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Found 10 results

  1. This is just gonna document my missions in a new save I will call "Kerbol Space Program". No story, just me documenting missions. So far I havent started anything yet, so I'll begin that soon. Anyways, I hope this doesnt flunk. This is also modded, but really just to add some stuff like better graphics, some more parts, and better IVA.
  2. ============================================================================================================ Hello folks! I've recently acquired a new laptop with a beautiful RTX 3070 and am quite enjoying my GeForce Experience's ability to record gameplay footage. So here's a new, vaugely organized mission report series of my adventures playing Kerbal Space Program II! ============================================================================================================ First Orbital Mission: First Mun Landing:
  3. The Juniper-1, there it is sat on the pad, a small sounding rocket to test the abilities of such a mission, BigStar in the cockpit ready for launch! This would be the first rocket ever where he only had to press one button to make it work, here goes nothing! AND THERE IT WENT! off into the sky, SAS off for science reasons, no stability at all, it gains a heading of 273 degrees and continues heading west, the first stage decouples perfectly, and the launch escape system activates, due to drag the capsule starts flipping retrograde as the sepratrons are still running, the launch escape system decouples, and the capsule starts tumbling, slowly it reaches an apoapsis of 22,432 meters, still waiting for the parachute to deploy, it's been more than 30 seconds, BigStar might just have to save this one, 10 km in the sky and falling, in the background Bigstar hears the first stage hit the ground he gets scared and presses the staging button to deploy the parachute, falling still, chute ready to deploy, it deploys what feels a little late, and perfectly he touches the ground, seconds later the explosions from the launch escape system hitting the ground near by ring in his ears! WOW FOLKS! What a mission! And he only had to press two buttons! What a wonder! Stay tuned for more of BigStars KAL Kontrolled Rocketry Adventures!!!!! A comment from BigStar Kerman: It was quite the flight, I've never had such ease flying, or well, not flying a rocket before. I just pretty much sat there and let it do its thing. Jeb was of course jealous that I was the one that got to save the day this time hehehe. Once I hit 10 kilometres I knew for sure that the KAL wasn't going to deploy the chute, but I waited until 3 kilometres to actually press the button in case there was a malfunction in the timing ore anything else. I'll be speaking to the engineers on ways that this could be improved, such as an auto-SAS function, which sounds repetitive, but it might just work, some way to keep the capsule headed safely towards the eastern seas. Have a great night everyone, and don't forget to fly with BigStar Aerospace, we've got nothing short of adventure!
  4. The Kerbals may not show it, but they get lonely pretty easily. Of course, they have no issue sitting in a cramped 1-seat command pod for centuries at a time (Snacks and radiation permitting,) but the idea of being nothing but a bunch of frogs running around on a mote of dust in a sunbeam in a giant, empty room full of sunbeams and motes of dust in a building full of rooms that goes out in all directions as far as their tiny froggy brains can comprehend and probably much past that, is immensely disturbing to them. It makes them feel very, very small. However, if there's one thing Kerbals have learned since they swam out of the Kraken's maw and plopped into the primordial muck, it's that the building won't seem so tall when you're standing on top of it. So, just as they've conquered all the things that scared them in the past, the Kerbals are going to conquer that big building to make it seem a lot less small. (If they could ever research a way to climb the ladder without getting turned over every which way, that is. Attempt no traversal of the ladder. Untold horrors await there...) But their ladder-traversing days are far ahead of them still, so they'll work up to it by taking baby steps first. Namely, by hopping to another sunbeam. The nearest one, in fact - Proksimus Kiribani, Kerbol's neighboring star. To this end, they've established a crack-team of their best and brightest Kerbonauts, who have called themselves... The Lyra Aerospace Exploration Agency!!! Hmm. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? I knew we shouldn't have let the nerds name their own club! Oh, well; we'll just call it the LyrAEA for short. Playthrough's full modlist and description under the spoiler More updates coming Soon™. Fly safe! And here we are! A brand new, baby KSC. How cute! Well, we'd better get to work right away fulfilling contracts and collecting Science. This one looks fine. Thank you Gene, very cool! And we'll take "Reach for the Stars" too, while we're at it. Now, how to fulfill them...
