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Found 9 results

  1. To @JPLRepo , @IgorZ or anyone else who might know. Some time ago and then just recently I have observed parts that are not attached to a command pod, when coming in contact with a grabber, instead of being seized, end up becoming unaffected by gravity, then a slight touch will send the part drifting off into the sky to drift like a balloon forever more. Has this been discussed in the past? Did anyone have a fix for this? Thank you.
  2. I like to deorbit my debris using a craft that has an AGU attached. A few versions back, I had no issues with this. But now targeting debris targets the root part of the debris, not the COM, and once the klaw is attached, I can't target the COM, like I can when attached to an asteroid. Am I missing something? Or is there a workaround? I'd gladly install (or even write, if I knew where to start) a plugin that adds the "target COM" ability to the right click menu, or changes the game's targeting behaviour to target vessels' COM by default, or treats debris as a singular part that forces COM to be targeted. Does anyone have suggestions for this issue?
  3. Near my Minmus base, I have a Malemute rover equipped with a Klaw attached to a Resouce Lode. I left my base doing something else, then landed near it again. Now, if I switch to the rover, or if going on EVA with a kerbal and coming closer than 200 m, the rover explodes. In order to find out what's going on, I focused on my base and zoomed out until I could see the rover close up. It's lying on it's side, the rescorce lode seems gone (I guess it's already consumed) and it seems the Klaw is facing the wrong way. How can I fix that?
  4. I've been doing a lot of mechanics with stock propellers recently and have started incorporating klaws to make them gimbal slightly. I was surprised to find that there is no action group to toggle the pivot state from "locked" to "free", especially considering that time warping or changing scene with the pivot free causes a bad bug (it resets the right click menu state to "free pivot" again despite it already being free, pressing it again removes all gimbal limits on the hinge and causes other bad stuff). Having to open the action menu and toggle the pivot state of each klaw each time I relaunch the craft is a bit tedious, so I decided to post a request in hopes that someone could throw a quick mod together to add the option to toggle pivot state in action groups?
  5. I'm trying to build a forklift/platform lift using the Klaw and the Infernal Robotics actuators. But regardless of where it is mounted, if the frame that the klaw is mounted to moves upwards, the klaw resists and deforms the frame.
  6. Guys, help a brother out. I've got a hugely over-engineered monstrosity mid burn(29min) for a jool intercept, however due to steering losses, instability and all sorts of other shenanigans I'm going to get there with about 500m/s in the tanks if I'm lucky. I've got a possible dres intercept on the way, so does anyone know if I can mine the dresteroids without a klaw? Oh and my miner module only has twr for bop, pol, minmus etc so no landing on dres
  7. OK, so a picture is worth a thousand words: Obviously, the center of mass for this craft is...a little off from the center of thrust, and at anything better than nominal thrust it starts spinning like a top. It -started- with a lot of RCS fuel, but it's mostly empty now and there isn't much by way of SAS on it....all things to add on my next design. Now, it's held together with 3 Advanced Grabbing Units, but I can only seem to get one of them to flex properly. In theory that's probably enough to move the CoM over the center of thrust but it would be a lot easier if I could get the other two joints to pivot. Is there some trick I'm missing? I've switched to other craft, reloaded the save and the game, changed control spots. I haven't tried decoupling the craft and recoupling (simply because it was so very painfully slow the first time to couple them). The simple way to test if the klaw pivot is working is to toggle torque off for half the craft, free that pivot, and then perform maneuvers. The expected result is that the parts with no SAS enabled should flop around almost at random.
  8. We should be able to choose which axis we want to free X,Y or rotation. Also smaller klaw would be nice.
  9. "Asking for a friend"... no, seriously, I am about to start testing a large space carrier filled with various landing craft in cargo bays and other contrivances. Before I get going I thought I'd ask the community about their experiences. The landers are going to be relatively large (biggest is over 40 tons) and I know they are going to wobble like crazy during carrier maneuvers if they are only docked at one point-- too many degrees of freedom. The question: since 1.0.5, what have been peoples' experience with any or all of the following: -- simultaneous docking to more than one port, same surface -- simultaneous docking to more than one point, different surfaces (e.g. one on the ship's belly, one axial) -- docking to a port followed by capture at a different point with the docking klaw -- capture at multiple points with two or more docking klaws Am really curious about the klaw solutions: in prior versions klawing was a really great way to get krakkened, and if we're talking about multiple docks involving a klaw, then at some point wouldn't the ship be klawing to itself? Weird. Hope this will be as helpful for others as it will for me. Please help and encourage others by 'upvoting' responses you think are good, on this thread and on others in the Gameplay Questions section. Top responder here may get a comics mention __________________________________ Because of the way things get threaded (or not) in this Forum section, I'm going to add to the OP rather than reply to answers: ETA #1 -- I should have mentioned before -- stock solutions please. KAS, KJR, etc are great mods but I prefer not to use them. QUESTION to @Rocket In My Pocket -- to which orange tank surface was your "rock solid" three-port solution attached? End or side?
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