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Found 3 results

  1. In my opinion, KSP2 was indeed overly optimistic with the hardware requirements. But remember: This is the first public version of the game - if a game is released in early access, people should lower their expectations to avoid what happened in the last few days. KSP2 Early Access was very overhyped, but the true launch will hopefully be not. People expect early access like it's the full game... but it's not even close. Early Access exists to find bugs and give feedback to the devs, the whole community having access to the game is not really the goal right now. Maybe in the next updates the game will have the minimum requirements lowered to the minimum. By the way, KSP2 for now has less content than KSP1 (remember there are no robotic parts) and it actually fries your PC so I don't recommend buying until at least the third update (Interstellar Travel) based on the roadmap. Summary: If you expected Early Access to be an amazing, fully-featured game, you are wrong. kthxbye
  2. Hey guys, quick question. Is there a mod or a file I can edit to increase the amount of time messages remain on screen? I'm visually impaired, and when I started playing with the Kerbalism mod, I discovered you could increase the amount of time the messages from that mod stay on screen. It is SO much easier to read them when they hang around for 30 seconds instead of 3. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. I've been told it's impossible to transmit data into the nearest blackhole, at some 3000 light years distance. Laser diffraction, and sheer distance; - I've been told - make this impossible. Would anyone care to theorise how it could be done, using existing technology- satellite, radio telescopes, or ideally via light? This is a live project Thanks in advance Jon
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