  5. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Humble Beginnings (you are here) Preparing for Ground Humble Beginnings Investor facility tour, 1/7/2021 Greetings investors! We here at U.S.E.C. are thrilled to introduce you to our operations. Chartered in 2019 under the United Kerbin Space Alliance, we specialize in extraplanetary construction & long-term operations in the most extreme, distant, hostile environments known to kerbal. Here at the start of 2021, we are proud to announce the completion of a major milestone in our Phase 1 program: the Mu Gateway space station. In addition to Mu Gateway reaching operational readiness, SAR satellites have been busily returning natural resource data from both of Kerbin’s planetary children. The Mu Gateway includes upgrade plans as part of the Luna program to support onsite resource operations. Up to 12 crew members can live in relative comfort aboard the station, enabling easy rotation with ground operations. The station includes room for raw material stowage and connections for fuel & processing modules on the underside of the Industrial Expansion Displacement- … yes? Oh… I see. Right away Ma’am. *ahem* Corporate has asked me to inform you, investors, that the module has been renamed to Industrial Extension Truss, and that the individual responsible for the initials “I.E.D.” has been sacked. The truss features two couplings on its underside. We currently pan to seat fuel storage and resource processing equipment in these positions in support of orbit-to-surface transit. Primary attitude correction, thermal rejection, and electrical generation are all provided by the Service Utility Module, with the science lab receiving its own onboard auxiliary power. Habitation is provided by a rigid-wall module adjacent the command module and by inflatable living space attached to the main hub. The station currently orbits at 240 kilometers above the rocky surface and is prepared to receive crew at once. Our Satellites In addition to our crown jewel orbiting our nearest celestial neighbor, we have three operational satellites in two proven patterns deployed to our moons. Our autonomous operations provide communication relay & natural resource scanning via synthetic aperture radar. The Archangel (center, left) mapping satellites have already returned valuable terrain data on both Mun and Minmus and identified a number of promising deposits of natural resources using powerful synthetic aperture radar. Paired narrow-band transmitters provide low-power, high-bandwidth communications to download scan data from anywhere in Kerbin orbit, and an included boost stage provides roughly 1,670 meters per second of delta-V, in addition to the vehicle's onboard fuel supplies of 1,220 meters. With upgrades to the communications hardware planned and additional sensors in development, the Archangel spacecraft will continue to be a U.S.E.C. staple for the rest of the decade. The smaller, lighter weight ComStar vehicle has a storied history. Over 500kg lighter than an Archangel bus, the smaller ComStar vehicle is purpose-built for relay operations around Kerbin's moons. A smaller thruster and smaller onboard tanks provide 770 meters per second of delta-V, in addition to the upper stage it launches on. No boost stage is packaged with the vehicle, which resulted in range limitations of initial launches. Both ComStar 1 and 2 failed to insert into acceptable munar orbits and had to be terminated. ComStar 3, in conjunction with relay antennas aboard the Mu Gateway, services the far side of Mun. Thank you everyone for visiting our facilities. U.S.E.C. would like to remind all investors, current and prospective, that any information not included in marketing or promotional materials, official press releases, and legal filings is considered confidential. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please direct them to our fundraising director.
  6. Republic Of Kerbal Space City COMPLETED There is a sequel! If you want more info about that go here: About Us: Republic Of Kerbal Space City Was Started At Nov 12,2019 As A Private Project Of Mine Making A City In Space, On September 19, 2020 This Project Has Open Up To The Public. I Really started to think that this idea was stupid beacause people will say this is useless or something. Official Flag: 988 Robert Mark Apartment Station: City: Currently With And Other Crafts (Shops, Industry Stations, Etc) You Can Download Crafts That I Used Here: Mods Were Used During The Project (REQUIRED): ModPack DOWNLOAD (It problay doesn't work for 1.11+, so try playing this save in 1.10.1) Edit: I Have taken down the OneDrive link due to my onedrive storage full. and also i don't have plans to countinue the now proposed RKSC Sequel. however i'd like if you try to countinue it. but i don't play KSP Anymore and with 500 hours in steam. KSP Will live into my heart and in dust in my steam library until KSP 2 Comes out. thats all for now, thats an update from Miguelsgamingch/ Google Drive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. The Beet Farm Hello and welcome to The Beet Farm, my depository for all the junk I end up making! Shout out to @Triop's thread, Triop's Adventures, which inspired me to create this thread. Up first: The KSS Humboldt, an air-deployed submarine - somewhat lacking in functionality or purpose. If I feel particularly tech savvy, I may even include a craft file! Who knows? Coming as soon as I figure out how to post pictures.
