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  1. i remember that like a year ago when Covid-19 was in full swing, there was a astronomical amount of posting in one day. i then left the forum for literally months later and when i come back i LITERALLY have to go on a treasure hunt for a post that was posted less than 60 minutes ago. in fact, most of the posts in the immediate view are nearly 12 hours old, if not a day already (or even multiple days in some threads). What happened to the Hype? has it died down? i feel like a lot of the forum fans dont respond anymore and this forum is starting to become like any other forum. its really sad. i remember i had like 20 notifications a day and i've now only had 3 notifications in the last 4 months (one of them was a warning point). i really hope we can revamp this forum up. KSP is one of those rare games that keeps an imprint in our fingers when we play it (similar to among us). i sure hope this forum can keep up with it.
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