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Found 7 results

  1. Please, can someone check if this bug also happens for you? Have 2 heavy vessels (A and B) with biggest docking ports already docked, set the alignment for each port to extreme values (Amax- Bmax, Amin-Bmin, Amax-Bmin, Amin-Bmax), undock and redock (A+B). Does the whole vessel (A+B) break in two or more pieces?
  2. Just read about the new port coming to consoles and was wondering if people who owned the game currently on console will have free access to the new port.
  3. Update: I got it working, had to create an empty game object in unity and set it as the dockingnode in the config file. Never would have figured that out on my own... So I made a docking port, and everything single thing works except the docking functionality. While it has the options to decouple and undock in the action group menu, they do not function, and they do not show up in the right click menu, also if you do try to dock there is no magnetism and they never lock. Do I need to write a plug-in for it or something? I literally copied the code from the Sr Docking Port, thinking that would work like it usually does. I'll post the code and any other files as requested. Any help is greatly appreciated. More info on this docking port: this is for my mod, "KerbalTubes". It is a mk.II size docking port with a central iris style door for kerbals to pass through. It was a lot of work to get this far[literally all I did today] and I would like to complete this one last small, but yet extremely important step. Thanks in advance. Download link of current build for debugging Download link for current build plus lots of extra debugging info and development files Screenshots Screenshots
  4. Currently, the docking ports have a "magnetic" like force that attracts them together when they are relatively close. While this is useful for eliminating human error, or just helping a player along, it would be nice to see a setting where this force could be changed. For instance, full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and no force. I suggest this because (in my opinion), docking can be exciting/suspenseful/hair raising etc, and these feelings of a delicate maneuver are somewhat suspended when the two vessels are suddenly pulled together and connected rapidly. Force options would be great because it would allow inexperienced players to continue as is (eg: mistakes in a docking vessel's orientation), and experienced players to face more of a challenge / feel more realistic/authentic.
  5. Using Kolonization, I mounted two docking ports the wrong way around on a 6 port hub. It's already in space, and I've tried removing and reattaching the port the other way around, but it won't attach to structure once I've turned it around. Any ideas?
  6. (quote from devnotes here, emphasis mine) Graphics are being worked on for an achievement system, currently for consoles (it seems), though the achievements may be ported to the PC versions as well. What do you think? Do you think adding achievements to the PC version is a good idea, or do you think they would take away from the games experience/immersion/charm? Do you have any ideas for achievements you'd like to see? I think an achievement system; if well implemented and with good, interesting achievements (not "recover 1,000 pieces of debris") would add a lot to the game, helping add early goals and progress indicators for new players, and add interesting challenges for experts.
  7. I would like a large equilateral triangle marking on the docking ports to remind me of the correct orientation during docking (the arrows should line up). That is to remind me of what I intended to do. Edit 1-7-15, To expand on this, I docked a new part to my orbital station. I had the camera zoomed in close for the docking. After docking I zoomed the camera out and discovered the new part was on upside down and tilted off at an odd angle. Due to objects jutting out of the main station, I had to un-dock and back up a good distance, rotate the part and re-dock. Not much of a problem for most people. I, however, am really bad at docking. I would rate a 3 on a 10 point scale for my docking skill. My new station part had no RCS thrusters or reaction wheels due to poor planning. The tug was under powered and sluggish, add in my lack of skill and you have a long, unhappy time. A large physical marking on the docking port outer flange would be a visual reminder to rotate before completing docking.
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