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Found 6 results

  1. I’m starting a new career save with Realism Overhaul and Remote Tech, and I’m looking for a good part pack to add. Anyone have some suggestions? I’m particularly interested in new engines to play with. Thanks in advance!
  2. Beyond The Moon is my second mission report multi-part series, after From Kerbin To Beyond. It is about my progress through a RSS/RO career in RP-1 as I try to get to The Moon and eventually to other planets such as Venus and Mars. As I make progress, I update this OP with the new parts. Each part is a year, and every launch I do in that year is included in the part (later years will be split up into multiple parts, like Q1, Q2, etc). Unlike in my other series though, the space program in this series has a name! Its called the K.S.E.A. I hope you will like reading the parts, and enjoy this series! Prologue: List Of Parts So Far... Modlist
  3. From Kerbin To Beyond is my first mission report multi-part series that is taking place in a lightly modded ksp 1.8 career. As I make progress and launch new missions, I release new parts in a mission report style showing the mission and what happened during it. Some parts also include some dialogue for missions with kerbals onboard, to add to the mission report and make it better. This is my first time making something like this, so if it's not the best, I am still learning how to make it better! I hope you will enjoy this series, and I can't wait to see how far it will go! List of Parts So Far... SCANsat Map Updates (Added as an addition to the parts) Modlist (For those interested) Mission Log (From Year 1, Day 1 to Year 1, Day 100) Mission Name Mission Took Place During Mission Type Destination/Target Current Status Kanev 1 Part 1 Suborbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Kanev 4 Part 2 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Kanev 5 Part 3 Flyby, Crewed The Mun Success, Finished Tourist Starter Part 4 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, Finished Korven Part 5 Landing, Crewed The Mun Success, Crew Rescued and Recovered In Part 8 Kerbal Rescuer 2.2 Part 6 Orbital, Uncrewed Kerbin Success, Uncrewed Spacecraft Rescued Siwell Kerman Eliot Green Part 7 Landing, Uncrewed The Mun Success, First Part of Jeb and Bob's Rescue Mission Egmont Part 8 Orbital, Uncrewed The Mun Success, Brought Jeb and Bob Back To Kerbin Jebediah Kerbin Station Part 9 Orbital, Crewed Kerbin Success, First Part Of The Kerbin Space Station (If someone has an idea for a better name, i would appreciate it.)
  4. The Adventures Of JSA II (The Successor To The Adventures Of The JSA) Is Currently Being Worked On! View It Here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195832-the-adventures-of-jsa-ii-the-return-prologue/ The Adventures of the JSA is a multi-part series about the more interesting and cool missions in a mission report/story telling style (with occasional dialog) of my modded career, called Johnster Space Agency (AKA JSA). From unlocking new and futuristic technology like Solar Sails and even FTL Drives to exploring new and unique planets and moons, I hope you will enjoy: The Adventures of the Johnster Space Agency. Table of Contents Modlist (For Those Interested) JSA's Achievements So Far But anyways, I hope you enjoy, and have a good day!
  5. I may have gone a liiiiiiittle overboard.... I love mods. I actually... haven't played with many. To date most of my games have had a few essentials (KER, KAC, sometimes KIS/KAS) but for the most part I've been attempting to experience the game in a very stockalike way. I kept promising myself that when 64bit KSP was supported, I'd get into plenty of mods! I had quite a list. I finally started a copy of my KSP folder and began adding mods, finally booted it up today and boy it took a while. So I started a sandbox game to test things and make sure they work and... umm. Well. After fussing with a few parts, the game crashed. This got me to glance in my GameData folder and, umm... MY GOODNESS I had a lot of mods... KScale6.4, Extraplanetary Launchpads, KIS, KAS, KAX, Kerbal Krash System, KW Rocketry, Lithobrake Exporation Technologies, Modular Rocket Systems, MkIV Spaceplane, the entire suites of USI (+full MKS and life support) and Near Future, KSP-Interstellar Extended, Planetary Base Systems, SpaceY, SMURFF, Engineering Tech Tree...... and a dozen other little things. This isn't a bug report/support request or anything. I really should have known saddling an untested game with THIS MUCH all at once, something wasn't gonna play nice. Anyone had a similar experience? Bottom line: __________________________________________________________________ For those of the community who mod a lot, I wanna hear how you guys go about deciding what mods to throw together for a given playthrough! Share fun stories and whatnot. If you had a really fun career with a particular combination of mods, let's hear it!
  6. Hey awesome KSP community! Unknown Space is meant to share and document my upcoming adventures in a new career game in KillAshley's Uncharted Lands! Full mod list to follow shortly. There will be a few layers to this: (1) the game proper, where I play and achieve or fail to achieve mission goals, (2) the role-playing/story 'game' that will mostly be about trying to balance the difficulty and create budgets and contracts for myself in order to have the experience I most enjoy in layer one, and (3) the file-juggling "game" of keeping the various mods I've installed getting along (can't thank ckan or the mod authors enough for making this mostly easy), which I like to call 'world-building'. Career Flag: Introduction: An Agency Is Founded Part 1: A Gritty Start Part 2: Appeasing the Powers That Be Part 3: Year Two and the First Satellite Part 4: A Very Miniature Minmus (Minimus?) Part 4.5: Mission Planning and MATH Part 5: Video Recreations and First Kerbals In Space Part 5.5: Video Update from the Actual Save Part 6: Podus plays with gravity, and Bob almost strands himself in orbit. Part 7: Endurance Record and First Mun Satellite See you... out there...
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