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Found 3 results

  1. WHAT IS THIS? RSSVE-Lite is just that, a "lite" version of RSSVE, which is supposed to help people with lower-end computers still run RSS with a visual enhancements mod. RSSVE-Lite does this by completely removing Scatterer from the mix, and instead uses EVE to create all atmospheric effects. Meaning, if your computer is able to run EVE fine (which most are able to), RSSVE-Lite should work perfectly fine on your computer as well. Although RSSVE-Lite adds clouds to every planet with an atmosphere, the bodies with the most notable clouds are Venus, Earth, Mars and Titan. The gas and ice giants in our Solar System have clouds added to them, but the difference is not very noticeable. Atmospheric colors are really only noticeable around Earth, seeing as Earth is really the only planet with a colorful atmosphere. Again, I've added atmospheric colors to all of the planets, but the difference is more minute. SCREENSHOTS DEPENDENCIES DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK CREDITS @pingopete for RVE @NathanKell for Real Solar System @rbray89 and @Waz for Environmental Visual Enhancements @Rubber Ducky and @MOARdV for Distant Object Enhancement @Phineas Freak for letting me use RSSVE as a base for this mod CHANGE LOG Liscence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  2. About Real Solar System Visual Enhancements (RSSVE) is an add-on for the Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE), providing clouds and other visual improvements for the Real Solar System (RSS) mod. I was inspired both by the Real Visual Enhancements (RVE) and the Stock Size Real Solar System (SSRSS) mods. Unfortunately, neither of these mods worked correctly for RSS out-of-the-box: RVE was outdated, requiring updating to work and the smaller scale of the SSRSS bodies meant that it was not possible to use it’s assets as-is. So, RSSVE was born. RSSVE is compatible with Kerbal Space Program version 1.2.2. Older or newer versions are not supported. The use of the 32 bit (x86) binaries is also not supported due to RAM limitations. Note the other EVE or Scatterer planet packs are not currently compatible with RSSVE. Scatterer sun flare packs however are. I would like to thank the following members of the community for making RSSVE possible: @NathanKell for his amazing work on Real Solar System. @Galileo, @pingopete and @sDaZe for inspiring, motivating and helping me to make RSSVE (although my work is nowhere near as good as their excellent RVE and SSRSS mods). @rbray89 and @Waz for creating and supporting Environmental Visual Enhancements. @blackrack for redefining the KSP visual standards with Scatterer. Installation I. CKAN installation Installation of RSSVE via CKAN is not currently supported. II. Manual installation 1. Assuming that you already have installed Real Solar System; download and install the latest stable versions of the following required mods according to the mod version list: Module Manager Environmental Visual Enhancements (only the “AnyCPU-EVE-Release.zip” file is required) Scatterer Note: Depending on the KSP version installed, the following versions of the required mods must be used: Optional (but recommended) mods for RSSVE include: Distant Object Enhancement PlanetShine TextureReplacer 2. Download the latest stable version of Real Solar System Visual Enhancements for your respective KSP version (as described in the above table) and uncompress the zip file. Then, copy or move the resulting "RSSVE" folder inside your GameData folder. The final installation tree should look like this: GameData/ ModuleManager.X.Y.Z.dll EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator RealSolarSystem RSS-Textures RSSVE Scatterer Squad If you are upgrading then it is necessary to completely remove any previous versions of RSSVE that you have installed. 3. Congratulations, you have installed RSSVE! Launch KSP and enjoy your new visuals. A note for the DirectX 11 and OpenGL users: if you are affected by the "featureless sphere" problem then you will also need to enable the alternate Scatterer renderer settings. These can be enabled by: Opening the "RSSVE_Scatterer_PlanetFix_Config.cfg" file (located under the GameData/RSSVE path) Changing the "rendererFixEnabled" option from "False" to "True" Saving the changes and (re)starting KSP Credits Distant Object Enhancement by @Rubber Ducky and @MOARdV Environmental Visual Enhancements by @rbray89 and @Waz PlanetShine by @Valerian Real Solar System by @NathanKell RVE by @pingopete Scatterer by @blackrack TextureReplacer by @shaw and @RangeMachine Contributors Francois W. Nel (Alpha version testing and QA) Lukas "@Theysen" Theisen (Scatterer configs) License RSSVE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 or later). Support Check the official support guidelines for an up-to-date guide of how to get support: For more information, troubleshooting and questions please consult the official RSSVE wiki. Bug reports that do not follow the specified guidelines will be ignored. CKAN is not currently supported due to various issues with the pre-release installation procedures. Change Log Derivatives RSSVE-Lite by @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures: a lightweight version of RSSVE that includes only the EVE features. Screenshots (Click on the preview images to show the high resolution versions).
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEPRICATED - CVO NOW PACKAGED WITH LATEST VERSION OF RSS CONSTELLATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT IS THIS? Constellations Visual Overhaul (CVO) is a visual enhancement mod that greatly improves the visuals of my own planet/star pack, Constellations. Eventually, every planet will have there own cloud layers, as well as atmosphere layers to prettify the exoplanets added from Constellations. At this point, only terrestrial planets have cloud and atmosphere layers, but the gas and ice giants will get their own new coat of paint in the near future. SCREENSHOTS DEPENDENCIES UPCOMING FEATURES DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK CREDITS @pingopete who made our Solar System look so beautiful with RVE @NathanKell who expanded my knowledge of our own Solar System, and regularly left me in awe with Real Solar System @rbray89 and @Waz who created the baseline of all visual enhancements mods to follow with EVE @Phineas Freak who continued the beauty of RVE with his mod RSSVE Changelog License: BSD
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