvers manually) I built a Payload rocket for the use of delivering space station parts into relatively low orbit (200km), and have built 2 segments of my space station. But I've noticed that when launching the power module and science module (power is connected, science one annoyed me), it had a tendency to instantly decouple the module part right after launching, I generally use mechjeb for these, and before this has never really been a problem. I'm wondering if it has to due with multiple command modules existing on the rocket (I have a guidance computer for my payload rocket, and the science module specifically has a manned command module (exists purely for the science experiment tied to it, plus lets me bring a ton of kerbals to the station in one shot, as I can carry up to 7 total with it and the science lab on board), and technically a guidance computer in the form of KSPIE's orbital assembly docking port, the ports I'm using to create the space station with). the main control module is the payload rockets guidance computer. Could someone explain this to me why it possibly happens? I did notice that re-rooting the entire assembly to the manned control pod, then switching control to the guidance computer at the launch pad, stopped it from happening and it launched like normal, but I'm very confused. Is it a mechjeb issue? related to the command pods? root part? I have no idea what's causing it. On a side note, what's the maximum distance for docking procedures? how close do I have to be to the craft to dock, its somewhat annoyed me at times that I cant set docking ports as targets, I read that the maximum distance is 200m?
  16. Hello! I've been building and testing a spaceplane (or rather, just a plane, it cant really go much higher than 13k altitude atm), and need some assistance. I'm playing with a good few mods, namely ones like kspie, near future stuff, mechjeb, and a whole bunch of other recommended stuff. This is technically my first fully functioning plane (can take off and land alright). But I'm currently having issues with stability mid flight, the plane likes to roll one direction (mainly to the left) or the other even without input, and does not like to stay pitched up, without input it eventually nosedives. I'm not entirely sure what to do to fix it. Every part on the sides of the fuselage was built using mirror mode. here's some images I took after my last flight attempt:
  17. I am a new player. I have a heat shield contract to be tested at 18,000 - 30,000 m at 2060 m/s - 3,300 m/s speed. But my bloody rocket is too slow. Max it can reach is 1500. Both upwards and downwards. What to do?
  18. I've tried installing some graphics mods with CKAN, but it doesn't work. I was installing AVP mod and then only the recomended. I am playing KSP on version 1.12.. Is it just incompatible with this version, or am I doing something wrong?
  19. whenever open ksp and try to use parachutes, it either -shows deployed in the vab and had a tab in the staging column but never works i saw this happen in parachutes from mods -not deployed in vab, no tab in staging column and not being able to be deployed while in flight happens in parachutes from stock https://imgur.com/gallery/76ejXcS in vab,, bdb's Saturn v with parachutes deployed https://imgur.com/gallery/xzPrqvY stock, outside vab no deploy chute tab open in staging column mod list link https://imgur.com/gallery/OzlSlap how do i fix this
  20. I just downloaded Airplane Plus, and only the propeller engines and mk 3 cargo cockpit are appearing in my parts list. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling from both CurseForge and Spacedock and neither is working. My other mods are BD Armory, Kerbal Engineer, EVE, KAS, and KIS. Thanks for any help!
  21. Howdy! So, I've been trying to get screenshots of KSP for challenges, bug reports, etc. But when I do Win+PrintScreen and take a screenshot, it doesn't appear in my KSP screenshots folder or my own screenshots folder. This isn't limited to KSP; in fact, I can't use the screenshot feature at all currently. Fingers crossed! PS: Few peeps online have been suggesting I edit my registry. Let me make it clear that I am not even attempting it. I know there's not a very high chance I corrupt Windows 11 but I just can't take that chance. ---------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Found a temporary fix; Win+Alt+PrtSc saves my image to xBox Gamebar. This isn't ideal, but it does work. I'd like to know how to fix Win+PrtSc though. EDIT 2: Okay... this is weird. If I go to This PC > Windows-SSD (C:) > Users > (my user) > Pictures > Screenshots all my screenshots are there. What in tarnation is going on?
  22. so ive just installed GU and its loading fine but until it gets to mass transfer 7 where it crashes my ksp. Please help:/
  23. Hey y'all, Today I decided to bulk download a load of interesting sounding mods. Afterwards I booted KSP and was greeted with an error message in the loading screen (it's still loading but with a KSP error on the screen). I'm having some trouble uploading screenshots atm, so I'll just copy and paste what the errors say (yes, multiple). Error 1 Error 2 Modlist is hard to write by hand, so here's a link to a text file that I imported from CKAN with all my mods and versions: https://we.tl/t-TmNWcpXwEV Here's the KSP.log: https://we.tl/t-0wL5zZFFXP All mods downloaded via CKAN, not touched the GameData folder by hand. Version of KSP is as stated in the second error, 1.12.0. Anyone got any idea what on earth is going on? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, SecondHandRocketScience
  24. I accidentally created two named Kerbals with the wrong gender. I need to 100% delete them from existance so I can make new ones with the correct gender. Is there no way to do this? I know there is another thread about the same topic, but that one is quite old. Are there any new methods that have been discovered? I can't code, and since they're custom Kerbals, the dismiss-and-cycle method doesn't work. The only way that I can think of is deleting my entire save file, but I have a lot of stuff that I've done in that save, and I would rather not lose all of my ships.
  25. Hey y'all, Been trying to convert some KSP flags recently from GIMP (.xcf) files to the supported filetype of KSP (png). However, the only site that actually worked said I needed to purchase premium to use it more than 3 times a day (and I needed to convert more than one flag). Does anyone know any safe, free filetype converters that can convert images from .xcf to .png? Preferably could it also be able to resize images and the like? I don't really mind if it is downloadable or online, to be honest. Thanks in advance, SecondHandRocketScience
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