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Found 1 result

  1. Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit REPAINTED DOWNLOADS: SPACEDOCK GITHUB | GITHUB DEV What does this mod do? SOCKrepainted adds more texture switches to benjee10's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit. Textures such as: Tiled cockpit, payload bay, elevons, delta wings, and rudder (Columbia & Challenger) Toasted texture to match Discovery's STS-133 appearance (by lemon cup) Aft fuselage with no black tile blobs (Early Columbia & Challenger) Space Station Enterprise texture (by Starstro) Space Station Enterprise window shutters (by MATVEICH_YT) Early Discovery blanket pattern delta wings texture Do I need any other mods? The dependencies of this mod are: benjee10's Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit and its dependencies Invaderchaos' SOCKrecolored What version of KSP is this mod for? This mod was created for KSP 1.12.3 but it should have the same compatibility as SOCKrecolored. Recommended Mods: Here are some mods I recommend for playing KSP in general: Restock by Nertea reCOLOR by MATVEICH and AstroMods SPDS (IUS Mount) by MATVEICH Special Thanks to: @benjee10 for making SOCK and giving me permission to publish this mod. @Invaderchaos, @AstroMods, and @Talverd for inspiring me to make this mod. @AmateurAstronaut1969 and @Vals_Aerospace for play testing the mod. @Alphathon and @Doc Shaftoe for their assist at making normal maps. @AstroMods, @MATVEICH_YT and @lemon cup for their contributions to this mod. @AmateurAstronaut1969 for taking these beautiful screenshots. And anyone else who gave me feedback that helped me develop this mod. Additional Images:
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