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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! This one is easy to describe and hard to implement. I would love if there was a mechanism that would: 1. Give hints or announce the player of an upcoming astronomical event, so the player has time to prepare an observation mission and experiments. 2. Allow the player/s (if multiplayer) to witness astronomical events in the game like: --- eclipses --- planetary alignment --- meteor shower --- asteroid / comet impact --- huge volcanic eruptions --- huge sun flares / solarstorms --- huge vortex on gas giant (to send a probe falling into it) --- huge geizer eruptions --- object getting ripped apart by very strong gravity (like how the rings of Saturn we're formed) --- comet passing through planetary rings --- merging of two huge celestial bodies --- rogue celestial body entering solar system (like an ice planet melting when passing too close to the sun) --- merging stars --- supernovae --- neutron star polar beam scorching a planet --- and I'm sure there are many more ideas Example: Oh and also flying over lava fields and giant waterfalls.
  2. I just played KSP and when I logged in, it displayed the sandcastle on the main screen. It is considered an Easter egg because I think it has a 1/40 change of appearing. Let me know if you ever saw it in your game and do you have a screenshot of it? Here is my screen shot.
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