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Found 7 results

  1. i remember that like a year ago when Covid-19 was in full swing, there was a astronomical amount of posting in one day. i then left the forum for literally months later and when i come back i LITERALLY have to go on a treasure hunt for a post that was posted less than 60 minutes ago. in fact, most of the posts in the immediate view are nearly 12 hours old, if not a day already (or even multiple days in some threads). What happened to the Hype? has it died down? i feel like a lot of the forum fans dont respond anymore and this forum is starting to become like any other forum. its really sad. i remember i had like 20 notifications a day and i've now only had 3 notifications in the last 4 months (one of them was a warning point). i really hope we can revamp this forum up. KSP is one of those rare games that keeps an imprint in our fingers when we play it (similar to among us). i sure hope this forum can keep up with it.
  2. So, I'm back from both PAX West AND the KSP2 Roundtable at the Star Theory Studios. As promised, I've got interviews, screenshots, gameplay footage, and a LOT of comments on the time I spent with the devs. I'll be streaming an AMA LIVE on Twitch this evening for a few hours, starting at 4 PM EDT (Basically Now). The VOD will also be available afterwards if you want to get caught up on your own schedule. Link to stream is here. If you come from the forums, say so! Stream is over, but I've permanently archived the video off to here: http://twitch.tv/dasvaldez
  3. Do DLCs get a hype train or a lesser hype vehicle? suggestions encouraged.
  4. Well, I've finally completed it to my satisfaction. Here is the Falcon Heavy Test Flight, set to an original piece:
  5. The Localization Update is a really big deal! Unless you speak english. In which case, it may seem like it's not very important. But nonetheless a lot of good work has been done by Squad's team to make KSP as multi-lingual as possible. Pre-Release for the update will come on March 16th, and will be 1.2.9. 1.2.9 is the pre-release version of 1.3, which unless I'm mistaken will have the same feature list. So far we know of the following features: Localization Keyboard layouts, Kerbal names, text, UI, KSPedia, and part textures. Japanese Simplified Chinese Russian Spanish Struts Both sides of the strut can be moved now New model Something big, apparently. Who knows what. inb4 it's just "the t1 runway is flat now." Terrain fix? Not sure what this is, just saw it in the last devnote. Fix for the misaligned runway. Some fix for the flagpole outside the Astronaut Complex. Heat shields darken correctly.
  6. After they missed devnotes for 2 days, and considering what they wrote in the pass ones, is it time for HYPE?!!!!!! Where's the hypetrain?
  7. I apologize if there is already a thread about this (please be gentle, dear mods), but after watching many hours of the KSPTV experimentals marathon, I have a few takeaways I would like to share with you: That performance boost! I can't even begin to tell you how much I look forward to that. If you know my body of work ( ahem ), then you know that I rarely do stuff with less than 300-500 parts. Having said that, I am aware that performance will vary from machine to machine. All mods will need updates. The engine swap to Unity V is such a giant change of the game's core mechanics that you can't count on any mod still working. I have tried asking @KasperVldin the stream's chat whether or not some modders already have access to experimentals (except of course Squad semi-staff members like Roverdude), but either the answer or the question got lost in the torrent of chat messages. The reworked UI is a thing of beauty. Not because it looks that much better. Because it greatly increases usability (I know a thing or two about that having written my empirical thesis on a self developed usability test), since you now can move context menus around and even make them sticky. Love this for my SSTO plane missions! That inflatable heat shield is a beast. Mat (the first streamer) punched through Eve's atmosphere with that thing reaching more than 25g and both heat shield and payload survived. Immediately discussions about the shield being overpowered broke out. But keep in mind that thing is basically a big balloon and his payload was just a very tiny rover. Would love to hear @RoverDude's input on that since he designed the thing, if I remember correctly. Also don't know yet if that thing floats... thinking about swimming bases on Laythe... There are still a few bugs, which is to be expected with experimentals. Jimorian lost visuals for a moment and then had a second Kerbin hanging behind the regular Kerbin. It looked funny and weird. Mat didn't have all of the orbit map visuals when trying to aim for Eve. He basically got there with sheer luck. Rich to the Rescue encountered two bugs: Landing gear now slides down slopes (or maybe this is intentional? However it's really annoying) After docking with multiple docking ports, some of Rich's ports suddenly disappeared. He wasn't sure if that was really a bug or if he did something wrong, but it looked like a bug to me. Due to the change in game engine, a lot of visuals look different than the old version. Planet surfaces look less "tily" from above. There seems to be an issue though with Eve, since it almost looked fluorescent in Mat's part of the marathon stream. Really weird color. So all in all it looks like KSP 1.1 will be a great update, although there appear to be some kinks still left in it. Let's just hope they will be ironed out in the coming weeks! Not sure about some long standing bugs like the "cannot activate while stowed" bug. Has anyone tried that out during the stream? Anyhow: The hype is real
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