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  1. my computer is already up to this resolution and I dont know how how to fix this this happns every time i try to load KSP i've tried reinstalling this but it dosent work
  2. ... I leave my nuclear engine in orbit around duna while i go and land seperately then come back to it in orbit? Sorry if the title thingyy is confusing
  3. I play the enhanced edition of KSP on Xbox. I had a good sandbox game going and I was planning a mission to Duna. To test out my lander I used the cheat menu and hacked gravity to that of around Duna’s surface. After I was done testing I tried to reset the gravity to normal but it did not work. I returned to the menu and went back in, I quit and relaunched my game and that did not work. So I looked for solutions, I saw the only way to fix this was to start a new game, i did this. When I went to launch my first rocket in my new game I noticed the gravity was the same as the gravity from my last game. How could this be and does anybody have any solutions on how to get the gravity back to normal in my new game. Thank you in advance for your answers.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make a cinematic video on the ESA moon space station and landing envisioning around 2008: I managed to found this two link: http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/ReferenceArchitecture/Final ReviewJan09/04_Human_moon_mission_version9esa120109.pdf http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/IntlExplorationArchitectures/IntegratedArchReview/Exploration_architecture_Study_Draft_v9web_version.pdf I also find this link who doesn't work anymore, if someone has working up to date working link it's will be cool: http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/7_july/03.Integrated_Architecture.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/7_july/07.Joint_CAA_Overview.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/7_july/10.European_Strategic_Priorities.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/7_july/International_Architecture_Splinter_Session/ESA_Yoder_Standards_ESA_Format.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/01.Human_mission_to_LEO.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/02.Man_Tended_Station_ESA.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/Splinter_Session_Role_of_the_Moon/03_Moon_Mars_Synergies.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/05.Automated_Moon_and_Mars_Surface_Exploration.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/06. Moon-scenario-1.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/07+08_Servicing_Stations_light_and_Scenario2.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/14.Communications_Navigation_&_Space_Weather.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/15.Demo_mission.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/17. _2008 07 08 VEGA ESTEC IAR_MP_5.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/Splinter_Session_Private_Sector_Engagement/Industrial_lunar_cargo_concept.pdf http://spaceflight.esa.int/strategy/pages/PDF/home/events/integrated_architecture_review/8_July/Splinter_Session_Private_Sector_Engagement/NASA_Initiatives.pdf I make a preliminary planning for the mission:
  5. I've re-installed KSP via Steam (v. 1.9.0) as neither of the two dlcs were loading properly on start-up. The KSP log file is filled with errors, such as missing texture errors. I don't have any mods installed and I've tried to verify the integrity of the game files already multiple times without noticing any change. Furthermore, I can't place the KAL-1000 controller neither in the VAB, nor the SPH. Clicking it results in a click noise, but I can't get it out of the inventory. Is there any way of fixing this issue? I'd be fine with being able to make use of that KAL-1000 controller. This is the error that I'm getting on start-up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UWauzQ-F2PKMZDdf4z6fHmMIVrdHlNGB/view?usp=sharing This is the KSP log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fNGJmguu_zBqxq3jy8k8vyOOD1zm1QiY/view?usp=sharing
  6. I know this is a commonly asked question, but I have been having issues with B9 part switch recently, I have only installed mods with CKAN, which should install the mods correctly, here is a screenshot of what the issue is: https://imgur.com/a/CoqsX69
  7. What the title says. I really want the new models but I'm not quite willing to give up Kopernicus for it.
  8. I want to post a pic on a topic about what i did in ksp today, but then i realized that i dont know how to post pics directly from my pc. is it possible to post a pic directly from pc, or do i have to upload it first?
