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Found 6 results

  1. Discontinued, [snip] Humanstuff content of my creation is now a "AGPLv3" project Please report any use of any content licensed as such in other sources to me directly.
  2. Imagine if you have a functioning time machine and you can travel to whatever year in the future and ask whoever you come by. For me i would travel to the year 3000 and ask someone "Does humanity have a glorious galactic empire?" What is yours?
  3. Let's make KSP more real with some speeches, fluctuating budgets in some modes, constructing bases on other planets and launching ships from their, expanding kerbol system.
  4. (sorry if this is wrong category, I'm new here) As most of you know, KSP was supposed to have a story, but it was scrapped by the dev team before it was fully implemented. Here is what the story was supposed to be: In a forum post from late 2013, Squad member Jeff C.(NovaSilisko) described an idea he had for connecting many easter eggs into a story concerning a civilization which predated the Kerbals. Experiments with interstellar travel resulted in the homeworld of this "precursor civilization" being flung out into an extremely distant orbit. Before they froze to death, they launched monoliths and other messages onto many planets and moons in hopes of seeding intelligent life. Instead, they created Kerbals, not-so-intelligent life. The planet would not show up in any map and would be too distant to be observed with a telescope, making locating it by chance nearly impossible. However, players would be able to find transmitters beaming out SSTV signals on various bodies, each one of which would provide part of the orbital parameters necessary to locate it. The planet would be a bit smaller than Kerbin, covered in ruined cities and frozen oceans, and perpetually in twilight due to being so far from Kerbol. The only element of this narrative which made it into the game is the SSTV transmitter on Duna, which transmits an image originally intended to depict 4 members of the precursor civilization standing on their homeworld, with the logo of their government. Had the narrative story been completed, it would also have contained part of the orbital parameters. Because the story was never implemented into the game, this explanation for the SSTV signal's imagery is arguably non-canon. I was just playing KSP, when suddenly I thought of something which is pretty big. On Duna, there is a camera arm hidden underground similar to that of the Curiosity Mars rover. This led me to believe that this ancient precursor race, was in fact, the human race. Since almost the whole Kerbol System resembles our Solar System, I believe that humans had advanced very far, and then accidentally warped themselves to oblivion, and long after, Kerbalkind was born. On Duna, the camera arm which is similar to the Curiosity rover, could actually be the Curiosity rover's arm, covered by years of dust and Duna/Mars sand. In the SSTV transmission on Duna, the 4 precursor members resemble humanoid figures, in my opinion, so this precursor race, is almost definitely the human race. Post your ideas below, and any objections or additions to what I've said!
  5. (regular font = serious mode) For those of you who don't know me, I'm HansonKerman, and I usually post in Lucida Sans. My serious mode is this default font. This is my serious size. So you can se that I'm very serious right now. <venting anger> So, I've been noticing, after reading a certain Starbound web serial (paging @Fraston, he knows what I'm talking about,), I realize that too many people refer to nonhuman animals as "it"! Also, they refer to nonhumans as "animals! Ahem. Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. With few exceptions, animals consume organic material, breathe oxygen, are able to move... etc. Wikipedia. Nonhumans and why they're not the only animals. Or, Humans are animals too! So, humans do all of the above! And yet, they still refer to only nonhumans as animals! This needs to S-T-O-P STOP! Nonhumans and why they should not be known as "it". Or, Nonhumans have genders too! ARGH! This one infuriates me the most. It's not helping that my sister is watching Pokémon. Nonhumans also have genders. So why can't we call them "he", "She", if they have a name, "<insert name>", and if you don't know their gender, "them/they!" Conclusion All in all, I hope my lecture has brought you to your senses. If you know me (in real life), great! I look forward to seeing your reaction in school. So, the moral is, um... see above. I, Hanson, hope that this has brought you to your senses, and you will be kinder to animals from now on. STILL VERY ANGRY, Hanson.
  6. I'd like to use KSP as a guide to designing somewhat realistic spaceplanes and spacecraft for a tabletop role playing game. However, the characters in the game are human and they explore our solar system. Is it possible to use KSP to design vehicles for human beings? Is it possible to change the solar system to match our own? Any other limitations or mods I should consider?
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