  8. entry one... The public relations chair just told us we need to plan a mission to Eve. Challenge accepted!... Hey I plan on doing a little project to Eve with Shadowworks, Kerbodyne plus, Cacteye telescopes, MechJeb, Probes plus, and more!
  9. Comic + logs = c'logs. Geddit? No? Well, nevermind. Point is, I realised I'm posting a heck of a lot of semi-comic mission reports to the WDYDIKSPT thread, and I figured it might be nice to have somewhere that I can keep them all with some semblance of order. I'll just add pages onto this as I go. Career #5 - 1.8 One small jump for a kerbal, one giant leap for kerbalkind Pielab Dunamite and Evenger Freebird and Wren (first gen spaceplanes) Intermission Special; finishing my stock bucket list (Eve exploration) Career #4 - 1.4.x Passing the Garman line Boostenthruster (low orbit), Mousebat (Iota) There's something behind Iota The Iotian Anemone Anomaly, Business as Usual A Bigger Rocket, 5 Star Safety Aiming Higher, The Ceticean Institute Training Montage, Desert Beagle, Tellumite, Anemone Station, Jets are Useful! But so are Rockets The Niven Expedition Doorway to Grannus Longshots, Recalls and Rescues Beli Rumbler Spiceroquette Community tech tree patch applied to this career (massively inflates the back end of the tree, preventing runaway science progression without making the first missions horrible): Career #3 - 1.3 The Undiscovered Country We Like the Moon Progress Montage A Martian Oddity Kermen are on Mars, Rovers are on Venus Ambling Towards Failure (Jupiter), Bring Them Home (Mars), Wings and Wheels (Earth), Lil Hottie (Mercury), Tinlion (Saturn) Bring Tin Home! Cloudspear (ssto), Attempting a landing on Europa, Skylance (ssto), Pupper Fetcher (crane?) Mods used in this career: planets - SSRSS === visuals - Foreign Eagle sky | Tex Replacer | Ambient Light === parts - Near Future | SpaceY | DMagic Orbital | KNES | LET | Tweakscale | Scansat | Foundries === gameplay - Bon Voyage | CTT | HETTN | Trajectories | Transfer Window Planner Career #2 - 1.2.2 Early days Plane pain Unstable orbits Lonely on Iota Why I-ota... Oh, the Manatee! Anticipatory mining Tests, One does not simply walk into Mo'dur, Tellumo what... Interplanetary Mice, Buggy Robot, Hot Bot Christmas on Tellumo, Desertfox Gold Moons, Desert Willy Sandy Pants Terrible Spaceplane The spice must flow, Recall I'm not saying it was aliens... Hotwings express Minor Misjudgement, Planes Hotels and Automobiles Mods used this career: Planet packs - GPP | Rald === Visual enhancements: SVE | SVT | Foreign Eagle sky | Tex Replacer | Ambient Light === Parts: Near Future | SpaceY | DMagic Orbital | LET | Tweakscale | Scansat === Gameplay: CTT | HEN | Strategia | Trajectories | Transfer Window Planner Career #1 - 1.1.3 Important note: In this career I make heavy use of KR&D to improve my ships by investing excess science points in exchange for better stats on parts. It's sort of cheating, and sort of balanced, because you have to work hard and earn them. Upshot; early designs might work if replicated in stock, later craft will not fly with pure stock parts because engines won't be powerful or efficient enough to do the job. But this isn't a thread about showing off stock craft anyway On the whole, production quality improves as we move down the list. After about #11 I start using brightness/contrast/hue/saturation adjustments to improve visibility of details. Please don't hate on me for the early posts Early missions: Munpig, Duna Beagle, Vatil Explorer, Havet U, Munwolf II, Munwolf III, Ike!, Eevee (Eve), Dres Freebird, Munwolf IV, Munwolf V, Munolithobreaker Munolithobraker, Fido Rover (Rald) Hawkwind, Badgerald (Rald), Skyball Station (Rald), Gillyboat Vall-iant, Dunaworrybehappy Discovery One (Jool) Spidertug, Firebird (Rald survey) Mohoho and Kal-louse, Preghastly, Thomas the Tanker, Joono Revisited Sarnusulose, Munbunny, Ranger Rover (another Rald