  9. I've been slowly adding more and more mods into my 1.9.1 game and recently one of them broke the deltaV/vessel information/active missions/etc buttons in the VAB so that they do not pop up. I am using a handful of mods that aren't updated for 1.9.1 and I've narrowed it down to the time I started having issues with UI (Blizzy's toolbar is also missing in the space center, but shows up everywhere else so that's fine, just annoying). The buttons I'm talking about: The buttons in the red rectangle will not open any windows. My modlist: The mods I added before I noticed this issue were Decal o' Mania, Planet Shine, RCS Build Aid, and the QuickMod "Quick GoTo". I also added KSC++ and made some custom constructs on the default launchpad around that time, though I can't see that creating an issue. The decal mod just adds parts so I doubt that's the culprit but included it none-the-less. I tried opening the debug console during the scene but nothing abnormal populated. Here's my KSP.log for anyone that knows how to interpret it better than I do: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1522ez70ebdgnf/KSP.log?dl=0 Thanks and I appreciate any help you can provide! *Quick Edit* Took a look through my log and found: [LOG 21:22:52.395] QuickGoTo(QBlizzyToolbar)[1.40]: Destroy [LOG 21:22:52.395] QuickGoTo(QGUI)[1.40]: OnDestroy It could explain the GUI issues.
  10. I've been trying to work with TextureReplacerReplaced recently, but I'm having no luck. I tried reading the wiki on GitHub, but that just left me more confused. I'm trying to replace the stock suits with these: They're a bit outdated, but they were the best suits I could find. Could you guys point me in the right direction?
  11. I'm currently working on a mod which will add components to make modular TOS-era Starfleet ships. I have most of the modeling for the parts I want to add into the game done, but I have realized that my texturing skills are... lacking, to say the least. If anyone would be willing to lend a hand with texturing some of the parts I would be greatly appreciative. If anyone's interested, here's an Imgur album of the models I have completed so far https://imgur.com/a/iRgkaWp
  12. After playing this game for nearly half a year, I still don't know how to build rockets, but I did build over 50 other things, such as cars, boats, cannons, nuclear bombs, planes (passenger planes, fighter planes, chickens.) However, I learned a lot of scientific knowledge in the game, so I don't have to worry about my physics results in the future. KSP is a very good game. I like it very much, but I am a Chinese and I don't know much English. This is my first time to play a foreign game. I can't understand many words. I hope foreign players can give me some help and look forward to the release of KSP2. I can build anything, but I can't build rockets (the bitter complaint of a Chinese player)
  13. Hi all. So I was building a rocket today, with a fairing on top. Inside the fairing there is supposed to be a small lander. The engine of the lander is positioned right on top of the fairing’s base piece, and this creates a “cylinder” around the engine. When I deploy the fairing, the lander is free, however the “cylinder” is still around the engine. Can you please tell me how to fox this problem?? Thanks.
  14. I'm currently doing planning on a planet mod that uses Kopernicus how do i create these planets
  15. I downloaded Ksp after not playing it for a couple of years. Installation was fine but when I loaded the game up it loaded up until "Loading asset definitions" came up and wouldn't load any further. Im running macOS Catalina version 10.15.3 on a brand new MacBook Pro. I searched up the problem and I followed a couple forum discussions from 2017, like moving the folder to the desktop and back into applications, reinstall, looking through the game files and logs to see where its running slow and swapping between 1.9.1 and 1.8.1 downloads but none of them worked. Is there a different problem that's causing this or has anyone else encountered this before? logs said [LOG 16:16:52.736] Loading Asset Bundle Definitions [LOG 16:16:52.739] AssetLoader: Loading bundle definitions [LOG 16:16:53.317] AssetLoader: Loaded bundle '/Applications/KSP_osx/GameData/Squad/squadcore.ksp' [EXC 16:16:53.321] UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "/Applications/KSP_osx/GameData/Squad/squadcorefx.ksp" is denied. System.IO.FileStream..ctor (System.String path, System.IO.FileMode mode, System.IO.FileAccess access, System.IO.FileShare share, System.Int32 bufferSize, System.Boolean anonymous, System.IO.FileOptions options) (at <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0) System.IO.FileStream..ctor (System.String path, System.IO.FileMode mode, System.IO.FileAccess access, System.IO.FileShare share) (at <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0) (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.IO.FileStream..ctor(string,System.IO.FileMode,System.IO.FileAccess,System.IO.FileShare) System.IO.File.Open (System.String path, System.IO.FileMode mode, System.IO.FileAccess access) (at <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0) KSPAssets.Loaders.AssetLoader+<LoadDefinitionsAsync>d__33.MoveNext () (at <7a4e51e86b4e492e88484cd9488d9460>:0) UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at <7d9ec060e791409ab3eb85c61e312ed6>:0) hope log texts mean something to someone. thanks!
