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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all. It is very hard for me to play KSP without the mods from RoverDude. I love most of the mods of USI. Anyone knows what is going on with RoverDude? I know he become part of the KSP team but it has been a while since I hang around here. I just came back to play KSP since it got the 1.10 update, I got basically most of my mods working but it seams USI mods have not been updated since 1.8. If RoverDude is still around, can you give us some info mate? Hope all is well. Thank you.
  2. So I am testing out stuff with the Modular Kolonization Mod by RoverDude so that I can make it work when I go out on other planets. I am testing the drills currently and I am running into a problem with the Industrial Strip Miner. No matter how many radiators I put on the craft they don't seem to reduce the heat output. They work for only 1 of the operations being active, but after that the temperatures just keep going up no matter how many more radiators I add on the craft. I tested this with both Thermal Control Systems and radiators attached next to the drill. The info in the VAB says the drill needs 200kW of cooling. I am guessing that is per operation active so in total we need 200 * 5 operations = 1000kW which 1 Thermal Controls System large should be able to provide. However even with 10 of them nothing hapens. So what am I missing here?
  3. Hello Since moving to 1.3.1 i cannot launch my ship with the Karibou Rover parts, here's the error message i get something about locked parts? My assumption is that i need to update the mod, but cannot find an updated verion? if anyone knows how to solve the issue i'd be so greatful Thanks! Nick.
  4. I was wondering...How do I get an avatar like Roverdude's? Do I go to a website or what?
  5. Hi guys, was wondering if you could help I wanted a life support mod which kills kerbals... but also wanted kolinization (it looks amazing) I figured i would get USI ls and configure it to kill kerbals (setting the effect to 5 in config for both vet and non vet when running out of supplies, ec etc...) I did this because i read that USI kolinization no longer supports TAC or doesnt work as well and i don't mind having resources grouped as "supplies" instead of individual resources too much. Anyway after setting it all up and testing in both career and sandbox mode i found that after the 15 days of "starving" the kerbals become tourists and do not die. Ive checked the in game settings which shows it is selected to K.I.A for both vet and non-vet... any idea why this is happening... i just want my kerbals to die! Any help is much appreciated!
  6. Hi everyone. I'm gathering mods for a cool project I'm working on but I have a small problem. I was looking for a mod that had airbags. I found one and later on figured out that it was now part of a pack by USI and @RoverDude . It's called USI survivability pack, and besides of airbags it addes other cool stuff: The problem is that the link it provides to download it does not work, it takes you nowhere: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/bobpalmer.github.io/UmbraSpaceIndustries The mod is not very famous and this is the only page I've found to download it. It's not in the USI page or anywhere else that I could find. I really really want it. I would really appreciate any help.
  7. Hi all, I'm having trouble with the inflatable parts of OKS while building a space station in the VAB. I searched and was unable to find a solution so hopefully someone can help me out. Anytime I add an inflatable part, the OKS Habitation Ring for example, it inflates automatically in the VAB and I cannot right click it. I've tried putting it in between different modules, etc. Here is a list of my mods: Filter Extensions, USI Tools, B9 Aerospace (Part Switch included), Community Resource Pack, Firespitter, ImpossibleInnovations, JSI, KAS, KerbalJointReinforcement, KIS, Klockeed Martian Gimbal,MechJeb2, SmokeScreen, SpaceY-Lifters, SpaceY-Expanded, TweakScale, UmbraSpaceIndustries. Thank you anyone who can help me out here. Roverdude?
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