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Found 7 results

  1. Problem tldr: Konstruction's Construction ports do not show up in the parts list, even in Sandbox mode KSP: 1.12.5, Windows 64 bit So I've installed Konstruction, and I've unlocked the "Miniaturization" tech node, but I can't seem to find the construction ports anywhere in the part list? I've installed most if not all of my mods via CKAN, so I went and tried a fresh CKAN install with just Konstruction + dependencies from CKAN, but still nothing. The Akita rover parts and the Konstruction Krane show up fine though. Here's what I did (using Konstruction only and my normal modded install had the same results): Start up KSP, open a new save (I used sandbox mode, changed no difficulty settings) Click on the VAB Search for the following terms (one after another: "construction", "konstruction" Search through the resulting list to find the Construction ports, which I have not been able to find Mod list for my normal modded install: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1clqW1T_Lo3SGxbKRArpN67KTaXc65fZH/view?usp=share_link (List from CKAN export) Dir list of GameData: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C3UM1Y9UMQ7cRXJNlEu1olJDAc8XzAuG/view?usp=share_link (Yes I know that this is not really needed, but I installed a few mods manually that I could not find on CKAN, and ended up forgetting which ones) Player.log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_ya9Xp6s9QrMRVvux0qyClfvqVVb5Igx/view?usp=share_link
  2. Ok guys, so I have a problem after using the Konstructor from the super awesome mod Konstruction. "So why don't you ask over there?", I hear you screaming at your screen. First of all, chill. Second, I'm not really sure Konstruction actually is the problem. So here goes. First, some formalities. Here's my mod list and here are my log files for my 1.12.3 install: KSP log en player log I thought I saw someone reporting something similar after the latest version of Konstruction (and the other USI mods) dropped, but I can't find it anywhere. So either my searching skillz suck, or I only dreamt it. Probably the second. I thought the (imaginary?) report said that Konstructing a vessel that had one or more Hab modules (so a MKS part or a part from another mod using a MKS patch) caused problems. When I tried exactly that, I had troubles indeed: building the 'Mun Hab Pilgrim2' (with parts from both SSPXr and Planetside Exploration Technologies, both 'enriched' by MKS) through the 'Konstructor' (the orbital shipyard from Konstruction) caused an infinite loading screen. Game stuck? Well, not really, because my KAC window was still available, and I could switch to another ship via that way. When I went to the map screen, I could see that the 'Mun Hab Pilgrim2' actually was build. When I tried to switch to it, I got a never ending loading screen again, so I had to escape using KAC again. I could switch to the Konstructor, however, and then use the 'swith to nearby vessel' key. Oh boy. The vessel instantly turned into spaghetti, back into a ball, stretched again, ...went into a rapid spin and acceleration, ...Total Mess. So was it the hab modules? Maybe, because the Konstructor works just fine when building other craft without hab modules. I can also build and load the 'Mun Hab Pilgrim2' from the VAB*. So it's got to be Konstruction right? Well, when I reverted to the previous version (the bleeding edge from October 2021), it did not solve the problem. Maybe another USI Mod (like MKS)? I reverted the whole USI suite, did not solve it. Looking at the logs, I see weird stuff (*like FlowGraph errors from the vessel I loaded from the VAB?), but examining logs isn't my strong side. So I turn to you, logfile nerds connaisseurs. Do you guys have any clue? The log files are from a session where I started KSP, switched to the Konstructor (time warped a bit), Konstructed the vessel, looked at the loading screen a bit, switched to another vessel, and closed to game. Anyway, it's not like my save (using it since 1.7!) is completely broken, everything works fine except Konstructing Hab modules, but an answer would be nice. Cheers!
  3. After installing Konstruction (Downloaded from Spacedock), when I open KSP, there are no command pods in the parts toolbox, nor are there any parts from Konstruction. How do I fix it?? Timeline: Downloaded compressed mod file "Unzipped" compressed file Cut-and-pasted files into KSP GameData folder. When I did this, I did something I know I probably shouldn't have done. It said there were files (139 or something) with the same name as files I was pasting into the GameData folder. I looked at a lot of the files, and they looked the same. I chose to keep the files in the GameData folder, and not to replace them, thinking that that was the right thing to do in case any files were different. I loaded up KSP. When I went to open my saved game, it gave me this warning: I opened it up anyway because at that point I thought it only affected those specific craft, and I didn't really care about them. I went to the spaceplane hangar, and saw this: Please tell me how to fix it so I can get back to playing KSP!!! I have Tweakscale, KSO Space Center Vehicles, Grounded Modular Vehicles, Modular Launchpads, Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Foundries, and both DLCs.
  4. This poll is for crane lovers and construction enthusiasts who want to say what their favorite brand of cranes is. My favorite brand is Liebherr, and that is evident if you look at the other stuff I post on this forum.
  5. Anyone who wants to post cranes, cars, trucks, excavators, loaders, rovers, truck-like rovers, and other stuffs and things, put them here! I myself have built 2 gantry cranes, at least 6 mobile cranes, 2 tower cranes(neither tower cranes work though ), some trucks, a car, 2 forklifts, an ADT (Articulated Dump Truck), and even a wheeled excavator. Also many, many rockets and a ton of aircraft... Check and search the steam workshop for forklifts and cranes by "Bjh223".
  6. Hi I have konstruction mod on v1.3.1. I can't use PAL claw, or forklift, etc. No right click options. No servo button. Any ideas? Thanks...
  7. Okay I have a question, and maybe the mod dev can answer this.. But everytime I use Umbra Space Industries Kolonization, Konstuction, and Life Support, I always seem to have issues. and it gets wrose when There's an Update for USI Tools I'm just wondering what is the correct way to install these m mods? I mean, what is the correct way to install these mods in Order? Should it be The Tools first, then the colornization then the Konstruction, or is there any particular order in General? Any insight would be helpful.. Space_Coyote
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