  16. I made a Model and a Texture for a Part for KSP. But I have the Problem that something went wrong and I don't know what. In Unity the model looks as it should: But the Problem is in KSP it looks like this: Please can somebody help me to fix this Texture Glitch because I have no clue what's went wrong there.
  17. Hey so I am wanting to take a main rocket and have a small sub Satellite detach off and do it’s satellite stuff. I am new on ps4 and to the game in general just wondering what to do
  18. I'm new with mods so if this is a noob mistake, please don't judge. I'm trying to make a space station and I'm trying to get my Kerbal to take large parts out of a storage unit. First, I don't know how and dragging it into my inventory is not an option as it is around 4 tonnes. Second, can I attach heavy parts or do I have to have more Kerbals to attach them.
  19. I'm playing on ps4. When I do the 3rd tutorial, Intermediate Construction, the game gets stuck as soon as I enter the VAB. Wernher Von says enter VAB. So I enter the VAB. Then once inside he tells me about all the wonderful things we'll be building so, I hit the X button for the next screen. The screen blinks, it says "saving..." in the top right corner but nothing else. I can keep hitting X and it's just more of the same, blink, saving... nothing. I shut down the console, reinstalled the game, nothing works... please help.
  20. I've started a challenge, and I want to make a badge, but I don't know what sizes badges usually are. It would really help if I got some approximate dimensions.
  21. So I've been using a lot of mods in my current game of KSP, and one of my main projects at the moment is a space station. I've managed to dock several modules so far, but when I dock the latest module, return to the space centre and then go back to the space station, all of the new module's docking ports, RCS thrusters and solar panels are at 90 degrees to where they were upon launch. I've tried swapping out, replacing and removing various parts until the module is made from entirely stock parts, but it still happens. The part of the station I'm connecting this module to is nearly identical (it has ladders on the side, the new module does not), yet it's unaffected. Before returning to space centre: Close up of module after returning to station via tracking station: Does anyone know why this might be happening, and if possible, how to fix it?
  22. Howdy All, I just recently bought KSP and pretty frustrated right off the bat. I've done most of the tutorials and really enjoyed those, but when I tried to start career mode on normal or easy, I cant do anything. I literally built the exact same "flea" rocket from the basic rocket tutorial, and mine cant go up past 500m before it flips over and the parachute deploys. I've added fins, turned on SAS, tried to turn in all kinds of direction to prevent the flipping, but nothing works. Really bummed i spent money on a game I cant even play. Any help is appreciated. Here is a link for a video of what happens https://imgur.com/a/nkRtaiY
  23. Hi, I'm new to the forums. I haven't done much yet, but I managed to land a lander on the mun. The problem is, when I was landing, I somehow broke the engine off, so I have 2 kerbals stranded on the mun. I play sandbox, so what should I do? I can include a picture if needed.
  24. help, i downloaded the mod surface experiment pack for ksp but if i right click the plugs (made to connect the various experiments) i dont see the option to link/plug and i cant make the mod work
  25. I have been looking and can't seem to find this most basic function in 1.9. Could you please add in settings/input/(open inventories). I can't find how to open any inventories unless I add the Kerbal inventory system mod. I have all the expansions breaking ground included. But i can't figure out how to open the kerbal inventories. i can't figure out how to deploy the deploy-able experiments. That's a lot of science i cant access. I can place them in the storage boxes while in build mode, but when i get to where i wish to set up the deploy-able experiments, I can't seem to open the inventories on the kerbals, and i would rather not use mods. So the simple question is, How do i open the inventory on the kerbals themselves, how do i deploy the experiments from the storage boxes?
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