survey) Ranger II spaceplane and Duna Bug (Duna survey) Investigator IV spaceplane design evolution (yet another Rald survey - can you tell I like this moon?) Firebird IV (Mun, Minmus, Rald training runs), Firebird V (Gilly), Tektonik (Tekto) A Mohovian Odyssey We can't help but like Ike, Sarinator Sylveon (crewed Eve landing and return - single launch) Road Trip (Rald), Thunderhawk design Launching the Thunderhawk (SSTO seaplane) Ocean Birds (Laythe) Space Druids (Vall) Big Dumb Rocket (Tylo and back), Superheavy (tanker maintenance) But it doesn't exist (Dres), The challenge Logistics Nightmare (learning to use KAS+KIS properly) Hard Edges (Slate and Eeloo), Space Eggs (Ovok and Hale), Science Fiction-y (improved engines) Fat Little Rocket (Tekto), Bipolar (Minmus) Who's Lum? (Urlum) Sand and Ice (Plock, Karen) Neidon it again! (Neidon, Nisse, Thatmo) Interstellar species and Epilogue Mods used this career: Planet packs - OPM | K-Plus R | Rald === Visual enhancements: SVE | SVT | Nebula | OPM-VO | Tex Replacer | KerbinSide | Ambient Light === Parts: Near Future | SpaceY | MK2-X | MK3-X | MK4 | Hab Pack | DMagic Orbital | LET | Tweakscale | Scansat | SEP | Atomic Age | SETI Greenhouse === Gameplay: KRnD | CTT | Hide Empty Nodes | Strategia | Anomaly Surveyor | Trajectories | Transfer Window Planner | Rover Contracts Munpig. Lyssa Kerman leads the first crewed mission to another world with a lightweight little ship designed to grab some surface samples from Mun. Duna Beagle. Mission control weren't really sure whether the Beagle would survive the trip to Duna, so they had the engineering team make the cheapest little doohickey the possibly could. The orbiter got most of the science instruments, since it would stay well above harm's reach. Vatil Explorer. Mission control failed to read the '0.8g' stat on the official data sheet, resulting in a lander that was only just barely capable of getting to ground safely. Havet U. In many ways, this planet proves to be the little brother of Vatil. A little paler and a lot smaller, it proves no problem for the lander. Munwolf II. Do not ask what happened to Munwolf I. Jay Kerman, Leo Kerman and Thystle Kerman deploy a number of surface experiments. Munwolf III. Lyssa Kerman, Llew Kerman, Otter Kerman. Went to Minmus due to a failure to communicate the name of the vessel to the mission planners. Ike!! Probe. Designed by our engineers in the southeast. Eevee: hopefully evolves into vaporeon. Dress Freebird. Nothing to report. Munwolf IV. It just keeps getting bigger... Munwolf V. No really, it's huge now. Munolithobreaker Munolithobraker. An inauspicious name. Fido Rover. Fearless Rald explorer.
  10. SPACE ORGANISATION WITHOUT A COOL ACRONYM Overview The Government of the Kingdom of Hexania was in shambles. The recent war with the United Republic of Pentania had been massively unpopular with the people. King Jebvalilob (jeb-val-ee-lob) needed a distraction, to get rid of all the clichéd angry mobs with pitchforks and torches outside his quite lovely palace, which had graffiti of some rather rude words outside. Eggs also covered his windows, and he decided he needed something to diverge the peoples' attention away from the fact that even though the war was only one day long, it had somehow caused the snack supplies to drop to intolerable levels. He created a new organisation to deal with this. A year passed before any useful work happened, because of a large strike concerning the lack of a cool name for the agency. The strike ended after a large sum of money was paid to the organisation, but they grudgingly accepted that they would never find a cool name for their agency. Thus, the Space Organisation Without A Cool Acronym was born. Mod List Many of these mods are not used actively, this is just the ones I have installed. Mission List Mission 1 - Ariel 1 Mission 2 - Ariel 2
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