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Found 2 results

  1. When I Try To Open KSP 1.12, It Opens Up The Little Unity Window With the KSP icon and the red box with the ! in the corner, i have tried opening it by ckan, steam, my taskbar, nothing works, My Suspicion Is New Nvidia GeForce Drivers, But I Cant Open GeForce Experience Either, HELP!
  2. Earlier today, I decided to update my game to 1.3, because two of my favourite mods, BDB and Tantares, were updated exponentially, and I couldn't just sit there and gawk at the beautiful new parts without eventually deciding to go and update to the current KSP version. So, here's my question: What are the essential mods you need to update to have 1.3 work without crashing on startup? I already have modulemanager, Firespitter, BDB, Tantares, KER, and Cryogenic Engines updated to 1.3, but my game still crashes while loading. (Just so you know, I have a heavily bloated install of mods) I do have Ven's Stock Revamp installed, but there's no updated version for 1.3, and, even if I did, last time I updated it it broke all my crafts, so, I'm kind of trying to avoid that... EDIT: Nevermind, I've found the problem after a long and drawn-out process of elimination; It was an out of date Waypoint Manager.
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